Horse thats hard to worm

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Yorkie, Jun 29, 2013.

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    Ha, good vid. My old horse was never a problem for me, but after he went to my mate he use to give her the run around. I went over there to help her and watched her try to give it to him. She made a big song and dance about it, flashing the paste around, anyway I tried and basically went up grabbed the halter and done!! She was shocked,:eek: lol, anyway she hasnt had a problem since!! I guess less song and dance!!:)
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    Good video, I should try that with my gelding. He's not what you would call impossible to worm but has always hated it and put his head up and tries to back away. I've learned to do him first before the pony, and surprise him. If he sees me do the mare first he's onto it and will go hide at the far corner of the paddock. I have to cower around the corner of the stable and get the dosage right, take the cap off and put it in my back pocket, then go catch him like normal and sneakily pop it in his mouth before he knows what's going on. He tries to resist but by then it's too late. The pony has always been perfect at worming since a baby, will just stand there without being held!
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    glad i could be of help!
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    I'd already seen this vid previously (love Warwick Schiller) but it made me think of this thread on the weekend, the last few times I've wormed Avs I've had to put it in her feed. This time round I decided to persevere and give it to her properly. Only took ten or fifteen minutes, rubbing the syringe o her face lower and lower, only taking it away when she lowered her head. Gave her a break after five minutes or so and had a brush and a cuddle and some groundwork which she knows how to do well. Then went back to the syringe on the face. Within fifteen minutes she lowered her head, opened her mouth and let me squirt it all onto the back of the tongue. Very pleased she worked it out so well!
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    Reacts to worming

    We had one horse that reacted violently to being wormed. We tried just squirting it into her bucket and darn if she didn't just eat it like it was her regular food. Who would have thought something so simple as that would do the trick. Sometimes simpler is better.:blink:
    After 30 years of de-worming I find that sticking the tube between the cheek and the teeth seems to work best. I find you lose a lot less of the de-wormer that way.Trying to stick it onto the tongue tends to mean the de-wormer ends up on me rather than in their tummy!
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