How much does it cost you?

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Tallarook, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    Just wondering how much it costs you all to feed your horse?

    Im interested in 15h + show/pleasure horses - what are you feeding? What is it costing you in feed only. Not including agistment etc.
  2. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    I am feeding two tb's atm and they cost me about $150 a week to feed inc. supplements. One is 16.1hh the other 17hh. They are in light work atm (flatwork and jumping) will cost more when their work increases again. Most of the cost is in hay as it is so expensive atm :(
  3. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    15+ is a very big size range. It would also depend a lot on breed of horse.

    A 15hh throughbred is likely to get less than a 16hh thoroughbred, but not necessarily. A QH is likely to get less than a TB etc etc.

    My over 15hh horses get anything from a 0.5kg of Studmaster to 3kg of Studmaster along with minerals, chaff and hay.

    On average though they would probably go through $15 of hay a week and probably another $15 of feed/supliments. But that is a guess only LOL
  4. Picup436

    Picup436 Active Member

    I have 2 TBs and a Friesian. I feed twice daily, one TB and the friesian are worked 6 days a week, the other TB gets worked 3 or 4 days a week. Weekly training could include a trail ride/fitness work, lungeing (if I'm feeling lazy) and the rest dressage or jumping schooling, plus maybe a lesson.

    I'm feeding lupins, micronised barley, lucerne, wheaten chaff, sweet chaff, chia, minerals and my lot are on barley straw 24/7, and they cost me on average $50 per week, including the straw.
  5. Nemesis

    Nemesis Well-known Member

    I have 13 arabians and derivatives. They all cost me approximatly $2.50 a day each. Some being on hay and mineral block and others being on a bit of pasture and grain with mineral block.
  6. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    Im interested in the bigger show horse/pleasure types. I have a friend who wants to agist her hack with me, im not sure what the actual feed/hay etc cost for a much bigger one to mine. He is 16h a show hack of RP x TB breeding.

    His current diet sounds very pricey and i dont want to underquote myself.
  7. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    Sorry forgot to mention, im only on a small 6.5 acre place so turning out into big paddocks isnt available.

    I do have day paddocks of ample size but on the smaller acerage obviously i wont have the lush feed that the bigger places do.
  8. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    Hmm by my calculations im going though about $35 per week on my 16.2 h TB in light work but also in a good paddock so not having to feed hay, and that doesnt include his glucosomine supp which is over $200 per tub. in full eventing work id say im spending $47 per week (as he gets more coolmax and also flakey barley to top him up if he looks like he needs it)

    The 16.1 QH is another story...he is probably costing me only $15 per week at the moment, more when hes in full work (but like i sqaid the paddock is good and hes an extremely good doer)
  9. Jes_bm

    Jes_bm Active Member

    It costs me $150 per week to feed 3 horses a 15.3hh STB a 16hh STB and a 16.2hh TB thats 2 hard feeds per day and ad-lib hay. Thats a relatively basic feed but its all very costly at the moment #(
  10. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    We have TB and RP broodmares, young stock and 4 in show nick in the stables and it is costing us $1200 per month and that doesn't include hay. Pretty sad and hard times :( atm.

    Scorpio it would depend what they wanted their hack fed, what about if you supplied the basics and if they wanted particular supplements/oils they supply them. But I think full board you'd be looking at $160-180/week for a large hack.
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  11. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    at least:eek: Feed costs between $50-$70/week for 2 good hard feeds and hay.
    2 1/2 bales of hay = $30+
    1 bag chaff = $22
    pellets = $15

    that is just the basics, plus vitamins and any extras
  12. Beanie

    Beanie Well-known Member

    Depends if horse is good doer also...

    I would factor in $25 for hay,
    Probably about 2kg morn and night of pellets/grains IF horse is already in good condition- so depends on what grains/pellets the horse gets?

    On pony cubes and barley and chaff (1 1/2 scps lucerne and oaten) it would end up about $40 then add on supps ie livamol/groom/minerals then add on hay $25

    But if they want specific feeds like showtorque/ equijewel etc then double the cost as much more pricey.

    The big hacks can be $$ to feed if they are tough keepers...
    as you would know they have to be in top condition and well covered so most need alot more feed than pleasure/ casual horses
  13. jess1925

    jess1925 New Member

    To feed the fat one-15hh, it cost about $80 a month and the skinny one about $200 a month but that will reduce once she's back to her normal self.
  14. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    I would suggest what Dollar said. Supply the basic's and the owner supply vit/min supps, coat conditioners and any special additives they want the horse to have**)
  15. fitgirl

    fitgirl Active Member

    got two Arabs..both are in seperate one acre paddock each....cost me $50 per week ..both fed hay twice daily...looking at some of the other feed jaw dropped!!
  16. Sportsmans Image

    Sportsmans Image Active Member

    my 16.2 tb costs me just over $40 a week not including supplements he gets 2 hard feeds a day:
    500g lucerne
    1kg flakey barley
    500g oats
    100g molasses

    plus equine chia, salt and cell vital at night

    and 2 biscuits of oaten hay at night and 1 biscuit in the morning

    i used an online program and was able to balance it out and work out how to reduce costs. i highly recommend this:)*

    i would say he is an average doer
  17. ClubIgnite

    ClubIgnite Well-known Member

    I have 5 horses(all 15-16hh) and they cost around $10 per week each..hay and 1 small hard feed each day..I use flaked lupins, barley, both chaffs, grower weaner pellets, hygain balanced and oaten hay. The 30yo horse costs probably $20 p/w as he gets 2 larger hardfeeds with mitavite gumnuts as well.

    I do like to give them the hard feed for protein/vit/min etc. We dont have a heap of grass atm thanks to the dry summer..Still pretty cheap though compared to others..
  18. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Work out how much his current diet would cost, if he would need extra hay/fibre due to your paddock arrangements and go from there.

    Also doing what Merlin suggests and figuring out how much to feed him using what you currently have on hand and get the owner to supply any extras they specifically want :)
  19. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    Can you not do part board? They supply all feed and you treat the horse as full board so still make the feeds and feed it, they just supply. That way the owner gets to feed everything they like and they wear the cost.

    That's what I do and it works well for me :)

    My under 15hh TB costs me $25 a week to feed and is fat, she is a freak though and thinks she is a pony *#)
  20. Nickelodeon

    Nickelodeon Well-known Member

    Yep, this is what I do **) I'm on full board, get supplied the basics (oaten/lucern chaff, a pellet, canola meal, hay) and I supply extra's including oils/minerals/rice bran etc (he often needs a few extras added to his hard feed because he's a TB so not a "great" doer - not a "freak" like Tarz's TB LOL :p). I actually haven't calculated how much I'd be spending p/week on feed, but I'd estimate it at about $60-70 all up?

    Oh, and not sure if it makes a difference, but he gets worked 4 maybe 5 times p/week and not competed strenuously :)
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