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Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by lebonstern, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. lebonstern

    lebonstern New Member

    We are the owner of Belcam Argenero and would love to know the where abouts of the stock we have breed, would love to know what they are doing and get some pictures of them. Anyone with even a little info would be awesome as over time people move and sell them on. Hope someone can help:)
  2. Hank

    Hank New Member


    Hi I brought a gelding by Argeniro as a yearling Arpeggio from Capel he has an older full sister by the same breeder he is now owned and ridden by my very good friend he was just to talented for me he is 10 years old and currently competing at D/C grade Showjumping successfully. In his younger years we also evented him to Pre Novice but Showjumping has always been his strength. He recently competed at the Pony Club Nationals and came home with the overall National Senior Showjumping Champion.

    He is a super horses we love him so much we have a huge list of achievements for him to many to mention and we have had numerous enquiries about his breeding.

    If you send me your email I can send lost of photos.
  3. foxleigh stud

    foxleigh stud Active Member


    I have a lovely mare by Argenero and she has produced some great progeny for us.

    I would love to get in touch with you and see how Bungy is going. I was trying to find you awhile back with no success.


    This is Foxleigh Artemis.

  4. Hank

    Hank New Member

    Foxleigh your Mare is just like our gelding I am not sure how you upload pictures ';'
  5. foxleigh stud

    foxleigh stud Active Member

    We have Dakota on our website so I can just post a URL. I think some of the other guys use a photo posting site
  6. lebonstern

    lebonstern New Member

    Please do email us at
    Or phone 0897 315310.
    We would love to have a chat.
    And congratulations on your sucess, Bungi has come out of retirement and will be out competing heavily in 2014 at Medium, its not easy for a 17 year old to come back out but this just proves his impeccable temperament and trainability and willingness to TRY.
    Anyone that has his stock please contact us.
    Kind regarss
    Kya Bell and Jan Visser

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