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    Sorry for delay in responding guys. Hadnt visited the site for a few weeks.

    As regards the Fibressential I guess we are concerned that although it is relatively low in sugar and starch and certainly high in fibre (35%) it simply isnt as low in overall NSC's as Zero. For this reason we are reluctant to recommend it above the Zero.

    We have had terrific results so far with the Fibressential as regards conditioning but I tend to be extra cautious with metabolic issues. All that said I always recommend Zero over Micrbeet as well anyway as the fibre content in Zero is actually much higher, the sugar content is lower AND it has the vits and mins.

    Im surprised that the Micrbeet is actually more expensive than the Speedibeet and Im sure that isnt the usual situation but to be honest I think they are both over priced for what they offer compared with other alternatives such as the Zero or Fibressential. Still there are those that love beet pulp and we are certainly happy to offer an Australian made and owned option for this.
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    Thanks Martin. Thats interesting that you recommend Zero over the beet products. Whats your opinion on Zero for weight gain in a metabolic horse? Would you recommend it still over Micrbeet?

    My pre-cushings horse needs to gain weight, his ACTH reading was only 35 but in consultation with my vet we have put him on a low sugar diet. But consequentially he has lost weight. So I am looking for that miracle product that is low sugar but will help with weight gain, hence the beet products. He is slowly gaining weight but its taken months. Any ideas?
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    Lucerne, lupins and canola oil mate! :)*
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    Thanks Caroline!!

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