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  1. akafabio

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    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to take my QH to a few ag shows to do the inhand breed class's. got a few questions, would be great to get some information to give me the confidence to do it.

    He is registered but I'm not with AQHA, do I have to be?
    what outfit do I wear (don't want to go out and spend a fortune)?
    how does he need to be prepped? Main/tail?
    Can he just wear a standard bridle with snaffle or a halter?

    I hope I don't have to put any makeup on him cause I wouldn't know where to begin :)

    I would really like to give it a shot for a bit of fun, will be great to her from people.

    Thank in advance :)
  2. horse girl Jess

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    Welcome to stockies :)

    Depending on the show, you may or may not need to be an AQHA member (check with the event organiser as they all vary). I think it is worth becoming a member though as you can then transfer his papers into your name. First time members get a discounted fee (from memory it's only about $80 for a year).

    You have a lot of different options for your outfit, most shows require that you wear a long sleeve collared shirt with a western hat and boots. I'm really not a huge fan of all the bling and bright colours, so I wear a neat black suit/hat/boots with a coloured shirt underneath. There are a few shops that sell horsey brands (e.g. Hobby horse) but you don't have to go with these - there are plenty of cheaper options at normal clothing stores.

    Unless you've entered a hunter class, you really should be presented in a leather western halter (most people have ones with silver detailing). If you are just out for a bit of fun, you can pick a cheap one up for around $50. Otherwise if you want to get serious, it's worth investing in a nice halter with good quality silver (try online US stores).

    If you have entered a hunter class, then you present yourself and your horse in English turnout, so you'd plait his mane and tail. If you've entered a western class, leave his tail natural and either neaten his mane and have it free or band it (if you're shocking at banding like me, I think it's better to just have their mane unbanded but short and neat).

    What colour is he? You can always give makeup a go, just practice a few times at home beforehand and make sure you blend it well. My girl is black with no leg markings, so I can get away with just putting clear over her eyes/cheek bones/muzzle, whitening her star and putting on hoof black. A bit of gloss over the body puts a nice finishing touch, but don't go overboard or they look like they've been swimming in oil and the dust also sticks to it. I'd check the weather before the show, if it's going to rain then avoid applying white because it runs and looks terrible. If it's going to be hot, avoid oil based products (many people gloss the face with baby oil) because it can get quite hot and burn.

    Here's a photo from a show with my Coliban yearling a few months ago and how we were turned out. I didn't band her mane, just made it neat.


    The WAQHA and PRAC shows are great shows, everyone is really friendly and happy to give you a hand. They are always relaxed and a good atmosphere to be showing in. Best of luck, let us know how you go!
  3. akafabio

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    Thanks for the helpful reply :) your girl looks stunning :)

    I was a member of the AQHA when i bought him, but i didnt use it so didnt continue it the last few years.

    Hes a chestnut flaxy, so im not to keen to chop his blonde locks off lol.

    Is there people you can pay or willing to do it for free for me? Including all the prep?

    Thanks again
  4. Jordy D

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    He is registered but I'm not with AQHA, do I have to be?
    If you are wanting to compete with WAQHA or PRAC the two main western clubs, they do prefer you to be a member as this can alter the way points are awarded for the national boards when point sheets are submitted. You don't have to be a state member, but if you would like to complete for end of year halter hi points then its a good idea.

    what outfit do I wear (don't want to go out and spend a fortune)?
    I complete in halter and showmanship. Halter you can either go with matching set (black top, black pants, black boots. I wear grey for showmanship so its grey boots to match. Makes me look taller!). Or I wear black slacks, white top with an orange jacket I found on special at Target when I show my Appaloosa. Bling does not win, as long as your outfit is neat, clean, presentable and flattering to your figure and horse. Also it must abide by AQHA rulings. Look at some of the photos from previous shows to get an idea?

    how does he need to be prepped? Main/tail?
    For halter, banded is preferred but you can show without bands with or without a short or long mane. Tail, natural you can add a false tail if you wish but does not come against you. Clipped whiskers, ears, jaw, bridle path, socks, fetlock hairs are the main areas clipped, some things people do, others choose not to. There has been horses winning champion mare at the WAQHA state show against a large class with fluffy ears. Make up is optional, I have won state showmanship classes where every detail is looked at and with no make up on my horse, other then some white on the socks.

    Can he just wear a standard bridle with snaffle or a halter?
    A halter is needed for showing. Can be either plain leather or with silver. It would fit well and show off the horses head. A leather lead also with a chain, this can be threaded through the rings so it runs under the jaw or can be knotted through the centre ring so there is no pressure on the jaw.

    Everyone is friendly at the western shows, don't be daunted by the bling. We all had to start somewhere and everyone is very helpful!

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