If YOU were a pro trainer what would you do ??

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Brew, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Isn't this the truth , there could be a good safe reliable mount , not too old , for sale in their own town . They'll have seen it a million times in all kinds of situations and know its reliable , but no , " we have to drive to god knows where and pay a bloody fortune for some ratbag we've never seen before "
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    How bizarre, you'd think anyone who could mistake a 14yo well educated horse for a 4yo OTTB should really not be purchasing horses!
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    I have read this thread with interest.......and I feel for any person who ends up with a horse like this, let alone a pro trainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Funny enough I suspect that there would have been trainers over the years who encourage clients to buy horses like this....or at least buy horses that they know are going to be unsuitable for the job.....just to milk the owner/client.
    Now this is totally wrong in every sense of the word but what does an owner do when they have cash, exuberance and very little knowledge? Or they have cash, exuberance and very high hopes mixed with some knowledge?
    How many trainers have milked clients and kept or taken horses into work and known that those horses are not going to make the grade?
    Considering that event wins do not make a trainer money for food let alone jam, the only way they pay their bills is by having paying clients.
    There are some wonderful fantastic salt of the earth pro trainers out there, and then there are some who are none of these things.
    As a breeder who exclusively uses pro-trainers I have heard stories that would make your hair curl........yet I have had the great fortune to have been with great, honest and kind trainers who had both my horses and my pocket as their main concern.
    I feel for anyone who buys a horse on the say-so of someone only to have their dreams and expectations blown up. No matter the cost of the horse either...whether its $1500 or 50K.....
    I know some parts of the horse industry have pro-trainer associations.....I think they are great at sorting the 'real' trainers from the 'wanna-be' trainers.
    And I urge anyone who is thinking about placing a horse with a pro-trainer to ask other people who also use trainers about the pitfalls and pluses.
    Get as much info about the trainer as you can.....how long in the industry, how many wins, wins at what level, weekly/monthly costs, what they feed, ect ect, how many horses in work, how many of those client owned and how many trainer owned.
    Its a muddy world out there for an owner with an expendable income and who wants to get a horse to the top.......its very rewarding, but it can be costly too.....
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