Horses being horses...

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by bubblez, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. bubblez

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    Well just got back from checking on my darlings and they are soooooooooo funny!!! Theyre out in a bog paddock atm for a month or 2 to ahve abreak and be horses, specially my boy as hes only been OTT for about 4 months or so and will do him good to do nothing but eat (hopefully put on LOTS of weight!!!). But neways... theyre so funny, they came hooning up as soon as I pulled the car into the paddock and ran around bucing and kicking and playing and generally making fools of themselves while I gave them treats (Carrots for Bron, the mare and Apples for Bullet the gelding). And Im so proud of our dogs as well, this is only the second time that Ive had them out off the leash woth the horses and they were angels, they all got along really wel and no barking/biting or horses trying to eat/kick the dogs Im on such a high! I love seeing them run around and be happy =):)*
  2. Andhi

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    Sounds lovely.
    I love to watch Jazz and her paddock mate Travis just grazing and trotting around their paddock - they are such good mates.

    Its lovely just watching them being horses.
  3. Cheeki

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    Ooh what a lovely site :) I've seen Honey "play" with her neighbour, which she can't usually get to .. it's so nice :)

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