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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Insurance' started by Cavalier, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. Cavalier

    Cavalier Well-known Member

    I am considering buying a 'risk waiver' disk from Horse Force. They're a law firm specialising in legalites of anything to do with horses also agistment etc.

    Basically you pay $450 for the risk waiver (disclaimer form) disk (so I can teach and be covered in the case of a fall, horse spooking, bucking etc) and they specialise it for you, under your name, you specify all the small things that you want to be covered eg kangaroo jumping out of the bush etc and it is yours for life.

    I was wondering if anyone has had anything to do with this company/firm before?

    The other question is, does anyone have their horses insured with AIS...I will be getting another horse soon, and with the money I am prepared to spend, it will be worth being insured! I have been liasing with this company and they sound great and are sending me out some info. Has anyone had any experiences...good of bad with this firm?

    If so, you can email me on if you don't wish to write about it on here...I dare say it wouldn't be allowed!

    Sorry if I have crossed any boudaries asking about specific firms...I'm sure the post will be deleted by moderators if I have.

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  2. Nikiwink

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    i recently did a ring around for horse insurance etc and found that Ford Kinter offered the most for the value. They are also planning on offering pet plan - to cover vet bills etc for horses.

    Also saw in horse deals (?) an english company is coming to australia and they over complete vat cover as part of there package per normal.

  3. Eicyng

    Eicyng Well-known Member

    Hi All,
    My friend had her horses insured not sure who with but ,One night one of her yearling fillies tried to jump the fence & flipped over breaking her neck , She was still alive so they rang the vet who couldnt come out for hours so to save the horse suffering anymore her husband had to shoot it, Well when she informed the insurers they refused to pay because cause of death was gunshot not broken neck & told her she should have waited till the vet came & declared the filly had a broken neck & put her down. The fact that she lived 2hrs from the nearest vet & the vet was already out on a call made no difference , If i was faced with a similar situation I would do the same thing I would rather cut my loss's of a few thousand $$ rather than leave a horse to suffer while the formalities are done.Insurance has become a joke you cant move without it
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  4. Cavalier

    Cavalier Well-known Member

    Yes Eic, I agree with not waiting for the vet. When I spoke to the insurance company, they cover acidental death, or death by euthinasia, though surely there should be a bend for situations such as your friends. If the vet said that he/she was called, but couldn't come out. But then I suppose that law would pose all sorts of other probs...if they have a 'black and white' law so to speak, I suppose they're safe.

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  5. ashka

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    Nikkiwink, do you have details for Ford Kinter? Many thanks.

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  6. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    I don't have any of my horses insured at the moment but when I did they were with AIS. I found them to be good price wise etc but I fortunatley never had to make a claim. As with most insurance companies, the real truth is when they need to pay up!
    We have been with the same insurance company ( not horse related) for our home and contents insurance and car for 10 years. Last fortnight whilst in Rockingham area our 4WD got broken into and all the steering smashed up as they'd tried to start it then when it wouldn't they stole stuff out the back which included a full break down tool kit,torches and my leather halters. The insurance company has now turned around and said we can't claim for the stuff inside as the car wasn't parked at home!! Bloody typical.


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