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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Tam, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    How did you get into horses? What do you love about it? Whats not so great about it? I'm on a roll with posts tonight!!!
  2. crave

    crave Well-known Member

    Started riding lessons at 7 years, mum was a single mother so she couldnt afford the lessons so my sisters and I cleaned the stables in return for lessons. My aunt has 200 acres in Gidgegannup and she bought us our first horses. We were (that is my 2 sisters and I) part of the very first Gidgegannup Pony Club, very different now to what is was 30 odd years ago. What I loved and still do about riding is the unpredictabilty about having such a powerful animal "supposedly" in your control, also the relationship and love that is formed between such beautiful animals and humans. I have had many horses since I started riding and have loved them all, even the idiots! I hope Ive still got a lot of years in me yet. I'm planning for my 6 year old TB and myself getting very old together ( although he will undoubtably outlast me.) Also to pass on the love and respect I have had for horses all my life to my two daughters,

  3. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    I was born into it, mum got her first horse (an old trotter) when she was 14 or so, her second horse, Rocci, she got when she was around 16ish, we had him right up until a few years ago when he died of cushions disease. Mum bought me my first pony when I was about 1, Smurfy was very skinny, sick and 4mnths old, but he is still in the paddock today!
    I love the way you know when you have found the horse for you, there are times when I have got on a horse, or handled a foal and thought ''I don’t like this one…'' When I started handling Ricki I just got along so well with him, he was so characterized, like he made jokes at you when you stuffed something up! We got along really well. I loved that feeling.
    What I hate about horses is when they go infoal it takes nearly a year to see the foal! I hate that horses die, I hate Vet’s, even though they can help save your horse they wont do it unless you pay them extreme amounts of money – Half the time they do worse for your horse than good…
  4. CJ

    CJ New Member

    I was a pony mad child and managed to beg mum and dad for riding lessons on the weekends when I was about 7 or 8. My family is pretty unhorsie. And being bought up in south perth there are not to many places to ride close by! I had lessons at a few different places. Metropolitian Riding school in Armadale, Marilinga (some thing like that) used to be up the road from Riverton forum iin willeton/canningvale. (has been houses for ages)

    Yarrada Farm in Upper swan - used to go on riding camp there
    our school did organised lessons at Claremont, Broadacres,

    So as you can see I rode all round the place when I was younger. Plus Browns and Tappers and Yanchep when I was a bit older!

    After TEE and uni and nightclubbing got a bit boring I decided to get back into horses. Rode at Aintree for a short while before moving up to Jarrahdale and with the support and encouragement of my other half got my beautiful boy Fred! (Who is my image)

  5. horsegirl

    horsegirl Well-known Member

    When I was 3 my brother's school class went on an excursion to Broadacres for a trail ride, I went too because my mum went to help out the teacher (she grew up on a farm and is a little horsey) and that is when Istarted. The very next weekend I had my first lesson in the round yard and I have never looked back since!! I got my first horse when I was 7, he was a lovely chestnut gelding, we were so naive about buying a horse and were told he was 4, 14.2hh and broken in with education going well, and fully grown - well he turned out to be more like 2, just broken and he grew to 15.3hh!! Loved him dearly anyway, had him for about 10 years, and also had a little blue roan shetland mare. I gave up riding when I was about 18 because I discovered boys, cars and pubs!! Went back to Broadacres when I was 24 and continued to ride there again until it closed down in April 1999. I bought Icon from them when they closed and obviously I am still going strong and also bought Torkhan at the same time.
    I love absolutely everything about owning horses, except the cold wet rainy mornings, but it makes it all better when I see my boys waiting for me and greet me with a soft nicker.
  6. justanothergirl

    justanothergirl Well-known Member

    I remember moving house when i was about 9 or 10 and there was a whole heap of horses agisted behind our house, it was love at first sight. I think my parents finally realised it wasnt just a passing phase or a fad when i was up there before and after school just talking to them and patting them and stuff actaully now i think about it, i was probably more obsessed from then on i did the weekly jobs around the house in return my parents paid for me to go riding at the local riding school i did that for about a year a half and fell in love with one of the horses that was agisted behind our house the lady had bred her she was an unbroken yearling and been handled much but they lady was willing to give her to me for free and my parents agreed (now i look back on that and think that must have been the most naive thing i have done, but i was young) but she was the best horse i've ever had she had the most wonderful temprement not once did she ever kick out at us or anything although she had plenty of oppotunity we used to hang off her, walk and sit underneath her crawl between her legs and everything at the time we just expected this but now i look back on it i was lucky i wish i still had her today cause she would have been the best riding horse, but ended up having to give her away after family circumstances changing and after that had little to do with horses and have just got back into it the last 2 years and looking for a horse at the moment and will hopefully have one in the next month or so, and thats how i fell into horses [​IMG]
  7. angelTricia

