Hot Oil treatment before show?

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Crusader, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Razzie

    Razzie Well-known Member

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    All horses here with HI Shine Hot Oil, the bay was not in any kind of show condition either and had a yukky coat at the time.
  2. Talkingshell

    Talkingshell Well-known Member

    Just wondering....have to use hot water to mix the Hi-Shine in....or can it be used with cold water?

    Am interested to try it for Cullen.
  3. Crusader

    Crusader Well-known Member

    I think it is best to mix the oil in hot water shell, have been told best way is use hot water from kettle to dispurse the oil then add cold water to temperature ok to sponge the mix onto the horse. Massage into the horses coat as you sponge it on scrape off excess and allow horse to dry. I have been told its ok to put in mane and tail too (not if your plaiting tho) I think about a cup of oil in a small bucket is about the amt to use.

    Am doing pony for 1st time on sat will try and take some before and afters :)
  4. shaz71

    shaz71 Well-known Member

    i spoke wiht paula from hi shine yesterday and they are looking at more stockists in a few other areas, but i have teed up picking some hi shine and the hg balm from her friend in bullsbrook **)

    cant wait to get diesel onto it :D
  5. himitsu

    himitsu Well-known Member

    so where can i get the hg balm from (East of Perth preferably, although will be down in Gosnells tonight, and Darling Downs on Sunday...)
  6. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    Oakford stock feeders...not far from Gosnells....or Darling downs :)
  7. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Heif... give Paula a call and you could probably pick it up directly from her. She lives right near Kalamunda Rd/Abernethy Rd.
    Otherwise the stockfeeds out the back near the brick works (Norring I think it is) also sells it.
  8. beaudacious

    beaudacious Well-known Member

    my dad went in to norring stockfeeds yesterday and they said they hadnt heard of the hg serum/balm :(
  9. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    maybe they only stock the hot oil at the moment.
  10. Talkingshell

    Talkingshell Well-known Member

    Thanks Crusader...that is my only problem as at where my boys are, there isn't no hot water or a electricity plug so I can plug in to boil hot water :(

    Oh well, will have to think of other way to do it.
  11. Valencia Park Monty

    Valencia Park Monty Well-known Member

    I want to get some of this stuff and try it out looks good!!

    Talkingshell - take some hot water in a flask :)
  12. Talkingshell

    Talkingshell Well-known Member

    good idea....but how much water will I need but I am just guessing it's just a small bucket and throw a capful of Hi-Shine and mix it in and sponge it all over 16hands horse?
  13. taeliesyn

    taeliesyn Well-known Member

    We use about 3-4 capfulls in about 5L of water (half a household bucket), we used to only use about 2 capfulls when Zophia still had her winter coat. The shorter the coat the more oil you can use without the coat glugging up.

    About half a bucket would be ok for your boy Shell, if he has his full summer coat, I would use about 4 capfulls.
  14. Valencia Park Monty

    Valencia Park Monty Well-known Member

    i was just reading the website and it says you can use cold water to mix it as long as your horse is warm. So might be an idea to do a light exercise without sweaty and then do it? Anyway i dont know as ive never used it before but want some now! :)
  15. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    Just a thought, maybe by warm they mean warm as in a nice sunny day ? Not a cold windy day wher the hair is cool to the touch ?
    Sun on the coat (or on the cotten rug covering the coat) equals warm horse.
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  16. Talkingshell

    Talkingshell Well-known Member

    Thank you so much, so am trying to work out how to bring the hot water to private agistment, so looking at getting a bucket with lid to lock the hot water in.

    Cullen has short coat and never grew winter coat at all in his coming third year.

    So I will try this Hi-Shine out and see for myself. :)

    Also thanks to VP Monty!
  17. taeliesyn

    taeliesyn Well-known Member

    I would fill a 1L or 2L thermos with boiling water Shell, take it out with you and do it soon as you can. Just use the water at the agistment (cold) to get the water in the bucket to a suitable temp :)
  18. Pjsarabs

    Pjsarabs New Member

    Hi All

    Thanks to Admin for getting us up on the front page so quickly!!

    Valencia Park... yes you can use with cold water! You will get best results though with warm water, or when your horse is warm... helps open up the pores so the natural oils can get to work.

    The beauty of this product is that is is so versatile, you can use it in any concentration that suits you and your horses coat/hair, so there are really no hard and fast rules. It's also been used to repair fried coats after colouring.
    If anyone has any questions just send us an email and fire away.

    Bethy is a brilliant tester with our products, I'm sure she has used them every which way you can!

    We have a couple of exciting new products coming out after Christmas.... with Sunscreen.

    Kaisi... I'm glad to hear you got some hair back!! Pickles looked amazing at the show.

  19. Talkingshell

    Talkingshell Well-known Member


    Ok I may be thick but just wanted to ensure that I am doing the right wash the horse with normal horse shampoo and conditioner then scrap the excess water off then use the Hi-Shine with warm water to pour all over the horse and leave it to dry?

    And thanks again taeliesyn
  20. himitsu

    himitsu Well-known Member

    Hey Paula

    Have you had any success stories with the HG serum on old (2yr old) scars?

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