Hyaluronic Acid

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Ponies4Me, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Ponies4Me

    Ponies4Me Well-known Member

    Bit of a cross section subject between feeding and management so apologies to Mods if it needs to be moved.

    Looking for recommendations for oral HA, which products have you had any success with? I believe that Hygain do one but nothing on their website so will try to contact them to see if it is still available. Ta :)
  2. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    I use the Synovate made by KER. **)

    Synovate HA? KERx Solution

    I looked at a few different brands, the mg per ounce (30ml) and the cost (the cost of the different products varies considerably) and decided on this one.
    I've had my current riding horse on it for a few months now and my previous boy was on it for the 18 months or so that he was with me. The difference in both of mine is noticeable.
  3. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    I've used Hyaglyde. It is very good. Make sure you shake it really well. The horses like it, which makes easy to give to them.
  4. Hygain

    Hygain New Member

    Good News KP and to any others using Hyaglyde. The new Gel formula is available - no shaking. Banana Flavoured so the horses knock you down for it. Will be available in W.A shortly. Just finishing off current stock there. Same price and strength.

    In terms of strength and value etc the Hyaglyde (Australian Product) provides 150mg of HA per 10ml dose. The Synovate (US Product) provides 66.6mg of HA per 10ml dose.
  5. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    Hygain, you recommend a daily dose of 10ml - so 150 mg of HA daily.
    KER recommend a daily maintenance does of 15 ml - 99.9 mg of HA daily.

    Is there any information available from an independent source/clinical trial that shows what the recommend daily dose should be ?

    At $179.95/litre for one brand and $99.95/litre for the other I'm pretty keen to spend my money wisely. :p
  6. Hygain

    Hygain New Member

    Probably the best research done was by Brady Bergin and co at Rood and Riddle Equine in Kentucky. That was based on 100mg per day orally. So clearly there is evidence to suggest that 100mg per day is effective.

    Is 150mg per day better - hard to tell really but our trials seemed to indicate so and it isnt doing any harm. To be honest 50mg per day will work with some horses and 200mg wont work with others!

    So if we were to take 100mg as the base dose then 6.66ml of Hyaglyde (100mg) would cost $1.20 per day at the price you gave whilst the Synovate 15ml (100mg) would cost $1.58 per dose (Note that Synovate is only 946ml and not 1 litre)

    Ultimately its up to the individual and what they are happy dealing with. The Hyaglyde has the added bonus of being Australian made and owned which matters to me but may not be important to others.

    To each their own I guess but at least the above makes the cost aspect a little clearer.:))
  7. Ponies4Me

    Ponies4Me Well-known Member

    Hygain I did ask on the phone but have had a brain fade and forgotten what you said, trying to multitask at the time :rolleyes:
    Doseage of the Hyaglyde for a 255kg pony please? Have found some at a local store at a really good price, but it would be the old stock I think (expiry Jan 14) still ok to go with?
  8. abi

    abi Well-known Member

    whats it for?
  9. primrosecourt

    primrosecourt Well-known Member

    OK I have a question too :)

    Why is it for equines HA is used for protection and to aid joint health etc and yet for humans its mainly promoted as a skin rejuvenation treatment for damaged skin ??.........(which I might try LOL)
  10. Hygain

    Hygain New Member

    OK Ponies For Me I would go with 5ml per day for the 255kg horse. 10ml loading dose. Will be fine if it doesn't expire till 2014.

    As for the human vs horse usage the reality is that HA is still used quite a lot for humans in terms of joint issues as well as being FDA approved for use in eye surgery etc as it is present in so many different areas in the body. As to why it is best known for cosmetic purposes well that is purely as a result of our own vanity. It is proven to be effective in improving synovial fluid etc but because it retains moisture and promotes elasticity it also can be useful in keeping us looking younger.:))
  11. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Googling hyaluronic acid is very interesting. It appears to have a quick turnover rate in the body and has a hand (so to speak) in many different functions in the body. A very interesting topic!
  12. primrosecourt

    primrosecourt Well-known Member

    yes i found that out too KP.......but I found not a lot on joint function for humans as I was wondering if it was good for our joints too as I need something for me for my old bones !! !!!
    And it seems very expensive too compared to other suppliments such as MSM....
    My google results came mostly from the US too

    HG can you send me some info on human reports about joint mobility as you mentioned so I can have a read....:)
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