Injuries sustained from your horses

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by bee, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Orlaithe

    Orlaithe Well-known Member

    Hmmmm, Well in 18 years of horses (in nearly every sport) I have fractured 3-4 ribs last year (coming off breaker) and two days ago was knocked out cold coming off a bolting racehorse.

    Other than that a few bruises and windings.

    I think I've done ok, wonder if I'll get to 20 years riding with no more??
  2. XCkid

    XCkid Active Member

    when i was four i was bareback riding on my mums horsey doing doubles with eventkid1, she was at the front i was behind her and i was tickling her and she slipped off the side and when she was falling she grabbed hold of me to pull herself back up BUT instead she just pulled me down with her causing my elbow to break and the bone was sticking out in the very much wrong direction
    **note the horse was standing still the whole time
    to this day my bone still sticks out when i straighten it, go on ask when you see me :)
    besides that ive only ever had bumps and bruises oh and i tore something in my thumb which whenever i put pressure on wells up like a mango and goes purple :D
  3. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    Mine was really serious!! whiplash!! :p

    so of you have had/ know of some pretty bad ones OUCH!!
  4. Big Bay Booga

    Big Bay Booga Well-known Member

    I haven't ridden muuch in my 34 yrs but I have come off the BBB once. Hazzago and I were riding in the vineyard at tafe(norty) when we decided to take off. A TB and a palouse pony decided they both wanted to be in front but I ended up underneath, then on the ground. Gave myself slight concussion.

    I have also been double barrelled front on by a "delightful"(not) TB yearling filly at prep time. Luckily I had a bucket in front of me, which she cracked, but didn't drop me, but I did have a nice bruise on my bits for a while. Did nothing about it at the time, but about 6 months later I went to the physio in pain and she asked me if I had had a blunt force trauma to my pelvic area, I said yes and she told me I have possibly cracked and tilted my pelvis which now requires physio every few months to get it back in alightment. Pregnancy was not fun. Feels like I have continous caught muscles, ligaments and nerves in my left hip.
  5. Debonair

    Debonair Well-known Member

    LOL - we have our horses cause we love em even tho we know the risks!

    Morning of new years eve few yrs back casperjessie n i were takin our horses to the beach... we were just bout to lock the tailgate in place and my mare got all marey at CJ's gelding and booted the tailgate.... = split open head and broken femur! spent new years eve in hosp, rod the length of my thigh, 2 pins in the hip and screw in the knee... Solid Jarrah tailgaits HURT!!!
    and no, she wasnt sent straight for pet meat as lots of people suggested, i was in wrong place at wrong time - good reminder not to stand behind tailgates tho!!
  6. SpArTiAn

    SpArTiAn Well-known Member

    my injury was only a couple of weeks ago.... my darling Pete :rolleyes: the day before state showjumping championships decided being clipped between his front legs was way too hard and leapt forward on top of me landing on my left foot and throwing me backwards.
    no one else was home at the time and i was bawling my eyes out from the pain (and im pretty good with pain!) to mum on the phone so she raced home from work and we spent the next 4-5 hours in hospital getting xrays, etc.
    luckily it wasn't broken but its only just starting to come good and still hurts putting my boots on and off.

    i have had ALOT of stacks over the years but have been lucky enough not to break a bone or anything serious *touch wood* i was taken in the ambulance up the hill at Harvey HT last year which was pretty exciting LOL
  7. ExBritKid

    ExBritKid Active Member

    Well I havent broken anything so far thankss god butttt the closest ive come to it was the other week :eek:

    My tb in the paddock practicing a nice forward xc canter, he slipped from underneathe me, in his proceedings to scramble back up he trampled me then ran of to sulk in the corner bless him :p i thort id broken my wrist and some ribs as i couldnt breath properly and when i tryd to caused myself a great deal of pain, but i managed to crawl over to him and catch him while my friend lottie rang my mum, i came away only bruising them and my forearm and my fingers were the size of a house for 3 days, and a few scars starting to form :( and he stood on his reins and broke them :mad:
    mum laughed at me cos the first thing i said when saw me was im all good now i can still go to log fence :) .... until the adrenalin subsided haha! but i still ended up going bruised ribs and all :)*
  8. Shannon

    Shannon Well-known Member

    mine are almost nothing to you lot lol...

    Well i had a
    * black out after being bucked off at show
    * a sprained wristed (thought it was broken)
    * a ripped and pulled muscel in my back (only about 3/4 weeks ago so still healing)
    * multiple bruises scratches and scars sore toes...
    * I have had a 16+hh horse trample me.. narrowly missing my head... stood on my leg and wrist and stomach... (was pretty cool coz i had horse shoes on my tummy lol)
    * lots of bites
    and thats about it...
  9. Troppo

    Troppo Well-known Member

    Haha Too true!

