Hygain Gro Torque v Pegasus Stud Master

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by stormie, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. stormie

    stormie Well-known Member

    just wondering which is better
  2. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    I use gro-torque
  3. madison

    madison Well-known Member

    If price doesn't bother you use the Grow-Torque
  4. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    GroTorque is a far superior product but it is a concentrate feed so feeding rates are much lower.:)*

    Studmaster is a good feed and it is a complete feed so its fed in kilos.:))
  5. Debonair

    Debonair Well-known Member

    and views on nutririce stud and grow???

    I have been looking at all these recently too! spoilt for choice i recon! tempted to go back to good old steam rolled barley and a good supplement!
  6. stormie

    stormie Well-known Member

    i was thinking gro torque so i think i may go with that
  7. zendor

    zendor Well-known Member

    Debonair - Not sure on the stud and go but I have been using the Nutri Rice versatile for approx 2 years.
    I have found it suits the horses we have well and they all look good.
    We made the change from Pegasus to Nutri rice due to my main horse in work at the time.Pegasus just wasn't working well for him, nor the range of horses we had.

    Stormie, I have fed a Hygain feed until recently and in comparison to the Pegasus I think its of higher quality. Given the choice I would go with the Grotorque :)
  8. karriel

    karriel New Member

    Grotorque is a better product in many ways, also a key thing is that it is a muesli. Muesli is much more natural for horses than pellets and can help reduce the incidence of gastric ulcers and associated colic due to an increase in saliva production whilst chewing the whole grains. the saliva acts as a pH buffer in the gut, so an increase in saliva is a very good thing.

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