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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Bon & Ted, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Que Sera Sera

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    Its quite obvious that you are in some way connected with the link for the people selling the floats. Its your first post and your defence of your post is your second for this entire forum.

    I dont have an issue with you saying have a look, we sell them. I do have an issue with you sprucking without addressing the fact that tie down points on the outside dont come standard. The interior wall padding is basically vinyl filled with a minute amount of air. There are issues reversing in sand.

    PS, you dont really get much information from the website. The downloadable brochure doesnt even have the floats in them.
  2. eamon1

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    Correct you are, unfortunately I do not get enough time to keep up with all the horse forums to assist with members queries as the new business takes up a lot of time. I have tried not to "sell" across this medium, but seeing as you asked, people have used the external 'lugs' of the breast bars to tie down. But it is the manufacturers policy to state "Do not tie horses to trailer at any time". This is 1/ You would not be insured if any unforseen accident happens 2/ If you have a broody 17.2 hand horse kick off, they would have the ability to move the float and in turn risk damage to float or worse personal injury. It is always recommended to tie up to a solid anchored position.
    The interior linings are cushioned vinyl on plywood with aluminium facing. This system does actually protect both the horses and also the float from getting damaged. It makes washability a much easier process.
    As regards "issues with sand", I think you will find many a good driver will have problems reversing any type of float in sand. As a matter of point, the Ifor Williams has four wheel braking but does not have electric brakes.
    I am interested, how and what information would you like to be on a website that would maintain your interest and fulfill your queries. :} Eamon.
  3. Kris

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    Can someone clarify the weights on these floats for me I borrowed one to move my shire mare who just fit into one side which was impressive but it is an older one and the biggest she could buy. When I enquired earlier this year they advised the weight limit had decreased, is this correct ?
    Can someone tell me what they can carry and how much an average float weighs ? my girls are close to a tonne each, and was leaning towards getting a float specially made because of the weight limit.
    Any info would be good.
  4. eamon1

    eamon1 New Member

    Only too happy to help, Kris. The HB506 which is designed for up to 16.2hh is 920kg unladen and is designed to a max 2000kg Aus. (2600kg Uk).
    The new HB511 is designed for a 17.2 and is wider, is 1000kg unladen and again under Australian ADR rules max. is 2000kg (2700kg Uk). I have put the UK weights in as these are what the floats are manufactured to safely hold on UK roads. ADR rules state all floats require electric braking over 2000kg. :)

    If you would like more info, by all means PM me.
  5. Que Sera Sera

    Que Sera Sera Well-known Member

    The float I had a look at definately had an electric brake system set up. We did discuss whether it was the reason they had trouble reversing in sand.

    Alot of float manufacturers have the specifications on their websites and also the optional extras. Also inside, and outside photo detail. As you can appreciate, with most of our members being here in the west, it can be difficult to get access to floats, especially new brands to have a look at one in person and check them out. Also alot of sites also have prices such as base price (without on road costs) and option prices.

    Is there an extended version that includes tack box ect? What is the cost of putting on tie points on the outside of the float? Can you upgrade the wall padding, which I find very lacking.
  6. eamon1

    eamon1 New Member

    Thank you for your ideas of what you would like to see. I believe it would be worth us changing some photos to incorporate these.
    There is a fixed tack box or portable wheelie tackbox available which fits nicely with room to spare in the front section of the Ifor floats. No need for extensions.
    Unfortunately, we could not advocate putting specific 'tie points' on the float. On saying that, there is ample handles or ramp hooks - should you choose to tie up your horse against our recommendations. Re- the wall padding, you may find them lacking, but I can assure you they do the work required of them and they also last without wear and tear. But like all things, if thats your request and it doesn't compromise safety, anything is possible.
  7. eamon1

    eamon1 New Member

    I have presumed that you are aware there is a main dealer in Bindoon, WA?
    If not PM me and I will forward full details to you, they should be within driving distance to all you members down in Perth. :D

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