Is my horse a full QH?

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Koolie, May 24, 2011.

  1. mirawee

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    Everyone who owns a QH (either pure or 1x) who wants to show and/or breed registered stock need to be members :) That is the same for the majority of breed societies :)

    I am guessing the reason why it is different with the AHSA was to try and get more derivative owners to register their horses :)
  2. Koolie

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    Thanks everyone :) I have emailed them just waiting to hear back now.

    I'll put some pics up for the ones who wanted them hehe they arent very recent tho! he is fatter now haha
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  3. Koolie

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  4. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

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    Mirawee as long as the horse is registered AQHA you do not have to be a financial member unless the breed show asks for a copy of financial status. The only show that the owner of a horse has to be financial is the state show and the Royal. Not being a financial member means you do not gain life time points for your horse. Hope this clears this up for you:))

    Regards - Sue
  5. mirawee

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    Really? So once my boy is registered I don't actually need to be a member and can still show.
  6. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

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    Yes but you will not gain any AQHA points.

    Regards - Sue
  7. Pugsworth

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    same goes with the AAA as long as your horse is registered Appy you can show in the breed classes,and ridden, but you wont gain points, and you cant show in the national,state shows or AA class shows.
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    hi im Jamie I have just got new horse little kool kat known as Buddy I see u are previous owner just was wanting to know why u sold him and when and any other info on him as he is an awesome horse.Thanks. :)
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    i tried bedding the image but it keeps breaking :(
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