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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Tallarook, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    My last load of hay was at $9.90 the next load will be $11 not far off the $15 mark!

    A tip to you all, i get my hay by the truck load. I also get up onto the truck tray and sweep off all the scraps of hay into wheel barrows, you will be suprised how many hay bags i can make up of the loose stuff that falls off.
  2. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    Could someone pretty pretty please pm me some hay contacts? I am seriously getting desperate!!!! Stockfeeders have said they are on their last truck of square bales. I want to stock up enough to last through to the new season cut.
  3. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Diva and my other show ponies only get 2 biscuits of hay a day each (approx 4kg) - and my hay has more than 10 biscuits ;) If I give them any more then they get too gutty for the show ring. Even my not so good doers only get 4 biscuits a day (my biggest horse gets a 4' round roll which last him a month or so) According to Feedxl my ponies are getting more roughage than they require so I am not planning on changing anything anytime soon :))
  4. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    I havent been getting the real big heavy bales for a few seasons now. Mine have an average of 10 biscuits, sometimes more sometimes less.

    Hope we will have a better season this year and feed will be more readily available :)*
  5. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    If I fed my TB any more feed then I do she would founder, on 2 feeds a day she gets cresty so I only do it 2 weeks out from a big show to round her off a little more. Otherwise she is fed

    Sweet chaff, flaked barley, flaked lupins, equimin and equine chia (included in my agistment) My sweet chaff lasts me almost a month ($15 a bag), same with my barley ($14.50 a bag) and lupins ($15.50 a bag) goes the quickest probably 2.5 weeks. The equimin cost $77 for 25kg so lasts forever too.

    She gets hay at night in the stable and in the paddock but her paddock has good feed in it and usually leaves a lot of the hay in the paddock anyway

    So that is why she is so cheap to feed, if she required more feed then I would buy it, i'm certainly not being a stinge she is just very cheap to keep ';'

    She has actually put on 20kg in the last month just from the increase in grass
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  6. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    4kgs of roughage about right, considering most 15hh horses weigh 400-450kgs**)
  7. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Isn't that 1% even if the horse is 400kg? ';'

    And not to be argumentative just curious.. do most 15hh really weigh 400-450kg? :eek: Bess is 15hh on the mark and weighed 550kg, admittidly she was slightly overweight and is now probably at ideal weight for her body but I'd guess she still weighs about 500kg. Scary thought, I need a 17hh horse! :p
  8. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    yes it would be 1% ...which would be the minimum, combined with pasture and/or chaff that would be higher :)* As an estimate a 15hh is usually between 400-450kgs...but of course this is only an estimate**)
  9. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Lauren, how did you get that weight for Bess? Weight tapes are not anywhere near accurate ;)
  10. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Vet who used a weigh tape :p I'd love to take her over a weigh bridge though haha
  11. Excelsior Centerpiece

    Excelsior Centerpiece Well-known Member

    Wee is on-

    morning and night hard feeds so all up-

    Two scoops of economix,
    Two scoops of lupins
    2/3 of a scoop of oats
    two scoops of bran
    3 large scoops of lucerne
    8 large scoops of chaff

    Crushed linseed, dolamite, vit and mins, livamol, chia, celery seed, + some other crap i can remember

    hay morning and hay bag at night.

    he can be very cheap to feed but the amount of work he is in- he needs it.
  12. Hmm. Lucerne chaff $28/bag, copra $25/bag, go through a bag about every 3-4 weeks between two horses, plus hay and paddock feed. Mine aren't in hard work though. Both are over 15hh. One is a QH, other is an anglo arab. They would easily be less than $20/week for both.

    I'm on 10 acres in the south-west though so we don't have to feed as much as people in the city.
  13. IbanezGirl

    IbanezGirl Well-known Member

    my main man is on, sweet chaff, soaked lupins, complete feed with equimin, millmix, copera. plus garlic, salt, celery seed. and then oaten hay in the morning and lucern hay at night.
  14. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member

    yikes mine gets a pretty simple feed then!

    chaff, lucerne chaff equal quantities, bran and Honey B - 2 big biscits meadow hay per day.

    working 4-5 days a week.
  15. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    Out of interest how big are the sweet chaff bags, how much $ and where do you get it from?
  16. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    30kg and i pay $13.50 a bag :D

    same size as chaff, but not as nutritious **)
  17. IbanezGirl

    IbanezGirl Well-known Member

    their the same size as a chaff bag. i pay way too much. anyone NOR know where i can get it for around $15?
  18. zendor

    zendor Well-known Member

    Well to give you an estimate- George was weighed about 2 weeks ago and he was 584 kg.He is 16.2 and a chunky TB he has however lost a lot of condition recently due to loss of appetite at the time. He has improved and is eating normally again now but I would expect him to be about 620 normally in full work so even more when fat.
    I have always considered my 14.2 mare would be 400ish it just depends on breed **)

    Scopio -
    My big horses have diets roughly according to work.
    2x a day
    Basics- Paddock boys- Range from 15hh to 16.2 2Tb's,1 ASH and 1 WB
    Nutri Rice allrounder -1 scoop-approx 1kg maybe a little more
    Shandy- 2 scoops morning and night - not sure of weight.
    * sometimes nutri rice is swapped in with oats to 1/2 nutri rice and 1/2 oats just depends how many horses/work and time of year.

    George -
    The above plus
    More oil about 1 cup
    Hygain microspeed- changes depending on work.Normally about 2-3kgs
    Rice bran/pollard depending on condition

    George's feed is expensive. The others are not to bad the nutri rice is expensive but convienent for us **)
  19. Hayley

    Hayley Well-known Member

    I pay $16 a bag from Gnagara produce on john street in henley brook. I
    Got quoted $28 a bag from knight and sons... No thanks!
  20. miss moo

    miss moo Active Member

    i feed quite simply i think.

    NIGHT (in boxed stables)
    2 scoops chaff (my scoops are an old supps bucket)
    1 lucerne
    1/2 - 1 coolmax (depending on work)
    linseed oil
    a/c vinegar
    2 biscuits hay

    MORNING (fed in stables, let out to good pasture and rugged)
    2 biscuits hay

    so i guess thats about 3/4 to 1 bag chaff, 1/4 lucerne, 1/2 coolmax, 1-1and a half bales hay? approx? i dont actually pay much attention lol, i just pay the tab:) and supps get bought when they run out:) but im guessing $50 for one horse? its hard to work out as my partners mum's horses pretty much eat the same so we share feed
    worked 4ish maybe 5 times a week.
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