HOTY Results!!

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Gerbra, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. jmk

    jmk New Member

    Small Show Hack
    Gold - Prom Queen
    Silver - Ralph
    Bronze - Glomax Countryman

    Large Show Hack
    Gold - Richard Rice
    Silver - LP Superstar
    Bronze - Calcutta
  2. Cassy Horse

    Cassy Horse Well-known Member

  3. Trendsetter

    Trendsetter Active Member

    will the score sheets be going up anywhere
  4. chanel

    chanel Well-known Member

    The Bishop girls both did fantastic workouts and placed top 10 :)
  5. arylin

    arylin Well-known Member

    They should be up on the SHC Website in a few days i gather
  6. tammyprez

    tammyprez Well-known Member

    Yay! Did you end up going down today?

    Well done Richard also!
  7. chanel

    chanel Well-known Member

    yep i went today aswell:)*
  8. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    Over the moon with my mare today went Top 10 Small Hack in a very large class with quality horses, despite pulling 2 shoes out there!!!!! :) Sorrel will post pic's. Thanks for your help today M much appreciated. Congrats to all the winners, placegetters and their connections :)
  9. tammyprez

    tammyprez Well-known Member

    Hmmf!:D Well i had fun teaching a little girl how to ride!:)*
  10. Sorrel

    Sorrel Well-known Member

    Awesome results Merlin, congrats again (had an enjoyable day - love watching hacking) :))

    Photos below of Merlin



    Congrats to Richard Rice on Bronze Rider and Gold Large Show Hack @)
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  11. Excelsior Centerpiece

    Excelsior Centerpiece Well-known Member

    i WAS going to enter.. wold have made it 4. but didnt. wish they took late entrys for small classes... BUT kinda glad i didnt as i can imagine me being the only horse standing left behind not in the top lineup LOL :(
    oh and results was
    1-morefair kingsley
    2. moet
    3. oz
  12. liver bird

    liver bird Well-known Member

    savvy or scooty didnt make top 10 but they wer in very good company with even the winner at ewa ad gossies masters not making the top 10 still happy with my beautiful boys who never fail to make me smile :)*
  13. celestialdancer

    celestialdancer Gold Member

    Well done to everyone, sounds like a very successful weekend for all **)

    BUT. There aren't enough photos ';'
  14. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    I went down Saturday morning to catch up with BBB and watch Madcows boy in the rider :) Some lovely horsies! Wish I could have stayed all day. :)
  15. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    Well done to everyone, what a huge LLLLooooonnnnnngggggg weekend. Our mob had mixed results some great and some not so.

    Overall great weather, great company and im rather glad to put the horses out for spell now. Its been a long season lots of hours and need to concentrate on our young ones who need starting under saddle so we can get them out for next year.

    Congrats to the SHC a nice show, huge improvement on getting through the classes from Saturday to Sunday, well done stewards and helpers - without you lot there would be no show!!!

    Well done LB - hope you all enjoyed yourself as much as we did :)*
  16. Mod 5

    Mod 5 Moderator

    ok - thats enough please! Or I will have to do some deleting. Back ontrack!
  17. liver bird

    liver bird Well-known Member

  18. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    Good for you LB, see you at GN :)*
  19. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    We had a great but tiring weekend of mainly watching. We had to scratch our little hunter pony but my daughter competed in the Rider Under 12 to place in the Top 5 so I was thrilled with that, it was a tough class of varied ages.

    A well run show as always, moved quicker on the Sunday thank god as it was very hot sitting out in the sun all day. Very good strong classes in most.
  20. Mach

    Mach New Member

    well done to everyone.

    Who were the photographers there on sunday?

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