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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Tam, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. sjb

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    No we haven't much - we haven't been there long and now the short days and/or the weather is against us. We have our lessons close by and we have our arena too. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day.
    I have a 16.1hh bay warmblood cross and Jack is a 17.2hh chestnut thoroughbred. We're not at all difficult to pick ....we are the old people hanging on like Thelwell Pony kids (you know - slipped off to one side, hat over eyes, lost stirrups and arguing with each other about who's fault it is ......... whilst the horses laugh their heads off!!!) It's a bit sad really ....
  2. sjb

    sjb New Member

    Hi Horsegirl & Zahira ... quick update following my public confession of our riding experiences out on the trail - which I must say gave us both a good laugh and perhaps took some of the pressure off? ........ we had a FANTASTIC ride out yesterday in perfect sunshine with a lovely rainbow. The horses were relaxed and swinging along and we were too ........... pity you didn't pass us!!! Next time we'll go on a Saturday. It was certainly one of those days when you know why you live where you live and do what you do.
  3. horsegirl

    horsegirl Well-known Member

    Hi SJB, good i'm glad you weren't out on saturday you would have seen my tb losing his mind and me pulling his teeth out!! Got a few good looks too... Ness and I are trying to arrange something soon, we'll keep you posted...
  4. Val Perkins

    Val Perkins New Member

    Born and bred on dairy farm, so horses were a general part of life - getting cows in 5am each morning.
    Started pony club, then onto showjumping, ode, polocrosse.
    Bad accident ended a career in riding, now started a career in show driving up to royal level.
    Can't live without my horses as they have been part of my life from day 1.Should of started driving at an earlier age as it is so much fun and very relaxing and rewarding.
  5. Jewels

    Jewels New Member


    Whereabouts in Oakford are you moving to? Whereabouts is the 50 acres? I have heard of it but never know quite where its located.

    After my parents sell their place, I will probably be keeping my 2 mares at my boyfriend's partner's trotting stables until we find somewhere to buy. These are in Oakford and Im hoping whilst there to be able to explore some of the riding area. The stables are close to Peters Way/Blair Rd and I know there are some trails around there.

    Speaking of Darling Downs, The shire sent me a copy of the horse trails in the area and I had forgotten how extensive they were. It would probably be about 12 years since riding around some of them and from that point on, I have always wanted to live there.

    As most of the properties are only 5 acres and we would like around 10 we may have to look further out. I have said to Geoff that if we have to resort to 5 acres then I would like to buy somewhere in Darling Downs. I have been deprived of good riding areas for far too long since everything around Canning Vale has either been built on or fenced off.


  6. Jewels

    Jewels New Member

    I can't remember when I didn't want a horse and my parents managed to delay the inevitable with the reply "You can only have a horse if you live on a farm". When I was 15, a friend at school had a large pony who she sold to me and basically it has progressed from there. Now I have 4 horses (one who is 27, have had her 23 years).

    They certainly become a part of your life and I don't know any different. I can't imagine not having them or having some interest in horses.

    Since meeting Geoff who trains pacers, our lives are very busy between my horses and his.


  7. horsegirl

    horsegirl Well-known Member

    Hi Jewels, we have bought in Swamp Gum Road which is in Mary Ellen estate, which is very close to Peters Way/Blair Road. We too wanted 10 acres, but finding 5 was hard enough and 10 is virtually impossilbe!!

    I can now say with confidence, that I am very glad that we didn't buy the house we are renting in Darling Downs now, as we did have the opportunity. The ground is terrible in winter, if you want an example you should come see my place for yourself!! If you end up looking in DD be very very careful as most of the properties on our side - off Masters Road are shocking in winter. Unfortunatley you will need to be extremely picky!!

    The 50 acres car park can be found at the end of Evening Peal, the arena is there and all the paths start there too.
  8. JessiTrist

    JessiTrist Well-known Member

    I started riding in 2001 and then in 2002 dad bought me Tristan. I've had him since March [​IMG] I didnt really like horses, but then again i'd never seen a horse before, as soon as I saw them I just fell in love! I've only had 2 falls. so thats pretty lucky, but I know I will fall again... I love riding and all aspects of horsemanship...

    ~To ride a horse is to borrow freedom...~
  9. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    hehe and one of the falls was off of Arnie!...