    angelTricia Well-known Member

    I was born a horse lover my grandfather on my mother's side was a very good horse breaker and my grandfather on my dad's side used to have racehorses he owned a big black stallion though I can't remember it's name it was a good race horse used to win until they gelded him then he didn't win a single race, my dad also used to ride but my mum didn't she was a bit scared of horses but didn't mind any of us kids owning them 3 of my 4 sisters owned horses and so did my brother and a coule of my brother's in law but now only me and one of my sister's own horses my nieces had a couple of ponies before and now want to get a horse but myself the first time I ever had a sit or a ride on a horse though it was me and my mum on it at the time I was only about 1month old but I was shocked seeing my mum on the horse in the photo I have been around horses now for 27yrs and have my horse mad family to thank.
  8. slowjo

    slowjo New Member

    ive been into horses since forever. my dads an ex jocky, and my mum used to always go jumping on other peoples horses because she was never allowed to have a horse so i guess its in my blood.

    I got my first horse when i was about 5, and ive been riding since i was 4. my first horse was a shetland, the horrible things.

    Ive now been riding for 11 years now, and ive had tons of falls, and i still manage to fall off, but im getting better at it!!!!
  9. widgelli

    widgelli Well-known Member

    I can remember back to the age of around 2 , when I used to use a limb on a little apple tree near the gate where we lived in Oberon as a horse. My Dad bought me a pony for my third birthday , and taught me to ride him. He was a Shetland , and would love to take me up under some of the fruit trees and scrape me off , until I became strong enough to hold on.
    However it wasn't until I was around 8 that I got my first show pony , when Dad took some cattle to Sydney Royal and bought me a good pony there.
    I did go to some shows and gymkhanas , but as we didn't have a float or truck at the time I had to rely on someone else to be going with a truck and the room before I could go.
    As I had to go away to boarding school to do my High Schooling , my pony was sold and I didn't get another till I was married . All through my time away from home at school I was lucky enough to be able to ride, as the master of the hostel that I boarded at had a couple of horses .
    When I had finished school at the age of 16 I began to ride
    for a friend who had Show horses including Clydesdales , so by helping with them , and riding the galloway in the ring , my fun really began in earnest.
    After I was married , my Aunt gave me a lovely grey registered pony , and I began to work on him . However , he was bitten by stray dogs , developed tetanus and we lost him only 2weeks before his first show. To replace Frosty , my hubbie bought me a lovely Stud Book Stallion and a mare , and the rest is history so they say.
    I have ridden for 57 yrs , and would still do so if it were possible.
    My love of horses was born in me , as my Father was a very good horseman , and also my Grandfather.

  10. Goldpally

    Goldpally Active Member

    My dad grew up in Warrnambool in Victoria and they were lucky enough to own the empty blook next door to their house ( still do ) and he used to work part time for farmers and they took his pony to shows when they took cows.He rode for KMs to get to Pony Club and went riding with his closest cousin who now competes successfully in harness and lives in Darling Downs. He bought Mum and horse when she was 18 ( just after they met ) and bred a couple of pally foals and when I was born I got my first pony when I was 3 ( but used to be led around on the big horses ) . I started PC at 5 and all the horses I ever rode were young or green that we had bred or trained but I did Ok with them . There was never a time when we didn't a horse although everyone stopped riding there for a while after I left home but still bred a couple of foals. Mum bought my daughters pony from Mundijong sales when she was 3 ( started PC last year when she was 5 ) and I got back into it again so I could ride with her and then Mum bought a Leedale pony and bred a foal from her ( was supposed to be pally filly ) but is now my chestnut gelding ! She bought Dove about 18 months ago .
    Now we have the pony , my old horse Bobby ( I got when I was about 18 , after a couple of years off just to hack around on ) , Red ( who I am thrilled to bits with the way he is going at the moment , he came back up to Bodd. about 6 weeks ago ) and Dove ( who is still holidaying in Serpy , seeing Mum and Dad started a new business and until they buy another property in Boddington . )
  11. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    ive been around horses all my life. i didnt start having riding lessons untill i was 6, and got my first pony for my 7th birthday

  12. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    I have been around horses my whole life too. My mum actually had me in a sling and on trail rides with her from when i was 3 weeks old.

