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Discussion in 'News Items' started by KAW, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. KAW

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    Hi Guys...:)*

    Merry Christmas and every good thing to you all. The Outback Heritage Horse Association of WA (OHHAWA) are seeking information on the history of/photos of/current locations of the 100 odd brumbies running around the Lake Muir area in south west WA.

    The DEC has announced that it will be preparing a draft management plan on the area (as well as on other areas), and we are envisaging that all the non-native animals will probably be required to be removed. Hopefully not via culling - that is where we come in.

    Although I have read with interest the many, many posts regarding brumbies, and those who think they should all be culled and those who feel differently (and everyone is absolutely entitled to their opinion), these horses, according to our research, are of heritage and cultural significance. The Lake Muir brumbies have been there since the first horses were released to graze in the late 1800's. Farmers in the area bred and sold remounts during both World Wars, according to the anecdotal evidence we are collecting from the old farming families. These days, some people still release their good mares to mate with the fantastic old bloodline stallions still running wild, then later recapture the mares. There are many locals and others keen to see these horses survive as they have been a part of the Lake Muir environment for the last century.

    We have a healthy working relationship with the DEC, along with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with them regarding assisting with the removal of wild horses from various remote areas in WA, and we are seeking to collect more info regarding the Lake Muir horses.

    These animals are being closely monitored because we are aware that some individuals are shooting them (gut shooting as well) for sport and meat, possibly to feed the feral pigs and/or domestic pigs that they are apparently releasing into the area, also for sport. Anyone caught harassing or injuring the horses may be liable for prosecution under the Animal Welfare Act.

    Anyhow, for the sake of the future environment and the horses, if they can't stay there, we'd like to see at least a percentage of them safe and out. Anyone who can post any actual history or helpful info on these brumbies, or message me privately with photos, would be absolutely appreciated and doubly blessed for Christmas I'm sure! **)

    Thanks to everyone for reading and all the best to you all in the New Year. :))
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  2. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    If you really want to find them I suggest talk to Bob Rado. He has been riding amonst the Lake Muir brumbies for years & will have a very good idea of how many their are & where they hang.
    I have ridden out there a number of times with Bob & he is very knowledgable about the area. :)
  3. KAW

    KAW Guest

    re : Lake Muir brumbies

    Thanks for that, Bob is already in the loop. Infact he was one of the first people to alert us (thru Sheila Greenwell in Margaret River) to them a few years ago. **) We tend to catch up with him on the Warren Horsemen's Club 3 day ride each year. Sheila will be getting more info off him in the months ahead.

    We know where a few of the mobs are, just collecting as much info as we can before anything starts. What we are really keen to know, aside from current locations, is if anyone remembers exactly what horses were released when, down there long ago. We know a stallion from Anna Plains Station in the Kimberleys came down, plus some Percherons were released locally about 60 years ago. That sort of thing...but we need more detail.

    There are a number of buckskins too but we don't know from whence they originated. They are smaller, like stock horse or pony types. We know some of them have been caught in the past and made excellent working horses. There are several part Clydies too.

    I know we'll get a lot of info off local old cockies who are currently being contacted. Plus trying through the Plantagenet Historical Society.

    Appreciate your response though, any and all info helpful. :D
  4. White_Horse

    White_Horse New Member

    good luck with recolating them, their beautiful horses.:)
  5. Telstar

    Telstar New Member

    I went on a few round ups a few years back out at lake muir.. theres some lovely horses out there. Keith Prosser was the guy I used to go out riding with.. Hes been riding out there for years and would possibly have some info about them? He took a brumby filly himself and broke her in to ride. I havent talked to him in a few years.. but last i heard his memory is possibly going a little downhill so not too sure how much help he'll be. Worth a try though?
  6. Floggadog

