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    I was wondering if anyone has information on dealing with doggers?

    I am conducting a study on the Australian horse slaughter industry and this is one of the topics I need to cover.

    It is very hard to outbid them at saleyards and the horse ends up either slaughtered or up for sale on their facebook page days later at an escalated price with a statement it has 14 days and if not sold will be processed.

    I have been informed by a number of people that many do not receive a receipt when buying from these dealers even when the purchaser constantly requests one.

    The information I have already collated shows this section of the horse industry is seriously unregulated with numerous people providing information and photos of cruelty towards horses by doggers.

    I cannot find any accurate figures for horses slaughtered in Australia at abattoirs or knackeries.

    Can anyone provide any information on the horse slaughter industry in Australia and regulations doggers/dealers are required to comply with?

    Any info would be helpful.


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