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  1. Cadabby

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    Found something interesting in my Googling!


    Pull back collars - Cyberhorse Virtual Forums

    Just to clarify, didn't go to the clinic. Don't know anything about HP or Mrs HP, other than a few quick visits to their website. Some of what I've seen seems very useful and it is good to see it being made accessible to the general horse-person population. Have found this thread very interesting however.
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    I rarely bother to raise an eyebrow on this forum, but reading people's posts in defense of Trevor and further John's posts on his own website have left me dumbfounded... Are people really this fickle and nearsighted?

    To dispel any misunderstandings regarding my previous posts, I don't disagree with Trevor learning John's methods and my posts are not based on ego or jealousy (just that I question the appropriateness of "learning" in a public forum such as a 3 day clinic with time constraints and the pressure of the viewing public and expectations to perform), however I do question the responsibility and thoughtfulness of Mr. HP himself. He obviously got caught in show mode and forgot his responsibilities as a mentor and coach, oh and yes, 20/20 vision in hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    Mr. HP, knowing full well allowed someone green and inexperienced in his methods practice UNSUPERVISED on horses that weren't even his to practice on.

    And Trevor using the excuse that he was used to working "bushies" doesn't wash with me; my understanding with wild horses is that after you have built up trust, they're a lot easier to work with as they haven't been stuffed up by people. It does bug me that even when not knowing what to do and causing one of the several horses that reared over, he was offered assistance by Clint; he had the audacity to turn him away and pushed on causing the horse to rear again. Not the traits of a student wanting to learn the ropes (pardon the pun).

    I didn't stay for the entire 3 days as I'm already a believer of the methods when executed in the right hands... I've seen Fred work enough to know it works!

    No, at the end of the day I did enjoy the clinic - but, I was severely disappointed with Mr. HP. I think I'd rather sit and watch humble Fred any day of the week. At least I know that with Fred what you see is what you get, and more importantly his head nor ego would ever get in the way of any horses welfare.

    Oh, and please do not think for a second I would hide behind some alias on a forum and criticize, for anyone that knows me knows that's not in my nature.

    Contact Details for those that need them - Andrew Turnbull - 0419 949 771.

    Have a good night! :}
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  3. Nightsky

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    Awesome Nancy, I quite agree with you. Also, during the clinic John made it very clear that any questions regards to any horse would be welcome.

    For those who didn't attend, maybe you could email your concerns directly to him.

    It's not all that cool that we get visitors here from other states and then run them down in a public internet forum.

    Lisa Croft

    Bullsbrook, WA
  4. shelllouise19

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    I agree entirely. People need to man up and if you really have an issue send the man an email or ring him! He's email address is horseproblems@horseproblems.com.au

    Dont air your dirty laundry out for everyone to read about. I would hate to see that as a backlash of all these negative comments that John or anyone wont ever do a clinic here again!

    Plus think of how poor Trevor must be feeling about all this! how would you feel if everyone judged you on one mistake for the rest of you life!? Sure he may have stuffed up but he wont ever do it again will he??

    Forgive and forget I say.

    Michelle Mullane
  5. ZaZa

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    You're kidding right ? *#)
    People who didn't attend the clinic still have a right to ask questions and comment. How else are we to decipher the truth about what occurred ?
    There's more than one side to a story so it'd be nice to hear both.
    As a horse owner who attends the odd clinic and uses the services of trainers from time to time, I have every right to keep abreast of methods used by certain trainers. It's also valuable to hear the thoughts (both for and against) of others regarding ego's, skill levels and the like to form my own opinion on an individual trainer.
  6. Eoroe

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    Well I wasnt kidding.......and I didnt say you couldnt ask questions and voice concerns......their is a difference between this and blatant negative media :)

    This has a learning,educating purpose, the other doesnt. Im all for learning.

    Go for it **)

    But in the end.....I hope you realise - that the only truth that matters is your own truth, one you have ascertained from your OWN experience. And if you are relying on what 'she said, he said' for example, their are better ways to focus yoiur energy :)
  7. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    LOL Eoroe. You can drop the defenses a little. I'm not critisizing any of the trainers that attended but when things are posted on a public forum it stand to reason you're going to get public comment. It's the nature of the beast I'm afraid :p
    It's also worth noting that reading back through I noted that a number of negative comments were posted by people WHO DID attend the clinic ;)
    I can also assure you that I afford everyone the benefit of the doubt. Until the consequences of someone's actions affect me personally or I see it with my own eyes, I keep an open mind. Still no harm in keeping the ears open though. Fore-warned is fore-armed as they say :)
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  8. Snippit32

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    Sorry Janet, I think we're both arguing the same side- maybe I didn't make myself clear enough. Bush horses can be a bit harder to get around, so they sometimes need a bit of a different approach to the babies bred in the city, in order to not get buried by them. I had never heard of Trevor before the clinic, I was saying that I admired his guts for wearing his heart on his sleeve and being there to learn in front of hundreds. I doubt many of those critisizing would do so. I agree Janet that those who have an issue with the clinic should sort it out with them. Any one that wasn't there should be careful not to judge too harshly- one day you may end up in the same boat.

