Horsemanship and On-ground Communication Clinic

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    Wallangarra Adult Riders are hosting a Horsemanship and On-ground Communication Clinic.

    This clinic will provide extensive groundwork solutions to common problems facing horse owners on a daily basis.
    No matter what your chosen discipline, these practical and effective methods of desensitising and confidence building - in both horse and human -
    will help build a solid foundation and become an essential tool in developing your horse into a willing and co-operative partner.

    Where : Wallangarra Pony Club Grounds (Moore St, Wungong)
    When : Saturday April 12th
    Time : 9am start

    Flier and booking forms are available in the usual places or email for further information.

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    Bumpity bump
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    So who's going to this, I would like to but I can't

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