If YOU were a pro trainer what would you do ??

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Brew, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. RustyRidge Clydesdales

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    Wow Brew that poor horse!! I cant imagine what the poor bugger has been through!!
  2. Cornflower

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    When i read the first post, i thought you'd made this 'imaginary scenario' as hard as you could have on purpose.

    But i've been reading this, and i haven't replied till now, because i just don't know what to say.
    The actions of these morons defy words. I'm just speechless at their arrogance, stupidity and...argh, just don't know what to say...

    Poor boy.

    Look forward to reading the rest of the rest of the story.
  3. I somehow leapfrogged a page and have only just now read about the jumping out , smashing fences , disrupting traffic episode . HOLY SH.T !
    Don't feel guilty about drugging him , this is an extreme case , you did what you had to do .

    On the subject of hobbling , some breakers on the stations used to hobble the hind legs on those big old fellas , with one "side line" . This meant if the horse stumbled they had one front foot free to throw out and stop themselves from falling and hurting their knees . You need a good breaking in horse to stand beside them so you can crawl in under their belly and work on your "outlaw" . Not really applicable here but someone might find it ...useful ,...interesting .(?)
  4. Brew

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    By now it is week 5 with time lost due to minor lameness and I also gave the horse a few days after the episode with the vet.
    The horse now has decided that he will be cold backed and buck if anything is put on his back !! In spite of this there was a significant change in the horse - He no longer seemed nervous and his behaviour was very much "Up yours" He no longer crashed into things and was quite calculating in his behaviour. This meant that this horse had turned a corner and now it was just a leadership battle. The only real fear was of the roundyard and this never went away - I could take him in but he would shake from end to end and break out in a huge sweat. I decided that the roundyard was a no-go.
    To get the saddle on I went back to the sideline - As soon as he saw it he was good as gold !!!
    Getting on again after a huge lunge was a very nervous moment ! As my bum sank into the saddle he started to sink again but instead of going all the way down he launched into wild bucking and screamed and roared as he went ! To my great good fortune the bucks were big and powerfull but straight !! Of interest the one rein stop did nothing - he could buck just as well flexed left or right but became quite dangerous as he could not see where he was going! This horse would buck untill he ran out of go and was in such a state that I thought he might have a heart attack.
    By now this horse had a fan club both within and outside the property -people would turn up to watch from the road !! I tried a few different things to stop him bucking and it improved to the point where he would take breaks between episodes and I would have a few mins of actual riding !!
    This stage lasted a while and by week 10 I thought he would never come right.One day I got on him after leaving him for a couple of days. I had pretty much decided there was no hope and was working out ways I could get rid of him without getting sued. I had by now court permission to sell the horse to recover costs but this had to be at auction and I was still open to a claim from the owners. The horse again went into buck mode and intead of trying to stop him I gave him a big pat and a good boy - The horse stopped on the spot ( Shock I think!) I put my legs right back - a certain "buck now" aid and off he went - another big pat and much "good boy" - same result !!!
    Next day I had a plan and got on with a pocket full of goodies - He would go to buck and I would pat him but then pull his head round and stuff a goodie in his mouth !! The temper tantrums were awsome - He would stamp his feet and roar and run in circles but would not buck no matter what I did !!
    Next stage was running sideways into fence posts but once he figured out that I would just lift my leg out of the way and let him he gave this away. I was now able to ride for longer periods and he was getting better by the day. Problem is I was now up to 16 weeks - no owners and no money and this guy needed lots of food !!!!
    I took a huge chance and entered him in a one day event at Newdale in the novice as an H/C horse - one of my own horses had gone lame and I was able to sustitute him.
    The event is a story by itself - 126 penalties in the dressage - the Judge was very kind and will probably remember this horse as he did almost the entire test on his hind legs !!!! If I was judging I would have eliminated him !!!! Cross country was fun - Dodge the course stewards for the first few fences but then - What a horse !!! Once he started to jump he was just fantastic !!! The showjumping started a little stiff and tense but got better all the way.
    His next event was Wooroloo where the dressage was worse - 128 penalties (Thanks to Alison Lee for not eliminating us ) Cross country and showjumping was really good but my bank balance was not !!!
    Sorry - got to go to work now !!
  5. Troppo

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    :eek: How funny that he stopped bucking when you gave him treats ????*#) rofl

    A case of reverse psychology?? Brew You are FAR braver than me!!!

