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  1. Cheeki

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    curved bar would put pressure in on the pallet, cause bruising ..
    two lower points will put pressure onto the tongue, lack of being able to swollow, causing discomfort. Wouldn't sit nicely in the mouth.
  2. needanswers

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    Hey I have been reading Stuart Tinney's book called Making The Time and he describes the bits he uses on most of his horses. He says he doesn't like to use straight bits but will use:

    Dr Bristol

    American Gag on strong horses

    Thin Loose Ring Snaffles

    Twisted Snaffles

    I found this really interesting. He also talks about people putting a hackamore AND a bit on their horse x country. He talks about fitting shin straps either loose or tight depending on what you want the bit to achieve and twisting the chain for more effect... He also states he starts most horses in a thick eggbutt snaffle.

    ETA Tinney also says he has used W bits and finds them effective on horses that like to grab the bit and pi$$ off!!!


    I wonder what OTHER very famous sports riders use to train and compete their horses??
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  3. GoneRama

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    That's interesting Needanswers.

    I dunno why but the big time riders I would expect them to ride in a normal snaffle and not have to resort to a W or twisted bit. Why do I expect this? Simply because you'd think that if they're at that level they'd know how to educate a horse so that you don't need a bit like that ';'
  4. It's very sad but I've visited a few "names" in my time and I learnt long ago to ignore whats in the trophy cabinet but pay particular attention to whats hanging on the tack room wall .

    That's really disapointing about ST but I'm not surprised . There are a lot of people saying (have been for a long time) that modern dressage is no longer about training , preparing and *protecting* the riding horse , that it is no longer complementary , but detrimental to the horses ability to complete the showjumping and cross country phase .

    It's pretty easy to sit here in front of my screen and pass judgement , any mug can do that ! I personally try to go to as many different events as I can and provide as good an example as I can , even though I know it's not enough . But I've got to say it , it looks like the organising commities are going to have to start compulsory gear *and mouth* checks . I don't see this being turned around any other way . *(twisted wire bits leave marks on the bars of the horses mouth that never heal)
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    What happened to our great bit thread? I was enjoying the discussion! Anyone else got anything weird and wonderful (or even something simple) that they want explaining?:}
  6. Cheeki

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    Me too!

    Alright .. I'll throw one out there (not sure if it's been done yet)

    The Peewee bit .. I'm rather interested in this bit for various reasons and already have my own views, but I'd love to hear other opinions ..

  7. kp

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    I'm not so sure about the pee wee bit. I've got a horse that used to wear one. He is DEAD in the mouth. It has taken a lot of work to lighten him up. I really don't think he will ever be super responsive horse. He used to turn left when the right rein was picked up. Was an interesting one to deal with.

    Don't have a photo of one. But what is peoples thoughts on the Robart Pinchless bits?
  8. GoneRama

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    Yeah I was thinking about this thread the other day too :) Quite a good thread actually and I didn't realise it was going to take off as much as it did :)
  9. GoneRama

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    Ok so this is a Robart Pinchless french link loose ring snaffle (talk about a mouthful!)

  10. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Here is a single joint version.
  11. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Thats it GR. One of my horses LOVES it.
  12. Lauren

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    Have we done the Happy Mouth Pelham yet?
  13. Stormy

    Stormy Well-known Member

    loving this thread - just read the whole thing

    will have to see what bits i can think off

    Bit bank Austrailia - you might know the answer to this one, with the pee wee can it be used 3 different ways? i have heard that it can
  14. moodymare

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    okay so dont have pics but I use a loose ring snaffle with a losenge in the middle but all parts are independant and can rotate on thier own, my girl is a pacer with 6 yrs racing and pulls and sticks her head up when ever contact is taken up, the bit is not thin and she is head strong I am loath to put a more active bit in but would welcome any suggestions, I love this thread but need more info on each bit if you get my meaning, all the other horses I have trained have eventually worked well in a plain losenged snaffle but this mare is proving to be a hard case
  15. Ponypuppet

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    I wouldnt want to put anything stronger on her, but perhaps she would be happier with something a bit quieter in her mouth, perhaps an eggbutt snaffle with either a lozenge or the curved mouthpeice? Some horses dont like the extra link, my girl doesnt, so I have a JP Korsteel bit on her instead so there is minimal nutcrackier action. I would like to say my hands are perfectly still and dont interfere with her at all, but I would be lying :p

    Also this question would prob be better off in a thread of its own, as bitting may not be the problem as opposed to more schooling. :)
  16. kp

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    Most standardbreds are used to bits that don't have a lot of play in them. She could simply really dislike the feel of this bit. My standardbreds always started in a simple snaffle. Usually a loose ring. But some prefer to take up the contact in an eggbutt initially. When taking on an OTT horse it is usually easiest to start them with what they know and take it from there. The vast majority of standardbreds are worked and raced in some form of single jointed bit or a mullen mouth.
  17. Midas

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    This is what i use... My boy goes very well in it!

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  18. BitBankAustralia

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    Hi Stormy,
    The old packaging used to say this, yes. But the current Australian manufacturer (who is no longer aligned with Mr PeeWee in the US) recommends only the one, basic way of using it and all the new packaging and promotions reflect this.
  19. timelesschick

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    Hi Bitbank
    Just wanted to say the bit (Myler Combination) I ordered turned up the very next day, thank you for the awesome service. Because of the weather I have not been able to try it out properly yet, but I fitted it to him and did all of the exercises the instructions told you to do. I then hopped on and just walked round the garden on him and the difference was amazing. The other horses were going into meltdown as I had taken him out of the paddock and he was just awesome. He normally rides with his mouth open and does not turn or stop. Straight away with this bit, he turned, stopped and did roll backs without me hardly touching the reins, I do not think that the bit engaged once!

    I am hoping to have a proper ride on him in the next few days and will let you know how he goes when we are going faster than a walk. But so far I am so pleased with it and pleased that you hardly have to have any pressure on the reins to get him to do what I want. We are going to try it on the others so may order some more!!!

    Thank you again for great service, regards tracy :)
  20. GoneRama

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    What's the three different ways you can use it :confused:

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