    Especially when you need to go into battle with the OH about the fact horsies need new rugs, teeth done, back checked and I MUST HAVE that new saddle :)
  10. beau

    beau Well-known Member

    Compaired to everyone here I have come of lightly over the years, have never broken a bone yet *touch wood*.

    My most scariest moment was a few years ago when we had the back 100acres as open paddock, at that stage had a few young fiesty th.brds and non horsey daughter was on the quad have a look, they came up to be inquisitive and started licking her hair well she did the worst thing and screamed and flapped her arms around, they tood fright, I was in the way and got double barreled fair square in the chest, I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack as I could not breeth and was totally stuck standing like a statue. Had a nice hoof print on my chest as a bruise to show for it. Needless to say fencing went in very quickly after that.
  11. bee

    bee Active Member

    Wow there really has been some shocking injuries...Its a wonder we do what we do must be the love of it lol...
    Shannon that ripped muscle sounds painful#(
  12. buggalugs

    buggalugs Well-known Member

    oh you reminded me beau - i been double barrelled in the chest before - that HURTS!!! i found out last yr when i had the xrays for my ribs that i had cracked it - i thought i had cos i could feel the ridge lol...

    oh and i broke my toe one day - walking a jump course i had built for some kids i was teaching went to leap over one, caught my big toe square on the pole and broke it... next day i was in the sand arena trying to teach - THAT was painful - trying to walk in sand with a broken toe (i never to go hospital for these things :rolleyes:)
  13. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

    I've been pretty lucky with some of the falls I've had, mind you I've nowaught myself how to do a flying dismount and land on my feet :D hehe *#)

    I've had my horse flip on me and fracture four TP's(transverse process- the little side wing bits) in my lower/lumbar region.
    By flip I don't mean rear, we were out cantering along on the trails, unerneath the sand some tree roots ran across which we couldn't see but he tripped on them and basically did a forward summersault!! I just couldn't get out in time so I had 600kg of fat horse land on me :eek: Owies!

    I've also been thrown and landed on my head- scans showed that I ahd stress lines where my skull was about to fracture!

    And I was thrown again off a horse and into fence. I rotated in the air and broke the fence with my leg causing a MAJOR haematoma in my left calf. The fence was made out of thick poles like showjump poles and was bolted together so VERY lucky I didn't break my leg!!

    So all in all I think I've been pretty lucky compared to some people, all my other falls just bruising, scratches etc

    Oh and almost forgot, when I was young and stupid I walked behind a colt(not watching that the other horse was pissing him off) and got double barrelled, two hooves to the groin!! would NOT have wanted to be a guy!
  14. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    went to try a horse for my instructer (bareback in a halter and lead and in a paddock isnt that intelligent) got bucked off at the bottom of the paddock and hit my back and broke my wrist. i got told to get over it by the instructer, the other people in the car and my mum (even though the wrist was buldging). 4 years later determined i broke it and have arthritis in it. yay not.

    first week or 2 of owning libby i had a bright idea of saddling up libby without a halter or bridle. ended up with a bruise the size of my hand on my leg under my hip. it stayed for a month.

    had 2 horses fall on me (one dragged me across the arena) but didnt end up with anything more than cuts and bruises.

    many stomped feet and having weak ankles they are always being rolled and sore.

    ive also got a slight hip rotation so go the the chiro for that.

    the other weekend i fell off my sisters horse after a jump. landed on my hip rather painfully. i had my phone in my pocket and at one point someone thought it was my hip bone (lucky for me i didnt land on the phone) got left with very sore muscles and a very nice bone bruise on my hip which if i get it just right it hurts.

    at the beach a wave came in and a horse shied causing libby to swing around to get away and conked me in the head. concussion after that which was a lovely first few weeks at tafe

    good thing i love horses isnt it haha
  15. Dutchess

    Dutchess Active Member

    i had an ingrown toe nail for atleast half a year and then in the end had a operation to get some of the nail cut out.
    but other than that no other riding injurys
    but i did break ma collar bone at 15months old(i fell out of my high chair heheheh must have wanted to do sky diveing) and my leg when i was 2yrs and i got double bounced on a trampaleen and hit my leg on the pole.
  16. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    Ahhh......concusion, broken ribs, dislocated finger, major soft tissue amage to knee, broken hand, black eye, multiple bruises ect ect......

