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    Point Two Air jackets are rapidly becoming a widely used piece of safety equipment, not just for eventers but for every day riders as well. Some important safety issues have come up in the last few months and should be publically addressed.

    Southern Stars Saddlery is the sole and exclusive Australian distributor for the Point Two Air Jackets. This means that riders can be confident in knowing they are buying from an Australian business with local agents on the ground across the country who can assist them with fitting and sizing for the jacket. It is also important to point out that only jackets bought through Southern Stars Saddlery fall under the care of the Australian warranty and after sales care. All jackets sold have their serial number recorded and filed to ensure accurate records are kept.

    It is vitally important that only genuine Point Two canisters and accessories are used to ensure the correct and proper inflation of your jacket in the event of a fall. Do not use other CO2 canisters, such as for soda streams, bicycle repair kits or imitation canisters. Only genuine Point Two canisters are pressurised correctly and contain the right volume of air to properly inflate your jacket within 0.1 of a second. The use of any other canister voids your warranty, and doing so risks the jacket malfunctioning.

    Only a genuine Point Two Stirrup Bar Strap and Lanyard should be used, as these are tested to the correct weight and strength required. Do not attach your lanyard to the saddle dee, as this may tear the dee from the saddle in the event of a fall, rather than engaging the jacket inflation system.

    After 6 inflations of your jacket it is recommended that you return your jacket for servicing. The technology behind the jacket is significant, and requires maintenance -just like servicing your car- to ensure it continues to work at its absolute best. At this stage servicing can only take place at the Point Two factory in the UK. In order to keep you safe and allow you to ride as normal while your jacket is being serviced, as a complementary service Southern Stars Saddlery will provide you with a loan jacket of appropriate size for free. In the near future, servicing will be done in Australia by the Southern Stars Team, once training and certification has been completed. Servicing the jackets in Australia will mean a much faster turnaround time for your jacket.

    Please note: If you have a jacket that you have purchased overseas, Southern Stars Saddlery are unable to warranty any canisters, warranty the opperation of the jacket or service these jackets, due to our insurance and warranty restrictions. The Point Two Jacket is an important piece of safety equipment, and we can only take responsibility for products that we have sold ourselves. Due to the importance of correct sizing and fit of the children?s jackets, Point Two only permits selling direct by a retailer, not online. Any stores selling the children?s jackets online are doing so without Point Two UK?s permission.

    If you require further information regarding the Point Two Air Jacket, please call the Australian Distributor, Southern Stars Saddlery on 0459 491 709 and where possible we can arrange a visit and demonstration by your local agent.

    For further information on the Point Two technology and benefits of the jackets, please email

    Southern Stars Saddlery is an Australian business that highly values rider safety.

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