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Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by Shiobhan, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. mylittlepony

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    thanks mihu. i think hes gorgeous:D fastest horse ive ever ridden too, i won the quindanning cup with him last year**)
  2. Shiobhan

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    I will try my best. His last win he beat Zigany we had him up here some years ago.

    Pure Utopia's Racing form
    CRIS: Horse Performance

    Pedigree (save this image, as I have it stored on my account) Not sure I could link it being subscribed member)

    Like wise will try find photo finishes. As some records are older than 1999 they become slightly harder to find.

    Roe her old trainer is currently up here so I can ask him next time I see him at the races. But this is her steward report from that day, looks like she had a 2 yr spell and they tried her again and she ran last and retired.

    "CHAOS REIGN rider reported that the mare felt short in its action during the race. A post race Veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer advised that on return to the stable the mare was found to be sore in the near hind. Trainer was advised that the mare would require a Veterinary Certificate of Soundness before racing or trialling again."

    Race photo she finished 3rd last
    CRIS: Race Results

    The australian stud book will tell you but you have to be a subscribed member or there are friendly people like on here who can get the details for you. :)
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    Thanks my little pony I thought the foal were by Protos wrong one whoops but I know the were both standing at stud the same time and seemed to be the popular choice at the time so I think thaty is how I made my mistake. Is there anyway of knowing what the names of the foal were?
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    sorry having a really dumb moment just realised that names are there
  5. Rebecca

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    Thanks Shiobhan - I will try them again**) Yeah his records are a bit dated as he is getting on in his years:p

    I would love to track down his brother - John's Blend (who did race) if anyone has heard of that horse let me know:D
    Also the breeder Mr L Ryan - not sure where he is or how I can get in contact with him as I would love some pics of him when he was younger if he would even remember him or have any!
  6. Roe

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    Thanks Shiohban That was really nice of you. :)
  7. Remaani

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    I just found the new owner of my old boy (well he's not that old!!), Sea Gambler (Buzz), he's a stockies member. :)

    Nice to know how he's going, very upsetting the home i sold him to, several years ago had neglected him.
    He's too much of a nice horse to not be loved.

    Welcome Bluesdad. **)
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    thankyou SO much, I cant tell you how grateful i am :D
  9. crumpetsryum

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    Do you also think you could info on my other horse 'Strawberry Raider' and maybe photos please :D

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