    I got my first pony when i was 3 and riding ever since.

  13. The Old Grey Mare

    The Old Grey Mare Active Member

    loved horses as a girl, my dad bought me a palomino filly when i was in 1st year at high school for a good 1/2 year report!!!!
    she was 18 months & unhandled. best 1st horse a girl could ask for. my younger brothers & sisters used to ride her bareback around the paddock. when she had enough of that she would stop & start eating grass. when it rained we used to sit underneath her belly to keep out of the rain. could ride her anywhere with bridle but no saddle. i look back now & wonder how no one ever got hurt, no saddle, no helmet, no idea. but she would stop & turn on a dime, would never run back to home & learnt quickly to stand near anything that i could use to hop back on. did lots of bush riding the & only since i have the new palomino mare (3yrs) have i started doing any showing. all my riding before was bush stuff. my first horse taught me to hang on & to be a confident rider. my mum was not into horses & would try to bribe me to give it up. the only time i did have a rest was when the kids were born, waited till the youngest was 10, so i could leave them with grandparents & it would not be too much of a bother, but now they are old enough to stay at home or come with me & i don't have to watch them constantly.
    love my horse nearly as much as the kids
    now what are the kids names again?????
  14. sjb

    sjb New Member

    I remember my first ride - on a donkey called Fury on the beach in England. I was 4. My Mum says that's where it all began. My parents emigrated to Australia when I was 6 and I started riding lessons once per fortnight (like some others, that's all we could afford) when I was 9. I broke my leg in a fall at 13 and didn't really ride much until I left school at 17, with the sole ambition of buying a horse (which I did as soon as I'd bought a car). Unfortunately, I hurt myself at 20 and spent 9 months with my arm in a sling - sold my horse and decided it was all too hard, although I never really stopped reading and dreaming.
    With my 40th birthday looming, I decided it was now or never. Absolutely terrified, I went along to lessons and 9 months later - last August - I met my horse. Along the way, I was also extremely lucky to have the support of my better half - who (for the first time ever in his life) came along to lessons with me soley for moral support and now has his own horse. To cap it all off, we recently moved to Darling Downs so we could have 'the boys' at home with us. We now fall into our recliner rockers after dark and compare the aches and pains that basically beginning at around 40 will bring you! Sorry it's a long story - but its been a long road .... and well worth the wait.
  15. horsegirl

    horsegirl Well-known Member

    Hey sjb, I'm in Darling Downs too, we abouts are you?? We could maybe go for a ride one day...
  16. sjb

    sjb New Member

    Horsegirl - that would be great. We're right on the creek reserve off Wungong South Rd. Given our collective lack of experience (us - not the horses!) we take things pretty easy. Hoepfully we'll have some of this nice weather when I'm not stuck at work in West Perth!
  17. horsegirl

    horsegirl Well-known Member

    We are currently renting a place in Lord Fury Court, (we have bought in Oakford and are moving in about 6 weeks). We have a bridle path at our back gate, stops at our place but joins all the others out to the 50 acres. Is there direct access to the bridle paths from your place? My friend and I usually go for a trail ride on saturday arvo's. And yes I know what you mean about the weather while at work, I'm sitting in my office in Mt Hawthorn wishing I was at home riding... [​IMG]
  18. sjb

    sjb New Member

    We aren't on the bridle path, but it's only round the corner. We'll have to meet up one day - and if we can't bring the horses I'll get Jack's dad to bring his 68 Monaro ...isn't it you that's into them?
  19. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    oh oh oh.....and me, i looooovvveeeee em! <img src=>

    And i am round the corner too...hehehehehe

  20. horsegirl

    horsegirl Well-known Member

    Yes, yes, that's definatley me!! drool...drool...My brother has actually just bought a monaro rolling shell to rebuild, which just happens to be the same year and model he had for his first car 23 years ago!! Troy is considering buying a new one next year when he updates his SS, I'm so jealous - I JUST WANT ONE!!!

    Do you ride out on the bridle paths often? I may have passed you... ;-)

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