Is It True? Hay shortage this year?

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Babe the standy ROCKS, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. RustyRidge Clydesdales

    RustyRidge Clydesdales Well-known Member

    **)**)**) well said.
    People who are buying the hay just dont take that into consideration! They look at a bale of hay and think it is only worth X amount not how much it costs to produce that one bale.
  2. maxntaz

    maxntaz Well-known Member

    You got a couple of "fatties" Leesa!! I would be careful. High protein = More Fat.
  3. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    Flogadog, barley and wheaten hay can be fed to horses quite safely with the grain heads on - the fibre in the stalk part of the hay is generally enough to buffer the grain part of the feed. Mature wheat grain is not well digested by horses but for some reason they seem to do well on the hay. The grain is greener than the stuff harvested so must be easier to digest at the green stage. Ditto for barley,.
    However both would tend to be a bit lower in fibre and a bit higher in sugars than oaten, so you need to switch over gradually and monitor their condition.
    I wouldn't feed either of them to laminitis prone ponies (could soak it first tho I guess)
    We had a monutain of barley made into hay in this district 2 years ago after frost damage. A close friend fed nothing but to her 5 endurance horses and they all looked fab.
  4. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    Anna, you said that the mature wheat seed is not well digested? So would you consider feeding wheaten hay to horses with digestive issues?
    And i guess it would be the same for wheaten chaff?
  5. KPF

    KPF Well-known Member

    The cockies down our way have calculated their 5' Meadow Rolls to be valued at $99 inc GST due to the season, that's up $33 from last season.
  6. Narbeyda

    Narbeyda New Member

    We have had a good year, less horses has meant we have managed to lock up extra 10 acres which gave us a 1000 meadow hay bales (phew that hd ork carting and stacking) still have about 15 acres of oats, clover and rye to cut which should go another 1500 running out of room in the shed as still have 500 bales from last year, but certailnly not complaining. Also thinking of agisting outside broodies/spellers as still have far too much feed.

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