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Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by GoneRama, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Ants

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    question that i randomly thought of whilst driving; double jointed bradoon, which is best; the french with the flat joiner, or the oval / jelly bean shaped joiner??

    (small pony head, graduating off her little tom thumb - dont need the cheek bars anymore!)
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  2. GoneRama

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    I prefer the lozenge type link Ants, bit smoother and more consistent in thickness.
  3. I didn't say ALWAYS. I said OFTEN. Different word, totally different meaning!

    And, I ride in a kimblewick ONLY when jumping or riding anywhere that resembles a cross country course because it's the kindest way to keep my horse under control when he gets hot and excited. I'd rather not be ripping his face off with a snaffle, which is honestly the only way to get him to listen when he's that excited. All bits are designed for a purpose and if used correctly for that purpose there's nothing wrong with them. Monty's only in the kimblewick until I've re-established control and my own confidence in him, then he'll be in a hanging cheek snaffle and hopefully will eventually go back to an eggbutt.

    ETA; but I may well keep him in the kimblewick for XC, it's scary enough WITH control!
  4. Ants

    Ants Well-known Member

    Cool, cheers for that :)

    my TB has an oval link as well; was just curious on peoples thoughts
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  5. Tallarook

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    if you give a pull to the left for a left turn and a pull to the right for a right turn, then pull back on both reins to stop.

    Any old bit, any old size, and if the tongue comes over just hoik up the cheek straps higher. Take no time in concentrating on getting the rider balanced in seat, once they can rise to the trot slap em over some jumps, each jump will give the good old trusty steed a good jab in the mouth.

    When the horse starts to refuse the jumps complain how uneducated he is, sell him on and buy the next horse.

    Isnt that how most of the horse population go?.................
  6. Pinkie_Pie

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    Ditto... dog bones, french links, Dr Bristol joins are harsher. Much prefer a lozenge...
  7. Koolie

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    out of curiousity, is there such thing as a 'bit fitter'? we have saddle fitters but havent heard of someone fitting bits?!
  8. MyZombiePony

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    Yep google "bit fitter" i brought one from Bit Bank
  9. Deb2

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    Gosh! I hope not!

    I really hope the minority (not majority) treat horses in the above manner, and most of them probably are not on stockies trying to learn how to do things in a better way.
  10. Hen

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    Bit cynical!! I can honestly say I don't teach a single rider like that, from beginners through to experienced/advanced.

    Remember everyone has to learn from someone, somewhere, and rather than blaming the novice riders look to the coaches :)) most riders want to learn and try their best. And all of us have more to learn!!
  11. Picup436

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    Don't forget...

    The pointy end bites, the blunt end kicks and you get on in the middle *#)

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