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  1. Lin

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    Can they put that in writing, Jess? Honestly, when I mentioned that I just tie my horse to the float at the SEC I got howled down, not only by SEC staff but practically everyone in the room. You're not allowed to do that, they cried. Seemed pretty unequivocal to me.

    What wasn't clear was use of float yards. Great that they have agreed you can use them because it is completely stupid to require their use at EFA events such as horse trials and not at the SEC.
  2. retroremedy

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    Unfortunately these horses most likely got a virus from the presence of another horse that was ill.....these "new standards" are not going to change horses coming into contact with each other and is not going to stop horses getting ill. Also if you wish to use hygiene as a reason for these new stable arrangements it is a bit of a joke - removing the sawdust is going to go bugger all to the "contamination" left on the walls and the ceiling etc...not to mention the germs spread from horse to horse....that is unless we have to scrub the entire stables with antiseptic and them fumigate the area and keep our horses sealed in plastic bubbles (maybe the SEC could hire out plastic bubbles as well!)!
  3. naughtydog63

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    yeah, thats pretty much it rr. If people take their sick horses out, they you can't really blame the walls and the stables for it. But I think hygiene comes down to more then spreading diease. I mean, when you go to a hotel room, you expect it to be clean whatever from the last person, and not have a hundred people wandering through in the meantime. I think it comes down to this sort of logic in the stables too.
  4. retroremedy

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    Hygiene is all about stopping the spread of disease and to be honest I reckon I could put a pretty good case that these new arrangements are actually less hygienic than past arrangements.

    Without any bedding to absorb manure and urine you are actually going to get more splatter and further spread of these and with cleaning up and disturbance of stall contents more potential for spread of disease.

    Lets just not use hygiene as an excuse and lets just say the only reason is cost saving.*#)
  5. myst

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    Hear , Hear, totally agree.
  6. Maree4

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    I have had another read through, and everyone is saying the same, $20 fee is to clean out the stable, does this include them putting the shavings in as well, if so would the people paying the $20 get an allocated stable so it has shavings in it before we arrive. We have enough to do before the classes start without having to wait on someone to do your stable.
    I still want to attend shows there, but i am very confused about the stable allocations etc etc......
  7. Lin

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    Yes, the SEC will dump a bag of shavings in your pre-booked stable before you arrive. All you have to do is open the bag (or bags if you have ordered additional) and spread it. It costs $5 to book the stable, $10 for the initial bag of shavings and, I think, $6 for any additional bags. You only pay the $20 if you want the SEC to clear the stable out for you, otherwise you do it (for free!!! :) )

    You don't have to order bedding at all, if you don't want. You can just book a stable for $5 and bring whatever you like for your horse to stand on. Just as long as the stable is bare when you leave.
  8. buggalugs

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    something tells me that they cant actually ban float yards... how are we meant to keep our horses at other events that dont ahve the facilities that the SEC does? and i think there is a rules that states you cant just leave your horse tied to the float all day (i.e. leave it and forget type thing)...

    anywho im not a fan of the stables anyway, they never have enough bedding in them now as it is...
    i actually agree with them improving the hygiene, i would have no problem supplying my own bedding (given i have enough room in the float to get it there *#)) however it would be good if we could leave teh dirty shavings there... like a bay for dirty shavings... saves lugging them home...
  9. naughtydog63

    naughtydog63 Well-known Member

    But what about the urine that was absorbed by the old bedding that wasn't cleaned out? And all that dust that use to come off the old bedding, because it's been used so many times.

    I think even though these new rules seem like a hassle, I think I'd rather have an equestrian centre that was able to keep afloat financially. It would be such a shame to loose it.
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  10. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    You won't have to take your shavings home (unless you want to!). There will be a pile (more than one, I hope!) for you to dump your stable bedding into, plus supposedly shovels and wheelbarrows provided by the SEC.

    Well, that is what they told us at the meeting I went to.

    PS. Like I said somewhere above, I still see us drowing in shavings at some future point though, so taking 'em home would be welcomed I'm sure! :)
  11. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Yes but the urine and manure (wet matter) is absorbed into the distance splatter. The bed of only concrete or one bag of shavings is never going to do instead of having the matter absorbed into a decent bed it is going to remain on the concrete and produce splash. Then you are going to have people running around sweeping up shaving and bagging other words you are going to have disturbance of the bed and dust produced...this will occur with many horses at the venue unlike now when it occurs outside of a competition. So there is actually a case for it being less hygienic with the new rules.