  10. Paddys girl

    Paddys girl Well-known Member

    Hi Horsegirl,

    Speaking to Jo and Lindsay the other night (the transport people on Lord Fury Crt) and they were saying that they are going to put there house/block up for sale very soon. She was trying to picture who you were but I couldnt remember your first name!
  11. JessiTrist

    JessiTrist Well-known Member

    hehehe yeah, one fall from arnie, one from tristan and none during lessons...

    ~To ride a horse is to borrow freedom...~
  12. Jewels

    Jewels New Member


    Thanks for the info regarding the water, I know alot of the land around the Oakford area is very wet. Probably a good thing we are looking at this time of year!

    I have only been for a drive through the Mary Ellen estate and that was before we were looking. They have done alot of work on the drainage and planted many trees so hopefully the blocks in there remain drier. There is a house on Swamp Gum and another on Spears for sale at the moment. Im tempted to take a look but will hold out til Geoff gets back.

    Do you know if there is good riding areas around Mary Ellen?

  13. sjb

    sjb New Member

    Hi Jewels
    We bought in Darling Downs at the end of last summer. We down the Wungong South Rd/Dalray Crt end. We did ask a lot of questions about the water and we had a surveyor come and look at the block before we decided where to put the stables. We have a winter creek that runs through our property, so we knew it would be wet in the winter but we were assured it would run off well. (And the good thing is, in the summer the ground holds up well). After this last week, we are relieved that this appears to be true, although the paddocks are very 'squelchy' and the creek has gone from dry to full. We had a couple of low lying areas where the water sat for around 24 hours, but nothing worse than that. We are putting more fences up over the next few weeks that will make it easier for us to keep them on the higher ground when its bad. Good luck with your search - I think you are right that its the best time of year to be looking.
  14. horsegirl

    horsegirl Well-known Member

    Hi Paddys Girl, I haven't actually met Jo and Lindsay, I just know who they are and we live opposite them. The house we are renting has been sold and we moving in about a month.
    Hi Jewels, we have looked at the 2 you are talking about. The house on Swamp Gum which is for sale by LJ Hookers is nice but very very tiny, and the house on Spears by Heritage Country is a bit strange as it is set up as 2 houses joined, it is owned by friends of a friend, it has the most beautiful copper log stables in good yards, big paddocks on 7.5 acres, but has the big power lines on it and hardly any trees. We have bought the big house on the end of Swamp Gum near the corner of Spears.
  15. Jewels

    Jewels New Member

    Thanks SJB & Horsegirl,

    Geoff & I will definitely be looking within the next couple of months. We aren't in a big hurry although I wanted it yesterday LOL.

    SJB, sounds like your block has turned out really good. I know exactly where you are.

    Horsegirl, I bet you can't wait to move to your own place. Geoff & I have talked about renting if we sell before finding somewhere and Im not really looking forward to it. One of our friends mentioned they looked at a property in Swamp Gum and the house was tiny, so the one you mentioned must be it. As for the other one on Spears, the power lines would certainly detract from it. I thought the granny flat must be attached because they are advertising it as 6 x 3. The stables looked good in the pictures although it is hard to tell.

    I used to hunt with some people who lived in the same street as you, I think they have sold tho. He had a couple of gorgeous horses too.

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  17. Murray

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    - Started riding as a 6 year old and taught by Dianne Bennett (Springfield Riding School). Graduated to exercising her show horses.
    - Trained hunting horses and participated in a few hunts. Initiated by Sir Eric Sandover. Broke my first horse at 13.
    - Teamed up with the Orsic boys (Pete and John Orsic....the Television actor). Trained horses and helped run their riding school.
    - Started team and calf roping and taught by the legend, Harold Adkins. Participated in rodeos (team roping and wild horse race...after a 6 pack!) Continued with quarter horses ever since.

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  19. MINTY

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    My Dad's mum rode horses, and my cousin breeds Warmbloods in Wales and was a jockey in Ireland, I guess if you can say it runs in the family but my first experience with horses was when I was 3 and had a pony ride at the Wanneroo markets, from that day forth I have owned and been riding horses.

  20. chavi

    chavi Well-known Member

    Always loved horses, but didn't have a life built around them. Dairy farming is in my blood though. Parents liked horses, but we'rent involved in them, as my Dad is highly allergic to horse hair! Argh!

    Went from trail rides to riding school to trail rides and back to riding school. I leased a small tb x mare for a while, and I ride with Ali who generously lets me ride her horses.

    I wish I had started with horses earlier, because being an adult now means missing out on PC and everything that goes with that...but at the same time it's nice being able to do it without needing my parent's help. I'll get my first horse...eventually!

    - Danielle

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