Iridescent palominos-what are the chances of getting foal with iridescent colour?

Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by nklpark, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. nklpark

    nklpark Well-known Member

    Just wondering what % of prodgeny inherit iridescent colour? is it a 50 / 50 thing ?

    Not all palominos seem to have this iridescent quality but it's something that i would like to aim for in my own foals ....

    im guessing its not a dominant trait because not all foals from a stallion or mares with iridescent coats have it

    I have been palomino colt with iridescent colouring and cremello colt that shines and shimmers like a pearl [both related, so guessing that its iridescent after reading thread on iridescent colour.... great photo'sTintara] but what are the chances of getting foals with this same iridescent colour?

    I have been '├žollecting' mares with good iridescence too hoping to increase my chances
  2. Tintara

    Tintara Well-known Member

    Speaking from experience - most of Callie's paly colts have inherited his extreme iridescence and both of Jemmy's colts (cremello & paly) have. The fillies not so much although Callie's oldest cremello daughter also has the same type of fragmented hair structure so I think if she was ever cleaned up she'd probably have a fair bit too. The ones of Callie's that haven't been overly iridescent have been out of mares that weren't particularly good in that department either so the mare having it too certainly helps. Callie got most of his from his mother who got it from her father who got it from his father...... Generally though, if both parents have it I suspect your odds in favour of producing it consistently would be fairly high.
  3. nklpark

    nklpark Well-known Member

    Thanks Tintara .... i wonder why it's more common in colts?....have you gelded your colts? and if so did they keep the iridescence? i have buckskin colt from the pally which has iridescence and he will be gelded soon .....the other foals are fillies and colour doesn't stand out like the colts but have found the fillies haven't shed out as much either
  4. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Stallions/colts often seem to have way more irridescence than geldings/mares.....must be something to do with doesnt seem to matter what colour as I have seem some super shiny bays, but I particularly notice that all chestnut and pally stallions/colts have amazing irridescence. :)
  5. Tintara

    Tintara Well-known Member

    As Kiraspark says, hormones would play some part but when I think back over the fillies, they've mostly been out of the same mare or out of mares that don't have a lot of iridescence themselves so wouldn't have had the correct hair structure. I've generally sold most of the colts as colts and haven't really seen them as geldings. Too, it may well be that hair structure is sex related to a certain degree.
  6. Dakotakdq

    Dakotakdq New Member

    My friend had 2 pally mares that were so irredesent that you just about had to sheild your eyes in the sun. They were QH. They say the best chance for geting foals the same it to bred to irredesent horses together.
  7. carol51

    carol51 Well-known Member

    yhe stallion in my avatar is ext iridescant but we also have an unrelated chestnut gelding who when bathed is also iridescsant we have just had a chestnut colt from the pally so we will see if he goes the same

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