Injuries sustained from your horses

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by bee, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. bee

    bee Active Member

    Ok I was think about all the injuries I have had over the years from my loving horses.:mad:
    I was curious about everyone else, thought it might be interesting
    Here goes:
    Broken toes, broken foot, broken finger, broken tailbone, concussion, sprained wrist, dislocated shoulder.
    Ahh... think that's it what about everybody else????
  2. buggalugs

    buggalugs Well-known Member

    ive been pretty lucky having fallen a fair few times, and broken in my share of babies...

    last week, broken nose...

    yr before last, 5 broken ribs one dislocated

    everything else has usually just ended up with having to go to my doc or osteopath... ive been mega lucky...
  3. MsLaura

    MsLaura New Member

    I fractured my ankle, that was kinda my fault though. My friend and I had gotten back to the paddock after a long day of bumming around at the local pony club, doing heaps of xc jumps etc.

    We were just trotting around the paddock bareback, and I went to slide off, but landed on the side of my foot. I fainted due to the pain, and when I came to my horse was standing over me sniffing my face.

    He also bit me, (once ever) fair and square on the backside as I was tightening the girth. That made the ride somewhat uncomfortable!

    I still loved him to bits though. :)
  4. casperjesse

    casperjesse Well-known Member

    I can see it now this thread is gunna make horse look bad.

    I've been very lucky in coming of and getting mainly bruising and cuts, scratches. Came off after a jump horse got in way to close and shot straight up and down I kept going landing on my shoulder and face.
    Had a T/B who spun this time completely round twice I came off on rocks very bruised and sore(Lucky)
    Worst was last year pony bolted bucked me off and I landed on a star picket, this required 4 days in hospital. An operation and 22 external stitches. Needless to say my horses are not where star pickets are now
  5. nag

    nag Well-known Member

    only fractured my little finger ummm, fractured my elbow, few grazes from falls
  6. shadowkat

    shadowkat Well-known Member

    My poor mum has had the worst horsey injury I've ever heard of...
    My old mare Molly, despite being in her 20s, still shows a lot of appreciation for the opposite sex, so she got VERY excited when a stallion moved in to the neighbouring property. So excited that she kicked out when my mum was in the paddock, catching my mum in the face.
    Mum lost her two front teeth, and a third had to be removed. Her bottom lip was almost severed. Her facial bones, between nose and mouth, were shattered. Amazingly, she didn't lose consciousness, and managed to stumble up to the house and call a neighbour for help (she was home alone). She was flown up to Perth that day so that a reconstructive plastic surgeon could put her back together again. She had continuing surgeries over the next few years to reconstruct the area, including plastic surgery and bone grafts, and she's had a lot of expensive dental work to make new teeth.
    Amazingly, you can hardly tell now that her face was injured - only the scar under her bottom lip gives it away, and that's not too obvious. Unfortunately, she's very aware of it, and would like to get more surgery to minimise the scar.
    My poor mummy. After all that, she's still looking after my horses in their retirement, paying huge vet bills whenever Molly gets herself stuck in a fence, and changing her rug 53 times a day because she's a delicate TB. I think my mummy deserves a medal.
  7. bee

    bee Active Member

  8. bee

    bee Active Member

    wow shadowkat your poor Mum what a legend
  9. casperjesse

    casperjesse Well-known Member

  10. SexyRitzy

    SexyRitzy Well-known Member

    hehe I've had my fair share

    broken toes countless times
    Broken nose about 3 times *#)
    strained all the ligaments in my lower back
    dislocated fingers
    bruised chin twice lol

    think thats it :}:))
  11. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Chipped my tooth, compressed my spine, been knocked unconcious a few times, snapped my collar bone in half and broke a few ribs...
    Uhmm think that's it lol.. *#)