    Floggadog Guest

    Hi Telstar, Would you mind either Pm'ing or emailing Keiths details to KAW or myself as I've been researching from the Plantagenet shire end?
    I've talked to quite a few of the older cattlemen and relatives of them and found out all sorts of things from horses caught and released to the horse hair trade adn how it was harvested in the area to how the old cattlemen used to catch the brumbies.
    The difficult thing to find is what the original breeds were that were released.
    We know of a couple but anymore info would be fantastic.
  7. Telstar

    Telstar New Member

    He lives out near gordon river I think? I'll see if I can hunt down his contacts and send them to you. Hes pretty well known in the cranbrook/frankland region.
  8. Floggadog

    Floggadog Guest

    Excellent. Thanks for your PM.
    I will follow it up. I do hope I catch him on a good day as there are sooo many good stories to be told and heard. :)
  9. Coda Cowgirl

    Coda Cowgirl Well-known Member

    Naomi on stockies will be able to get Keiths details for fact she is round his place tomorrow rounding up sheep! The man is a Legend!
  10. Floggadog

    Floggadog Guest

    Thankyou Coda. Telstar has passed on what she thinks is his number. Will get in touch with Naomi if it doesn't work.
  11. KAW

    KAW Guest

    re : Thanks for info thus far

    Hi again helpful people...:D

    Thanks, Keith Prosser has actually phoned me several times already. He's keen to see the Lake Muir brumbies remain there as a managed wild herd but sadly don't think that is in the cards.

    He has some info but no specifics, I think we will have to talk to him in person to get locations, etc. That will happen.

    In the mean time he has rung the DEC rep who is handling the management plan from the Manjimup end to lodge his protest at the idea of removing the horses. Good on him.

    Anyone else who wants to help or get in touch with the DEC please message me privately. Thanks Floggadog for your dedication! OHHAWA members rule! :))
  12. Telstar

    Telstar New Member

    Haha.. Shoulda known he'd be at it already. I havent met many others as dedicated to his horses as Keith is. :)

    I wish i'd taken some photos the last ride I went on out there.. I did get one or two of the brumby Keith ended up taking.. but none of the ones out in the wild. Was too busy hanging on! lol
  13. jlnew

    jlnew Well-known Member

    my dad used to chase brumbies out there many years ago with ted muir of bloomfields/deeside muirs.

    i cant help you tho, just thought id mention it... :D
  14. Floggadog

    Floggadog Guest

    jlnew - you can help by asking your Dad if he remembers things like types, possible breeds, colours, any murmurs of stallions or mares (breed etc) released there all those years ago, what areas they rode etc.
    All this info goes into the history of the Lake Muir horses which is fantastic to have
    for interest sake.
  15. jlnew

    jlnew Well-known Member

    all he really remembers is going flat out thru the bush trying to outrun the brumbies.
  16. Floggadog

    Floggadog Guest

    Ah well - worth a try. :)
    Would have been great riding out there in those times though.
  17. jlnew

    jlnew Well-known Member

    yesterday he was telling my miss 10 about the time ted muir was cattle droving and a cow ripped the horses stomach open.

    how they had to roll the horse on its back, wash off the innards with a bucket of water, put them back in and sew the horse back up.

    far as i know the horse lived.

    i cna do a lot of things but i cant imagine having to tackle such a big job without some kind of training.
  18. Floggadog

    Floggadog Guest

    I got goosebumps reading that.
    Dogs I could handle but a horse - I guess they did what had to be done. No-one around for miles and certainly no luxurious mobile phone LOL.

    I've just finished reading three books on the Muir family history. Never would have bothered before I started looking into these horses but now I'm facinated by it. The life they lived to make a living makes me feel quite humble. :)
  19. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    You should read Tom Cole's book, "Hell West and Crooked" its full of old station tales like that :) Great book **)
  20. Floggadog

    Floggadog Guest

    Sounds like my kinda book Kiraspark. I read 'chosen by a horse' yesterday. What a tear jerker in the end that was. Might start a thread about such books. (unless there has already been one)

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