    Id have to say Ive been alot luckier than above can explain - I have certaily skated on thin ice many a time, and wondered how I got out alive, or alive and not in traction...THANKGOODNESS!

    'I bruise worn with pride is one earnt with a horse'.....Gawd....I used to say that to Mum when she fretted... (or 'did you get that on video?')

    What an idiot I was - lol - I dont bounce back the same way these days.....Id rather no bruises.

    And i admire the times when you acheive the same result without the bruises or the
  17. Araphra

    Araphra Well-known Member

    Wow there are some scary stories here! My biggest fears working with horses are falling into barbed wire/onto something pointy (*waves at admin and casperjesse* :p), getting dragged and having a horse rear up and land with forefeet connecting with my head.

    So far I haven't had any serious injuries from horses (touch wood touch wood TOUCH WOOD!!!), just:
    - assorted bruises from getting my feet trodden on (I have an interesting circular scar on my foot from Joey)
    - jarred fingers
    - chunks of flesh missing from my hand where I got my hand caught in the reins after catapaulting over a cavalletti after the pony I was riding ducked out
    - hitting my leg on a jump, bruising and grazing from ankle to knee (with the token divet in my leg where it hit the cup on the jump wing of course!)

    The worst injuries I've gotten have been completely unhorse related lol. I broke my arm sticking it under a see-saw when I was a kid (although now I think about it... the seats on the see-saw were horse shaped!) and breaking my nose (oddly enough at the same playground ten years later) on my (very flamboyantly gay) mate's shoulder playing the "spin around in circles and run in a straight line" game *#).
  18. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    I've had a couple of bingles over the years....

    * On two seperate occasions Ive attempted to jump my horse out of a creek up onto the bank, and the bank has caved in causing me and the horse to fall backwards back into the creek. Sadly each time I was trapped under the cast horse, with me being face down under the water. I can assure you it takes a long time for a horse to get up the right way when water is craddling it upsidedown. Then when he was finally up the right way he proceeded to stomp up and down my spine, neck and face until he finally got off. Boy did I suck in that fresh air!

    * I had a horse get barbed wire wrapped around his legs while I was riding him, and ofcourse he panicked and in the process of spinning this way and that, I parted company with him and he clipped my rib as he went over me and took off with the barbed wire still attached to him. I broke a rib, but horse made it home without too much injury.

    * Prolapsed disk in lower lumber - horse fall.

    * Broke back in three places when I parted company whilst jumping my horse. Just a misscommunication, he went left and I went right.

    * Numerious concussions.

    * Chased by a herd of wild bees who stung me around my neck and in my hair. Very scary, poor old horse got a good gallop out of that one.

    * Massive bruising to lower leg when a pony accidentally got his hind leg inside my gumboot while my leg was still in there....just a freak accident.

    * Skinned both of my hands when younger when loading my horse onto float and she changed her mind and backed off in a hurray. Stupid me held on to the whole lenght of the 4 metre rope with both hands, and by the end of it no skin left on either hand. Ouchies!

    Thats all for now.
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  19. shyloh

    shyloh Well-known Member

    OMG getting kicked in the face huge ouch
    I thought I had it bad when I got head butted halters with metal bits cause some bad injuries was very lucky I didn't loose my eye just got a fractured nose and 12 stiches
    others include broken toes, chipped hip from one of my many kicks,rope burns
    tooth through lip another head butt, appendix rupured because I miss took pain in side for a stitch as I was a trail rides guide and had been in saddle all day,recently hurt back and neck from being catapolted over her head on the mend now. But the one thing I just can't cope with is the being Winded bit that just hurts beyond words.
    Safe horsey activities to all
    Cheers Shyloh :}
  20. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    OMG, I am absolutely shocked at some of the injuries you guys have had.....holy $@##%#$.
    Touch wood i have never, in all my life, from when i first sat on my Dads horse at 2yrs of age have i had an injury. Never been kicked or bitten, I have had my fair share of falls but never been injured from it.
    In my days of working and riding at the riding centre we had to learn how to fall, from walk to canter because if we came off and had a group of ten inexperianced riders we had to stay concious LOL...I mucked out stables at a stud with crazy babies in them while i mucked them out, I jumped trees in the bush but never checked what was on the other side first...flat gallop along the beach in Yanchep (a danger in itself if you have ever been there) oh the younger days :p
    I look back and god only knows how i didn't kill myself with some of the things i did, lucky i guess.....
    Going to look for a huge lump of wood to touch.......

    OUCH is all i can say to all these injuries......:eek:

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