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  1. lia4466

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    I tried to do it the way the SEC wanted. I didnt complain just got on line and paid their stable fees and booked for the QH show for today. Now Im hopping mad. My trainer arrived with my 2yo colt in tow, to no stable The one she ended up with had not even been cleaned. She had to stand and wait for them to get their act's together.
    I booked it on the 6th of Feb. The total cost was 17.94? strange cost anyway. for the stable for one day plus their scoop of sawdust. The money is out of my credit card Ive got a statement in front of me showing the withdrawl.
    So how did they handle it???????????????????????:mad:
    Ive had to provide my Credit card details over the phone just in case Ive made a mistake?????????????????:confused::confused:
    I feel like Im guilty untill proven inocent. And the trainer who had 7 horses to ride today is unimpressed.
    Were is my recipt is what I want to know?
    I hate the new stable rules, I live too far away to deal whith that when we get there.#(
  2. Arnie

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    As far as I'm concerned. I'll give it a go once and if the new rules don't work for me I'll never compete there again even if that means I miss out of the only shows I attend.
    Like you I live much, much, much too far away to be stuffing around with that and would not be impressed standing around with a young colt and no stable.

    So until I do eventially show there again I can't really judge but I am curious to see how it works.
  3. paintedhoney

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    may i just point out, with due repect to stallion owners, that you dont have to have a stable,there are plenty of other options, and mistakes do happen and the sec will try to correct them to the best of their abililty, your comments are noted by staff of the SEC but this system will stay in place.
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  4. chocollo

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    No Good

    After using two SEC stables a few weeks ago I am going to avoid it again if at all possible.

    When on your own spreading the sawdust while your horse is standing on the pile and trying not to freak out at the rake is not great. 1 scoop is not enough IMO. Not to mention the whole rigmarole of emptying the box - again while horse is still in it. If you thought the dust was bad before wait until you have to move a whole box worth of sawdust. A word to the wise don't forget your dust masks.

    I believe the SEC needs to rethink this issue. There must be a better solution than this. :confused:
  5. QH Rulz

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    well i had my frist experience at the SEC stabling at the QH show too Lia.... Well ours were open when we arrived... we had to spread the sawdust... 1 scoop seemed quite sufficent for 1 night and show day stabling.

    But my god was cleaning out those stables a nightmare.... we had 6 people and 9 stables to do... which worked out at about 10-12 wheelbarrow loads (mini) per stable.. and the dust was so so so so bad... we tied the horses up outside to do this but i think next time i will be paying the $20 for them to clean it... it was not a nice experience.

    lia.. i recieved a reciept for my stable in my email box... did you supply them with a email address..?
  6. lia4466

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    I cant even find the box for entering my email address:confused::confused:
    There is one for a fax number and the address boxes but ? is the one for my email???

    Ive booked today for the State QH show, still could not find a box for our email address.

    I had emailed them and ended up providing a print off copie of our Credit card statement, wich frankly I dont think is any one else should have acsses to. Regardless of the circumstances..#(

    They have to take it up with Nominate.

    But there where others not happy that went on Sun. They didnt have clean stables,they where moved to stables they had not booked, and the toilets where worse than their usual standerd of filthy.
  7. lia4466

    lia4466 New Member

    With all due respect. I think if a stallion owner has paid for a stable, a clean one should be provided.

    That goes for any horse owner paying to use the SEC.
  8. holistichorse

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    I suggest that if people are having trouble when booking online for the first time, that they actually call the SEC and get talked through it?
  9. lia4466

    lia4466 New Member

    I agree compleatly, wich is why thats exactly what I did,:confused: and still ended up with no stable.
    I was walked through the prosses over the phone while I did it.
  10. QH Rulz

    QH Rulz Well-known Member

    Well i just had a look.... on the first screen that pops up when you log into nominate, there is a spot there to write your email address... on mine anyway. and when i paid for my stable a reciept automatically went into my email.... so not sure what yours is doing. I hope you work it out.
  11. lia4466

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    Mine for some reason, goes streight to the Stable/Campsite/Feed/Bedding Booking Form, wich gives me no way to enter an email address.

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