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Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by Shiobhan, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    Here Cait. I cant remember the free form site I thought it was Oz Form os something like that but I cant seem to find it. So I looked him up on the subscribers site I use.

    Date of Birth: 28/09/1997 Sire: Archway (IRE)Dam: Whiskey DelightGrand Sire: Whiskey Road (USA)Owners: D P, E J & D M Donoghue, J P GudgeonColours: RED, WHITE SPOTS, ORANGE SLEEVES, RED AND WHITE QUARTERED CAPAge: 10Colour: ChestnutSex: GeldingTrainer:

    Prize Money: $ 28,500Starts: 23Wins-2nds-3rds: 2-9-2

    I can send you a detailed page of his racing if you PM me your email address if you wish.
  2. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    Not highly unusual some owners or trainers like to think it has one more run or may do better next time. I knew of a horse that had 75 starts and on its 76 start it won its first race! That is alot of races just to win 1 race. It was retired after it finally won.
  3. Wendy

    Wendy Well-known Member

    LOL - Just aquired one called Social Dance and I've just checked CRIS. Doesn't seem as if he ever won anything! Lovely natured horse though.
  4. Reg81

    Reg81 Active Member

    Slideon's got 9 bro's/sisters and his mum must of been retired from breeding, hasn't had a foal since 02
  5. Sammyjoy

    Sammyjoy New Member

    LOL my boss used to train Rooftop, we called him Ollie...he has a gourgeous temp...bit knarky when it comes to food tho lol
  6. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    The delicious irony with this particular horse was it was by a sire named "Drought".....

    Good on the connections for having a dammit we will win one with this horse attitude and finally ....breaking the drought. Well done to them!.
  7. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    LOL found that out the hard way! Hes getting better though. He is a sweety!!
  8. iheartdash

    iheartdash New Member

    oh wow i just found my horse Dash's results! 16 starts, 1st-2, 2nd-0, 3rd-0, 4th-4, total won - $9160. Thats so cool :) thanks for that web address
  9. proud mum

    proud mum Well-known Member

    Ok have found my boys
    Kal -race name Foreign Minister
    70 starts 10-11-7 prize money $234,710
    by Hula Chief
    from Tourist Visa
    originally from NSW brang over and trained in Kal by a man called Peter Fernie.
    Would any of you race people know him?

    Troy- race name Strictly Amber
    14 starts 2-2-2 prize money $39,915
    by Elland Road
    from Double Amber

    Troys info has just blown me away as i thought he is so big and heavy a horse he wouldnt have even got past trials LOL!

    I would love to access some raceing photos of them Kal won alot over east and Troys would be Ascot. Would anyone know where i might be able to find old race photos
  10. Gold Rush

    Gold Rush Well-known Member

    Hi Proud Mum, I remember Foreign Minister when he was in Kal, not as a race horse, but when he was owned by a local lady, who had plans to ride him, but was injured and obviously you have him now. FM's stable name in Kal was Alex (as in Alex Downer!).@)
    I don't know where the previous owner is, I think she has left Kal and I have lost touch with her.
    I could probably find out PF's contact number if you PM me. I don't know PF personally, as I am not connected to the local racing industry.
    How is Kal progressing, do you compete with him?
  11. proud mum

    proud mum Well-known Member

    Thanks Gold Rush , Its great to hear from someone that knew Kal.
    We did know his stable name was Alex and when he didnt work out with the lady that he was put on a truck and sent to Collie. He was left in a paddock for six months and then thats where we came across him,when a friend bought him and we pretty much got him off her straight away.They renamed him Kal and we just continued with it.
    Kal is a awesome horse in nature and what he is achieving more so in dressage. My daughter is the one who competes on him and we think we are really lucky to have him. He can be a little bit of a snag when it comes to jumping but is getting better , he just likes to be pretty LOL
    He will be with us forever and the mares like him alot as well!
    We were told that the lady who got Kal off Peter was scared of him and thought he was going to hurt her.I have contacted Peter and he was going to send me old race videos and whatever else he could find but nothing ended up comeing.
    What was he like when you knew him ?
  12. SanTann

    SanTann Well-known Member

    Thanks For The Sites It Was Great Finding Info On My Boy. I Was Just Wondering If You Could Find Any Photos Of Him For Me His Name Was Santann And If You Could Find His Pedigree.

  13. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    I should have photos of SanTann from when he raced up here. I will have a look otherwise I will try a friend her dad trained him. His stable name up here was santa minus the nn

    will see what I can find
  14. SanTann

    SanTann Well-known Member

    Thanks a heap. i was just wondering if you knew a bay gelding with a star around 15.2. im not sure of his race name but i think his stable name may have been charlie brown.
  15. Ciderlover

    Ciderlover Active Member

    Hi Sann Tann,

    Bit new to this, but I new a horse, bay gelding called Charlie Brown, not sure of his racing name but he raced around geraldton area. He would be around 16????? I wonder if this could be him?

    Also I have a horse that I have found more info on (thanks guys!) called Up There Cazaly. Was bred in NSW in 1992 but can't find any info until he raced in Kalgoolie in 1998. How do I find out info from other states? Thanks.
  16. Gold Rush

    Gold Rush Well-known Member

    Proud Mum, I have PM'ed you re Kal.
  17. SanTann

    SanTann Well-known Member

    hi cider lover,
    that does sound like him and i pretty sure he raced around geraldton. i am not sure either how to find info from other states but i'll try and see what i can do.
  18. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    Cant find any photos on my computer santann of your horse. But this is a new computer and all my old photos are on cd's will have to go through them.

    Chillout your horse may have just raced at country or provincal meetings. Not nessacarily a bad racer just the area he raced at might of had lower prize pools to win.
  19. Ciderlover

    Ciderlover Active Member


    Have been away, but am curious about your Charlie Brown. He was at my place for a little while, had a gorgeous nature. Could I pm you for more info or visa versa?
  20. SanTann

    SanTann Well-known Member

    sure that would be great.

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