    I want to see the equestrian centre viable as well but if hygiene is a reason being given I dont see much evidence that indicates it will be more hygienic and I actually see it will be less.

    If it is purely financial, how about we keep the stables as they are and the SEC just put a $35 hire fee on each stable used....that logic I could cope with more than the "hygiene" least then there are going to be no meltdowns as the horse next door does a big wee and it splats over everyone else and their tack just before they head for the ring! *#)
  12. naughtydog63

    naughtydog63 Well-known Member

    There's probably a sense of if it's good enough for everyone else to do it this way, it's good enough for WA. If there is no bedding in there also it will probably be easier to get in with a high pressure hose as well. Plus if they did slap a $35 flat fee, can you imagine what people would say, bares not thinking about. In the short of it, I think they are trying to give people another option rather then hiking the prices.

    I know this seems like a redundant question, but if your talking about moving bedding and air-bourne diease in dust and stuff. You got to ask the question, if moving the bedding around is bad, then what about coming into contact with the dieased horse? I mean, if they are the bags I'm thinking of, they are pretty big? Not to mention super compacted into these bags. Did I mention how dusty it use to be? Like the saw dust literally was hard dust? I guess if you move it after a couple of hours it won't have that much in it to be that dusty so to cause an issue rather then be left there for weeks on end and then move it.

    I'm not agreeing or disagreeing, I think any opinion is moot, unless you are sitting on the committe at this point, just wondering as to your thinking.
  13. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Yes but just because someone else does something doesnt mean it should be automatically taken up here and if so have some clear evidence as to why you are making the other words the feasibility has to be examined eg. is the hygiene level really going to be improved?, will it discourage participants? for THIS particular venue etc....maybe this has been done but unless the antibacterial scrubbing and fumigating occur I just question the improvement in hygiene "reasons"!

    In regards to your question the biggest danger to a horses health in terms of infection will be always be other horses! In terms of the dust factor, who knows but if the decision has been made on evidence you would think this should be considered. :)
  14. naughtydog63

    naughtydog63 Well-known Member

    Seriously, if your concerned why don't you put your ideas as to the hygine to the committee and see what they say. Maybe they have evidence, at the end of the day there's got to be a reason that they are so called "international standards" I wouldn't have a clue to the matter.

    I get what your saying though in a way.
  15. TAS

    TAS New Member

    Hear , hear RR, when my horse goes in there and starts "licking" the walls I always wonder what horse has been doing the same beforehand !! And always thought that unless they disenfected ALL the walls after every COMPETION I cant see how they would stop the spread of any various.
    Also I am led to believe that at Werribee the stables are designed in such a way that the bedding can just be dragged out by spade into the middle area, rather than having the big steps (that my horse ALWAYS trips on) in the stable door.
  16. Horsetalk

    Horsetalk Well-known Member

    I can hear you loud and clear. :)
  17. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    Thanks Lin, that makes sense now. I am happy with that...**)
    I think i will only have two shows there this year so i will pay the extra $35.
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  18. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    Wow...its good to read everyones opinions on this...maybe this thread should be submitted to the SEC Management? lol...LOTS of reading to do though:D

    Edited to add.....I think that the New stable rules wont be such a hard thing....if you cant clean up the bedding just pay the $20.00 fee. I would rather this then the SEC going broke and no premises available at all!
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  19. lil bec

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    Alot of people are saying that this is for hygiene. How can it be? A nervous horse will do a runny poo up the wall, a mare in season will spray up the wall and some horses will lick the walls. I think the only reason they are doing this is to try and bring us up to the same status as the eastern states.
  20. himitsu

    himitsu Well-known Member

    was talking to a vet about this... she said there are no urine transmitted horse diseases in Australia, and worms etc are a risk at EVERY place there are horses because the first thing most people do when they get their horse off the truck is let them graze... So the biggest risks are respiratory or contact/air transmitted. I therefore dont think its a hygeine thing.

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