Discussion in 'Forum Management and Operation' started by Roodog, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Roodog

    Roodog Active Member

    How do I put any icon in with my text? I only know how to put it next to thread title... I is confused...
  2. Standy_lover

    Standy_lover Well-known Member

    its in the box called smilies to the right of your screen :p
  3. Roodog

    Roodog Active Member

    Am looking to right of screen and see....nothing that says smiles... read the link in bottom left box that says it will convert symbols but can't find anything else.. talk about computer illiterate..
  4. Roodog

    Roodog Active Member


    nope still can't find it... admin, I don't have a smilie box on my screen...plz help
  5. Mod 3

    Mod 3 Moderator

    Go into your user cp ,click options.Scroll to where it says "Message Editor Interface" and click the box down and tick enhanced wysiwyg interface and save the changes.Your smilies should then appear after you reload.
  6. Roodog

    Roodog Active Member

    Lets see if this works...:)* Yay!! thanks Mod for your help..**)

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