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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Tam, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    how many of you believe that you can seriously improve ona horses natural ability? I certainly do so was surprised to hear a comment from a friend that pretty much said what they've got is it and theres nothing we can do about it?!!!!
  2. widgelli

    widgelli Well-known Member

    I think that the person who made that statement doesn't know much about horses, and is whistling in the dark.
    A horse can be improved all the time , from the time that it is taken in hand and worked with , they will improve.
    Feed and consistant work will improve the bodily , love and TLC will improve them mentally , and education will improve their paces and manners. LIke us , they are always learing , and will go from one thing to the next as it becomes more difficult , just like we do. We start at the bottom and work our way up with any of the horses that we decide to work with.
    To me this then refutes the comment that was made.

  3. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    what your friend may have been trying to say is that some horses just arent built to do certain movement, and what theyve got is what theyve got... eg. percherons wont extend like a warmblood. some horses just do not have the conformation to do certain things and no matter how you train the muscles that wont change.
  4. The Old Grey Mare

    The Old Grey Mare Active Member

    it's like people, i am a good cleaner, great on the computers, good reader. i am not good at cooking (hate to cook).
    this is the same as horses, they can all do all horse type stuff, but its up to the person to bring out the best in their horse, regardless of the discipline or breed. not everyone is going to be a world champion, but you can have a go.

    a horses ability is only limited by it's educators abilities.

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