How succesful were your horses on the track?

Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by Leti loves Elmo, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. tazzie13

    tazzie13 Active Member

    spiral fracture no starts no trials couldnt run at the track lol she never had any heart to want to run just a plain goat

    republicans (wannabe show jumper) 3 trials 1 start (after his race i got a phone call from owner saying i could have him) he had all the determination and heart just no speed lol so he is slowley becoming my show jumper pity he is a whole 14hh lol:D
  2. ashlee

    ashlee Active Member

    scoot on by - 21 starts 0 wins 8 places $5940.00 retired as a 3 year old!!
    Andross - 223 starts 22 wins 39 places $81,342.00 retired at the age of 12!!
    Repeat The Dose - 69 starts 6 wins 18 places $33,993.00
  3. kcr1971

    kcr1971 Active Member

    Riawanna $16,902
    Only The Lonely $19,610
    Rose Appeal $0
    Double pass dont know

    All nice girls who now cook ASH**)
  4. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    Bangadang Jack had 28 starts for 4 wins and 6 places winning a total of $29,150
    annndd Lala had a total of 3 races coming last by quite a long way despite her apparent good bloodlines!
  5. LoveLouie

    LoveLouie Well-known Member

    Interaction(steel)- 21 starts with, 5 firsts- 4 seconds- 2 thirds, total money won $29,030, retired at 4 cause he bleed twice last race was 1.03.2010
  6. Roleysgirl

    Roleysgirl Active Member

    My lovely boy, after being bought for a HUGE amount of money at the yearling sales because he looked fast was a complete and utter failure on the track, simply could not be bothered with all that competitiveness! Hasnt stopped him from winning his last 4 Pre Novice events tho :D
  7. HowClever

    HowClever Active Member

    How Clever (TB) - Retired at 10, 53 starts - 2 wins, 2 seconds & 3 thirds - $10,549

    Paiglow (TB) - Retired at 10, 56 starts - 8 wins, 5 seconds, 6 thirds - $43,435

    Miss Romance (STB) - Retired at 6, 72 starts - 7 wins, 10 seconds, 8 thirds - $38,774

    Regent Shark (STB) - Retired at 7, 67 starts - 9 wins, 9 seconds, 7 thirds - $32,156

    Kody's Boy (STB) - Retired at 5, 8 starts - 0 wins, 0 seconds, 1 third - $110 (Loser bahaha)
  8. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Ahh and then theres the story about How Clever you do not know - How Clever (rex) broke a pelvis, was given a long spell and then was used to teach apprentices and stable hands etc riding skills due to his placid nature. Rex was also sought after as a clerk of course horse again to his placid nature and his trainer/part owner at the time decided he had done enough work and he was billetted out (to friends I was co breeding with) as an uncle horse..which he did very well.

    We then gave him to Canardly stud to be an uncle for the yearling colts which he did for a couple of years with bouts of being a good boy and bouts of feeling rather good about himself and gave a few of the yearlings a bit of a lesson so was thrown out into the mares paddock to remember his place in the pecking order before being rehomed with another friend who sold him to you.

    While he was with us he was the frequent victim of drunken night rides due to the fact he was the easiest to see given his colour and size after rodeos which he patiently put up with. He also helped out at the local dairy taking cows across the road with my son (then aged 8 or 9) as his pilot....hes a lovely old fella, give him a pat for me :D
  9. HowClever

    HowClever Active Member

    :D:D:D I am so excited to hear more about his history!

    I was told when I bought him that he had fractured/broken his pelvis at some point. I think it may be starting to catch up with him a little bit as he gets a bit stiff through his hindquarters some times. But with a good joint supplement he has improved.

    He is a beautiful horse to ride! He seems to have been given some pretty decent under saddle training at some point, he has a lovely soft mouth although is a lazy bugger sometimes!! We are doing some basic, basic dressage work at the moment.

