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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by horselover2014, Feb 20, 2014.

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    hello ..ive just taken on a horse with a sacroiliac injury ex racer (TB) .. hes old owner before me had him check by vet which she wasnt advice any treatment but 6 month to a year rest...ive put him in a spelling paddock with two other spelling horses they was abit excited and bossy towards him... then have left him alone for now (dnt worry looking to find a spelling paddock just for him ) he has come up a bit stiff .. is there anything herbal i could give him to help or a herbal i could rub in his saw spot ....once i movce him closer to town i will have the vet check him over.. if there is anyone who has or have a horse with this injury once hes finish hes rest time and vet gives him the thumbs up to start working agiain... was the best way to start off someone told me water therapy ... walks alone the beach ...
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    Why would you take on an ex-racer with known injuries or unsoundness??? Sacro problems are chronic by nature and costly to treat, and many horses are not sound enough to be ridden long term. *#)
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    Sacro-Iliac issues

    Causes, clinical signs and treatment response differs greatly between individual animals. It's a common area of injury and strain which isn't necessarily exclusive to exracers and can be done in the paddock. I've pm'd you who I use on my horses. :)

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