    Can't wait for the rest of this story!!
  6. RustyRidge Clydesdales

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    You cant go to work! Come back and finish the story :p
  7. Halligan

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    Booo Hiss! *chants* No work, no work!

    Hehe I always knew you had a crazy streak some of the exercises you got me doing!

    Can't wait to hear the rest!! :D
  8. Rather you than me, there's no WAY I am even close to being able to handle a horse like this! No way in hell.

    Looking forward to the next installment!
  9. Jaana

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    Damm Brew!! you can't leave us hanging like this
  10. Brew

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    I'm back for 10 mins ! Was trying to work out the time frame of this horse because I wonder if you might have ridden him Halligan ?? PM me and I will tell you his name.
    Bank balance is empty and still no owners so tongue in cheek I had a mini auction at my place and bought the horse for his training fees !! Very shonky but desperate times !!
    Started work on his dressage and evented him at wanneroo in a p/c event - Dressage was very good and clear x/c and s/j. Then I did a couple of dressage days on him and he did very well.
    As with most problem horses you end up with residual problems that will not cure - for this horse it was the round yard and hole digging - a real pain but I could live with it !
    I got as many other people to ride this horse as I could and used him for lessons from time to time but was still broke and this horse was taking up much needed room. One day a young lady who had ridden the horse quite a few times told me that she was going to buy the horse "No matter What" This horse had been there before so I said NO!
    A few weeks later my car died and being broke I was in deep s##t. This lady returned and offered to leave her car ( a near new very flash BMW) as payment for the horse. I agreed subject to draconian terms and she rode the horse home !!!
    I kept a very close eye on this horse for a long time and he seemed very happy and fat. He would appear for lessons from time to time and all was going well.
    This horse died in tragic circumstances about a year later - He was impaled on a star picket in very strange circumstances !! I don't know how it happened as there were no witnesses but I suspect the worst !!

    This tale has been made briefer to save time but I post it for all of you that have horses with problems. I have had horses that have been beyond my ability to correct and I believe there are some bad horses but before you send your horse to the dogger just stop and think -you have to consider all the options first. That said horses should be fun and if you have an unsuitable one then get rid but advertise it first and be honest because somebody might like to try and save it. Then you can "dog it" without guilt.
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    haha when I read it's problems my first reaction was feed it a bullet too.:p
  12. TBPA

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    Great story and good advice!! Cheers for the entertainment.
  13. RustyRidge Clydesdales

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    Great story Brew, sad ending but still good **)
  14. Halligan

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    Why does that not surprise me *#) I've ridden a few nutters, was this one you put me on or one I did voluntarily? :p
  15. Newman Racing

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    Great Read Brew!
  16. Bon & Ted

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    UNREAL!!! You have got some guts Brew!

    What an anticlimax though for him to die that way, poor horse!
  17. Cornflower

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    Brew, you must have nerves of steel. All credit to you for getting that horse that far. Pity it ended up the way it did.
    Totally agree with you what you said about not just selling on or putting to sleep if something's wrong.
  18. TB4Me

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    Wait are you talking about 2 different horses? The one in the first post was a 4yo OTTB, but later the horse you are talking about is a 3* eventer - or am I just being really slow :(
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    Brew did say (post 32 I think...
    Then (post 58)

    My only issue is.... I know a few stinking rich people (worth millions!) and not one of them would walk away from a $70,000.00 purchase! Odd! *#)

    Poor horse though! :(
  20. Brew

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    No bast**d will pay me 70k either !!!!!!!!!!

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