    Non horsey ones.. hehe
    I dislocate my knee constantly, broken my toe, snapped both major bones in my wrist in half, tore the major ligaments in my knee..
  12. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    God where do I start,
    Financially wounded every week lol
    Ive sustained over the years
    Multiple sprained ankles
    Multiple banged up knees
    Broken right wrist
    2 Broken Ribs
    Dumped in the middle of a road flat on my back with the breath knocked out of me and then almost run over by the brickworks truck and then my own boyfriend lol, he got me of the road before anyone else had a chance to run me over.
    Bruising ranging from minor to severe, I bruise real easy, almost a daily event that I come home with a bruise.
    Broken nose
    2 nerves severed forever from my spine leaving my right arm permantly semi paralised
    Concusion causing permanent memory loss, all early childhood, so no real loss
    28 stitches to the top of my skull
    ohh and the lastest Electrocution while clipping a horse.

    Did I mention also countless broken nails, jeez I hate braking nails.

    Bruises, Im more black and blue than a footy team.

    Wayne has lost an eye and had his nose reconstructed, he now has a billion dollars worth of Titanium in his face. Wayne has also had his fingers crushed between the horses jaw bones and a jarrah fence post.

    No foot injuries as I always where steel caps around horses.

    Ohh I also have several compressed vertibrae due to various falls and riding in general, these days there is more wrong with me than right, yet I still keep getting back on those bloody horses lol.
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  13. Zegger

    Zegger Well-known Member

    This is only with my horse i have now

    2 broken arms
    1 sprained wrist
    1 fractured arm
    Broken rib
    Chipped tooth

    Thats all
  14. springbok

    springbok Well-known Member

    All my "serious" injuries seem to be doing stupid things like running to catch a bus (snaped my fibula as my leg slipped under me when I put my foot down in a drain) and walking down some STAIRS - managed to lose my footing, get my arm stuck in the banister at the same time and hung from banister with arm at funny angle = badly dislocated shoulder meaning I was stuck on the stairs ... and no, I wasn't even drunkl! That cost me many more dislocations and a shoulder reconstruction #(.

    On horses I have only had one serious concussion (horse fall - my head bounced 2 feet off the ground when I was thrown on it :eek: ). Also had a pretty gory one where I was galloped on and had the stud from a horses shoe go through my shin bone. Didn't notice until after I had jumped back on, finished the course and glanced down at me leg to see a ruddy big hole ... and suddenly I could feel it!! Adrenaline is a pretty amazing thing ...
  15. buggalugs

    buggalugs Well-known Member

    hahaha everytime i go see my doc (specialist in sports injury) he tells me tha i have the body of a 50yr old... between the arthritis, back injuries and stuffed up tendons/ligaments he just laughs at me when i ask if whatever treatment i have has precautions against falling off horses. the one where i broke my nose was the day after i had injections in my spine and was told to actually take it easy... this may account for the cracking headaches and migraines ive been having *#) funnily enough 95% of the injuries i see him for are not from horse riding... all basketball, swimming, baseball etc lol
  16. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Mine are 95% horse related, I dont do anything much else than work or horses.

    The other 5% is old age, and some serious misbehaving in my 20's lol
  17. naughtydog63

    naughtydog63 Well-known Member

    Fractuated finger, fractured arm are the only offical injuries.

    Countless concussions, lumps and bumps everywhere from god knows, my noes is a bit crooked as well.

    I think I have an xray for every part of my body.
  18. norrishbex

    norrishbex Well-known Member

    Ok, so... I have had 9 broken ribs, a punctured lung, countless number of broken toes, dislocated shoulder, fractured cheek bone, broken nose 3 times, and most recently, I think that I have a fractured wrist, which I am ignoring (unsuccessfully, it hurts a bit!).

    All my injuries have taken place over 25 years, so not too bad, and the lung and 5 of my ribs were so my fault. Note to 4 yr old self: Grumpy old pony does not like being snuck up on.
  19. Coda Cowgirl

    Coda Cowgirl Well-known Member

    ive been riding for 17 years and can officially say i have never broken a bone falling of! apart from bumps, bruises and scratches i have been very lucky! The worst bruising was from a bite (one on my boob hurt like hell) and a hoof strike on my thigh.
  20. bee

    bee Active Member

    OMG Sharaway its a wonder you are still walking lol

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