how do you clean your stable?

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by abararka, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. abararka

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    ok guys,
    this is what i do to my horse's stable. in order to minimize the ammonia smell and help dry it out. in the morning i clean all the poo out and then i rake all the sawdust to the sides so the whole middle can be dried out. then in the arvo i pull in all back and rake it over nice and neatly.

    any opinions or ideas on different types of cleaning the stables?
  2. Derby Chaser

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    Hi, to help get rid of that ammonia smell sprinkle lime on the concrete. We normally pressure wash our stables out each spring, but meanwhile we use the lime for control.
  3. Saiorse

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    I'm so pleased to say I don't use my stables anymore, and saves all this trouble, lol!

    Years ago, when I worked as a groom, we had straw beds, had to thoroughly skip them out daily, bank the bedding against the wall then re-lay in the evening. Lot's of chemicals got used to clean the concrete (I dread to think what offensive smells & harm the horses endured) and we used to paint the stable walls yearly - another array of nasty chemicals to avoid the place remotely smelling of horse.

    I remember being excited when shavings became popular, but there is something about a deep straw bed that appeals - if not just for the "Jilly Cooper Riders fantasy factor" (those who've read it know what I'm talking about).

    I've helped people clean out paper stables - so annoying, but have to say the best bedding I've ever seen is hemp. It was so easy to skip out, and no offensive odours, or need for disinfectant etc. Much cheaper in he long run too, less waste. You never go back to shaving once you've used a product like Aubiose or Woody Pet.

    Meanwhile, good luck cleaning your stables. How did we become serving wenches to our horses? lol.

  4. Haulix

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    Tha lady who runs our agistment centre does that! it works really well!!
  5. snoopydoo

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    In the UK horses are generally stabled 24/7 throughout the winter. Mine were bedded on straw. To be honest you get used to the smell - I don't particularly remember it... We had to thoroughly muck out daily. I was VERY fussy and spent ages doing this. The small comes from wet bedding, so you need to get as much out as you can (this is where I spent the time....). Then push the remaining bedding up the sides to let the floor dry out. This was when I rode my boy. After that I would pull the old bedding back onto the floor and top up with lovely new straw - MMmmm. Remember to clean under the banks at the side of the stable aswell, every couple of weeks as urine can triclke into the strangest of places - I swear my old boy used to wee up the walls of the stable - just how did his banks get so wet?? Stables shouldn't small of ammonia, just horses really.
    I think it's more difficult here as sand/shavings can be more fiddly to remove all the wet stuff IMO, but it must be possible.
    My pony is out all day so I don't have to do this anymore. 1 of the many good things about living in Australia!!
  6. abararka

    abararka Well-known Member

    yeah my boy lies down every night, so i need to have something soft and comfy for him to lye on. when i see him in the morning it reallly looks like he's just woken up from lying down, haha.

    i am going to get some more shavings soon and lots of it (it's a bit low atm) and start fresh with his stable.

    saiorse what are the fillings that you mentioned, i'm interested. and hemp? how the heck do i get a hold of that without getting arrested? HAHA!!!
  7. Arab Lover

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    when you rake the sawdust back from the wet spots sprinkle lime on the wet parts it gets the smell out then later rake the sawdust back over it
  8. Shmoo

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    I go through our Shavings beds with a stable fork first to remove the, for the most part, in-tact manure. Then I go over the whole bed with a pooper scooper and the help of my right boot I lightly toss the bedding to bring up all those itty bitty manure crumbles, that all goes in one barrow. Then as I already know the pattern of the horses wet spots, I rake the dry shavings from around the patches and remove them into another barrow where they get recycled into our round yard which now has a fantastic surface all year round. The manure gets spread over the bare patches in the paddocks and our stable always smell like horse and look almost as clean as fresh shavings all the time. Some say I'm too pedantic but I don't like the Idea of having to eat and sleep in my toilet so I don't expect the neddies to either.**)
  9. Caroline

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