    I would also like to over my pooperscooping/organising services if HP would pleeeease come back for another clinic???? :D:D

    I'm crossing my fingers that this doesn't leave a sour taste in their mouth re: Perth
  9. Silhouette

    Silhouette Well-known Member

    I didnt attend but after reading all the positive and negative comments would really like to see these guys in action, I believe everyone is entitled to their own training techniques and systems and that if u do/dont agree then so be it.

    I would like to say I sincerely hope they come back again and us carnarvon crew would love to do a road trip to perth to see them work.
  10. FlowerPower

    FlowerPower New Member

    Well said and thank you Andrew.

    IMO people sometimes get too caught up with the persons name and not enough in the methods being used or misused.

    I know if the horse that went over backwards had been one of my young ones I would have been ropeable. :(
  11. Jonty3

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    Damn I wished I had gone now and watched!!!!

    Sounds all very controversal.....
  12. chocollo

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    I was at the clinic for the full 3 days and was glad I took the time and spent the $$. As I don't have half the experience of John, or feel of Fred, or balance of Trevor, I don't feel I am in a position to comment on their abilities, so I won't. If those that were not there would like to form an opinion of these trainers perhaps they should have availed themselves of the opportunity to experience the scenarios first hand and make their own conclusions. :)
  13. Troppo

    Troppo Well-known Member

    I've had a bit to do with the brumbies up here on occasion, a friend of mine brings them in off her station and trains them. I can tell you from experience....they are something else entirely. They have rarely if ever seen anything 'human'and their flight instinct is so imbedded that the process of gaining their trust is a lot more difficult and it takes a great trainer to get them to 'think'' and not cook them. Not always, but for the most part your timing has to be impeccable, as pushed a little too much and they hit the panic button and do whatever they can to get away, whether they break a leg in the process or not. Try telling a bush horse its 14hh frame does not fit through a 1 foot gap in the round yard fence :p
    Even horses that are bred by humans and 'bushed'for an amount of time can go wild. Its a real eye opener and I've learnt a great deal through it.
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  14. Troppo

    Troppo Well-known Member

    I'm not commenting on the clinic just sharing my experience with 'bush'horses in the hope it sheds some light.

    Yes and no. How do you get to apoint where you have that trust and their mind? These horses (and others) when put under pressure will go to town on you. If your on their back then HOLD ON. They will and do flip out for the slightest thing. And no horseperson I have seen can always predict when that will happen. It takes a bloody good bubble gum bum to ride that out enough to release that pressure when the antics stop.

    They are entirely different mentally to whats been referred to as ''city horses''. My young mare has brumby in her, she was bred from a brumby mare that was a friends riding horse for a long time - but she still displays 'brumby'traits but in a different way to the completely bush ones. In fact I would argue they are harder to work with than your standard breeds once they are domesticated. They are handy and hardy as hell, surefooted, agile and quick, but channeling their attitude to something useful is a major hurdle. They latch onto you like no other horses I have seen, they are more like dogs. My mare gallops from the other side of the paddock when she sees me and follows me everywhere. And gets really cranky when I spend time with other horses. She can be very pushy when asked to do something, but once she has worked it out she learns very quickly.

    They can be very different horses to work with.
  15. Troppo

    Troppo Well-known Member

    On another note - did anyone get a good look at his saddles or ride in one?

    What did you think?
  16. brucetammy

    brucetammy New Member

    The "Spunky" farrier is Alex from up Bakers Hill way... he's mum's farrier and well worth the perv lol
  17. Snippit32

    Snippit32 Well-known Member

    I didn't get to ride in one, but they look pretty good quality to me. I also saw it fit all the horses he had in, from an OTTB to the clydies and they fit them all pretty well. I didn't see it on a horse with and extremely high withers though (thinking of my old mare that had a wither from hell), so can't comment there, but I'm looking at buying one myself now that I've seen it in person. I was also really impressed with their stock bridles and will probably buy one of those too.
  18. Janet Winter

    Janet Winter Guest

    LOL my partner has worked with them for over 30yrs.**)
    Thanks for the eye opener
  19. taeliesyn

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    I briefly sat in the saddle he had there, just with it perched over a rail. It was definitely a size too small for me, but it felt pretty good. Not that I need another stock saddle, but if I did I wouldn't hesitate to by one of John's.
  20. Troppo

    Troppo Well-known Member

    Haha yea I need another saddle like a hole in the head, but I'm finding it difficult to fit one to my little mare, and I have to get out of my Wintec fender, it just pushes me forward too much. The O'leary saddle looked comfy and like it would fit.

    And no worries Janet! :) I always say - I thought I knew horses, and then I moved to Darwin :p
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