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    couple months ago I was looking for a pony to do some work on and sell on, someone sent me a message telling me a pony they about a 13hh 5yo that they bought from the sales they broke him in and sold him into a woman that has no horse experience something happened and he came back very nervous, knowing that I bought the pony for $1 and took him home couple days later I tried to ride him he got scared and I came off he then was out in the paddock for the next couple of months till we told the farrier that we were going to get rid of him to the doggers he was told he was nervous had hardly any work done on him since I got him and knew that I came off him and still said he'd take him, couple of days ago A friend found him advertised for sale I found out that my farrier gave him away because he couldn't fix him and he was sent back to the farrier and is being sent to the doggers as he has been classed as dangerous, now the farrier and possibly me are being sued for I dangerment is there anything I can do????
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    First of all a well placed full stop would make your post less onerous on the reader'-)

    I really don't think you have too much to worry about. As I understand it, it would be a civil case, the person suing would be suing the person whom they got the pony from, your farrier I'm assuming. If they are successful the farrier may attempt to sue you in turn to recoup his loses. He would have to prove that he was not told that the pony was dangerous. In these cases the magistrate usually has to decide who is more believable, as it is a he says/she says scenario if there is no written evidence.

    Not too sure if I'm clear on the suing part though, your friend has seen the pony for sale, but the farrier is sending him to the doggers??? The farrier could be liable if he misrepresented the pony to an unsuspecting purchaser, he would obviously claim he didn't know, the claimant would try to prove he had the pony for x amount of time so had to know...
    I think you would be in the clear.

    Purchasing problem horses with the intention of doing a bit of work with them and passing them on for profit is not in my opinion an ethical profession. I have no issue if it is a personal project for a horse you intend to keep. May this be a lesson.

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