Information Sought re Lake Muir Brumbies

Discussion in 'News Items' started by KAW, Dec 20, 2008.

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    i have read that book, and really enjoyed it.
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    hi all i know of 2 stock horses mares 1 buckskin and 1 bay that where let go out there. my grandfather andrew muir told me bout how his family used some of the wild horses on the farm for stock work. i cant give you dates on when they were released but it wasnt the only time that the muirs released horses there and i think there was a quarter horse stallion which was a buckskin as well. i hope this can help you.
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    Thanks Jamie, I'll pass the info on & be in touch :)
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    Has there been any more news on whats happening with the Lake Muir horses?

    Ages ago, a friend said to me that she has a friend who has a property that backs onto the lake, and they often have these horses come onto her property, and she has offered my friend to come out anytime shes ready for a new horse, and they will go catch a foal/weaner :confused: I wonder if you are actually 'allowed' to do that or even how you would 'catch' one as I would imagine they are pretty flighty. OH's got his ears all pricked up as he would love to go catch a 'wild' horse lol.

    Anyway, just wondering :))
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    Will PM you Kiraspark :)
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    it was years ago bout 30 to 40. i was wondering r u allowed to catch the wild horses cause i would lyk 2 catch and train 1 for cutting and western reaining.
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    re : Lake Muir brumbies ~ future plans

    Hi kiraspark, Jamie20 and Floggadog... :D

    As the one who originally started this thread and hasn't looked in for quite a while, thought I'd better fill in a few details...over the past few months our charity, the Outback Heritage Horse Association of WA (Inc), has been involved in public feedback sessions on the draft Lake Muir (and wider area) Management Plan being put together by the Dept Environment and Conservation (DEC). The first draft of this plan has recently been sent to us for comment and involves the wild horses in the area.

    The DEC has included us in the management plan, for helping trap and rescue and relocate, or formulate a "wild managed herd" plan for the remaining wild heritage brumbies around Lake Muir, should either option be required in the future. We are still putting in our comment on the plan as a whole. :}

    Unfortunately, environmental legislation has required change to the management of the area and I don't honestly know how you could get in and trap and keep your own young wild brumbies from this area without disturbing the private landowners around the area - some of whom are very devoted to the brumbies there. Or without upsetting the DEC by going in on the other, government owned and fragile areas. Jamie20 - obviously you know all about some of this because of your grandfather. We have a lot of stories about the buckskin line, obviously gorgeous horses.

    Some of the older landowners are descendants of the original farming families in the area and the ones who released some of the original brumbies. Some of the horses appear to be genetically valuable and culturally significant to the area, as far as the OHHAWA and many of the locals are concerned. (See our website "Wild Horses of Western Australia" and look up the projects section for more info on these brumbies.) Some of the locals are understandably very protective of these animals, but that may not apply to all.

    Anyhoo...if you know landowners in the area, that's the best way to go. Ask them if you can get in anywhere and we would only recommend passive and humane trapping of healthy younger stock, obviously. They aren't as wild as some we've rescued but unfortunately, some mobs have had terrible experiences with man because we've heard that some are shot (and shot badly) for meat for feral pigs by people who want to hunt the pigs. (Not the good guys who trap and get rid of the feral pigs.)

    A few people have trapped and tamed these horses over the years and have been thrilled with them.

    If you want more info, contact the Secretary of the OHHAWA via the Wild Horses website. (That's me! :)*) We have lists of people who want heritage brumbies or want to be notified when any become available. In the mean time, we understand that the Lake Muir brumbies are doing okay and keeping healthy, which is the main thing. **) We are always gathering history and info on them and a few other groups in WA which are on our "Watching Brief".

    Cheers and thanks for your interest and all the many comments and stories on this group of (largely) heritage stock... :))
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    i would love 2 be involved in any traping of these horses
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    re : Lake Muir Brumbies

    Hi Jamie20 -

    Thanks, I've messaged you privately about getting in touch. Would be great to have some local knowledge, if and when the time comes! **)

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