Is my horse a full QH?

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Koolie, May 24, 2011.

  1. Koolie

    Koolie Active Member

    I purchased my horse just over a year ago and was told he is a QHxTB..

    If his Sire is Docs Kool Widower and his Dam is Lake Tyrell Miss Inquisitive is he a full QH? He is registered with the AQHA.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, I dont know much about this! :confused:
  2. Koolie

    Koolie Active Member

    Also, how would I go about transfering his registration into my name if I dont know the person who he is already regsitered to? On the AQHA form it says I need to get their signature?!
  3. Both parents are Q registered, so your boy is Q registered as well = he is a full QH on paper.
  4. You should ask for the paperwork a person you bought the horse from.
    He/she should sign the transfer papers in your name, then you send it to AQHA with $45.00 fee and they will transfer the horse into your name. You should become a member of AQHA as well.
  5. Koolie

    Koolie Active Member

    He has had a couple of owners before me, I think the lady who registered him was one of the first owners, he is 15 now so not sure how to start to track them down!

  6. these are progeny of lake tyrell miss inquisitive

    Name Sex AQHA
    Number Foaling
    Date Colour Horse
    Status Life
    Points Year
    Points Aw-
    LITTLE KOOL KAT Stallion Q-33908 05/08/1995 Bay Active - - -
    KOOLS IMAGE Stallion Q-35564 03/09/1996 Chestnut Active 1 - -
    KOOLS MONTEGO BAY Stallion Q-38766 05/09/1997 Bay Active - - -
    BROCKHAM KODAK GOLD Stallion Q-41921 14/10/1998 Palomino Active - - -
    DOCS LITTLE BUCK Stallion Q-49711 26/09/2001 Buckskin Active - - -
    FRECKLES INQUEST Gelding Q-51854 14/09/2002 Bay Active - - -
    BROCKHAM HONEYDEW Mare Q-54165 20/08/2003 Palomino Active - - -
    BRONZE COMMANDER Stallion Q-56492 13/11/2004 Palomino Active - - -
    MISS CURIOUS T Mare Q-68792 09/09/2008 Buckskin Active

    Which one is yours?
  7. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    Hey Koolie is this Bones??? If so he is AWESOME-if you ever decide to sell him let me know!!
  8. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    Yeah I have the same with Dave...I can't show him until I track down whoever bought him off the breeder I think! He's from Vic!!

    When I get a chance I'll have to look them up...

    Good luck!! :D
  9. Koolie

    Koolie Active Member

    hehe yep thats him :) can i ask who you are? haha.
    he really is a great horse! few things we need to work on but temperament wise he is awesome

  10. Koolie

    Koolie Active Member

    He is Little Kool Kat, the first one :)

  11. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    LOL just a friend of Julies, my horse broke down just AFTER she sold him or I would have had him in a shot!!!! Make sure you post some piccies and seriously if for any reason he doesn't work out for you let me know:D
  12. Koolie

    Koolie Active Member

    Oh ok hehe I will def put some pics up. He is such a great horse, everyone falls in love with him! do you know much about him or anything he's done?
  13. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    No not really-I know he was coming to rodeo practice at one stage with a 10 yr kid riding him and he was terrific and my daughter rode him a couple of times and loved him!
  14. mudslide

    mudslide Well-known Member

    I sold him to Michelle Williams many years ago and I think she is still down as owner.
    And yes Koolie is a pure bred quarter horse and you'd better add me to the list of people that would like to own him too :p
  15. Koolie

    Koolie Active Member

    aww thanks guys haha. I hadn't ridden him in nearly 6 weeks because i have been on holidays and i had to move agistment centers so I wanted him to settle in a bit, but I just got home from riding. He was perfect! didn't put a hoof wrong! He is such a sweetie.
    Yeah Michelle is still down as the owner, you wouldn't happen to have any contact details for her would you?
  16. Lacey

    Lacey Well-known Member

    Hi Koolie

    When we bought a QH that had papers but they werent with him we contacted the AQHA and had to sign an afidavit that noted down all his markings and such and sent it back to them and they get in contact with the last registered owners and our boy was transfered to us quite quickly. So def contact the AQHA and they will help you to sus it!!

  17. Koolie

    Koolie Active Member

    Thanks Lacey!! I will get in contact with them :)
  18. mudslide

    mudslide Well-known Member

    No sorry I dont have any details for her, have you gotten in contact with AQHA and told them this horse has had x amount of owners and no one has bothered to transfer him? They should be able to help you
  19. erilyn

    erilyn Well-known Member

    Am not a QH person, but am curious about how other breed associations tick.

    Is this horse still a stallion or is he now a gelding?

    Does an owner of a purebred (right word???) QH stallion have to be a member of AQHA?

    What about a part bred (1st X???) stallion or a gelding - either full or part?

    My apologies if I've used the wrong terminology.....**) I am very happy to be educated!
  20. Koolie

    Koolie Active Member

    I can't answer the rest of the questions but he is a gelding :) he is still registered as a stallion tho because it hasn't been updated


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