    He spent his first 12 months with us firmly placed at the bottom of the pecking order, but with other horses coming and going he is now slotted in at the middle of the herd. He is hilarious to watch when he's telling one of his minions off because rather than the ear pinning and charging that the others do, he walks calmly up to his target, turns around and begins slowly backing up to them. When he's close enough he'll lay his ears back and give his target about 5 seconds to get out of the way before he slowly raises a back hoof at them.

    He is my heart horse and the intention is that he will never leave me.

  10. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Im glad you spotted this - I often have wondered how ol rex is - do you still call him Rex?

    He is a lovely soul, he has never been "fobbed off'' or ''had to be rehomed'' hes such a genuine bloke that hes been the kind of horse that when friends have needed an uncle, other friends have been happy to send him off to live with other friends if you know what I mean.

    Dont let him convince you he needs tack btw..we used to ride him around naked..him not us, or not that I remember anyway...with us on King Road he basically just plodded around the farm and if the gates were too far to walk to, just jump on Rex, he wont mind and will give you a lift and take himself back to the herd (which he never became top dog of thanks to Myra the serheed gelding..but rex held his own with dignity)

    I think thats the thing with Rex, hes a dignified horse and a good bloke. K wouldve done the good work under saddle - as I said we often didnt bother with a saddle or a bridle..he steers well by leg and mane. The fact my son used to ride him down the road at such a young age and escort cows across the road on him shows what a patient horse he is.

    Glad to see pics of him ....... hes FAT too btw lol. Great to see. Give him a bumscratch for me and a lollipop (molasses dipped carrot)..oh and he also knows how to drink out of a bottle..water bottle that is tho I suspect out at King Road he may have had the odd bourbon or two :D
  11. HowClever

    HowClever Active Member

    Yep, he's still sexy Rexy!

    He is spoilt rotten with me. I try not to let the other horses know, but he's kind of my favourite. I am actually just in the process of cutting his feed down, bit by bit as he has gotten a tad on the chunky side!

    My first few rides on him were bareback & in a halter and he was a champ. I can see why now! He is still very responsive to leg aids, when he feels like it that is! He has days that he pretends that he has no idea what I'm asking of him! He's such a character.

    I'm going to have to give him a "lollipop" now and see what he does. He loves his carrots and liquorice. Will not take apples no matter how hard we try to convince him though! And definitely going to be seeing what he does if I offer him a water bottle!

    I can't wipe the grin off my face now! It is so good hearing about his past :D
  12. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    OOH OOH forgot to mention - he LOVES squishy very very ripe pears...Ive been unable to recall ever seeing him eat an apple either but he did love squishy pears!
  13. HowClever

    HowClever Active Member

    Going to have to go shopping for Rexy treats me thinks...haha
  14. Sallighted

    Sallighted Well-known Member

    I had the 'Palace Guest' grace my paddocks for a few years. I *think* he may have come 2nd in the Corfield Cup??? He was given back to his owner/trainer when he became too sore to be ridden and was put down two winters later, he was as quiet as and I have VERY fond memories as a 15 year old blowing down the lines of the orchard at a flat out gallop... god he was great fun, had a feather touch pull up as well**) May he RIP my Lightning and I hope you have all the peaches and apricots you would ever like to eat.

    Anyway here are the stats:

    Palace Guest
    Total winnings: $117,165
    76 Starts with 14-10-6

    With wins at distances 3 (1100m), 2 (1200m), 4 (1300m), 2 (1400m), 1 (1500m), 2 (1650m)
  15. Speedmachine

    Speedmachine New Member

    I bred and raced My Leo (TB) 82 starts 13/9/14 stakes $315,365,(includes$60k of westspeed bonuses) retired sound and is my nanny.
    Also bred and raced Kimique(TB) 44starts 6/4/6 $166,798 ($40k bonuses), she is in foal with her fourth foal, first foal 2yr old by Saxon called Sax in the City.!
    Bred and raced Diamond Highway(TB) 37 starts 7/7/3 $195,345, retired gave him to a friend who is retraining him.

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