Horse shot! 9WIN late news NOW!

Discussion in 'News Items' started by Tinkerbell Rose, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Remaani

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    Wendy is a lovely lady & doing her best to get answers & be heard.
    I've been updated often on what's going on, a mate wrote this somewhere in regards to Wendy's horse:
    it's amazing how slack the law has become..light a cigarette in a hotel ? $500... no seat belt ? $250... shot a defenseless animal ? f*** all...the country is getting worse... someone should start shooting the law makers and solicitors....its a disgrace..
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  2. Babe

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    I think there are 2 totlaly different stories getting messed up toegther here.

    The Greenough horse (from what I have heard)...her only mistake was straying onto the neighbours property...its a very sad state of affairs that has touched all of the Midwest horse owners hearts.

    Most awful...and i would not want anyone to go thought that#(
  3. Wendy Woo

    Wendy Woo New Member

    My mare shot

    OK OK!!! Hi all, I have no idea how these forums work!!
    I am the owner of the beautiful ASH mare, SPIRIT that was shot.
    I can see a few different opinions and "facts" flying around so I thought I would join up and inform you all of the truth before it gets out of hand.
    Right I am going to try and do it briefly as I have had a gut full of computers!!!!
    2:15 am Monday 17/01/11 Got a phone call from next door neighbour saying horses were at their place. They said that they had shot at it with rat shot.
    We raced down there 2 find my mare had a heap of blood and a heap of holes in her neck. I knew there was nothing that could be done for her when I saw blood coming from her nostrils. I called the vet on call to come and put her down. "RAT SHOT" is NOT a bullet... It is a shot gun shell filled with little bits of lead (in this case) The further away you are when you fire, the more it splatters it target. Shooting her AGAIN with this to put her out of her misery WOULD NOT have worked.
    Please don't get me wrong, I am not having a go at anyone on here, I just briefly wanted to explain to fellow horse owners/lovers.
    I am angry at the lack of action taken by police, RSPCA etc etc. To be told by both of these departments that he did nothing wrong and didn't commit an act of cruelty or firearm offence is ludicrous. It was just TOO hard and unusual for them to be interested. I have written to numerous departments further up in the chain and am slowly getting this recognised for all that this mare deserved.
    I certainly don't want anybody else to go thru the same thing. If he gets away with this, that means if you fall off your horse and it runs on to somebody else's property, it can be shot.
    This was a extremely bombproof polocrosse mare, not a raging bull or stallion which I might add, you are allowed to shoot IF you have notified the owner and it is threatning your stock. ONLY can you shoot if ALL other avenues have been exhausted.
    Also, the photo that was in the paper and the news.... was at 5pm Monday. That poor mare was laying in the sun, dead ALL day waiting for relevant people to look at the damage done. I couldn't bury her until I was given permission. YES 15hours after she was shot. THAT IS IF HE SHOT HER AT 2AM. Who knows???? Just because he said he did it at 2, am I supposed to believe that?? He could have done it at 10pm and finally plucked up the courage to ring at 2am. WHO knows?? And yes, I buried her WITHOUT a SINGLE relevant person looking at her injuries. All I have is the medical notes from the vet and the photo's we took and my memory.
    I hope this has answered a few of your questions.
    Your support in this horrible mess is greatly appreciated.

    Feel free to ask me questions, bearing in mind, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!!

    cheers to you all thou xxx
  4. Jessie_13

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    So sorry for your loss Wendy!:( I hope you get the justice that what sounds like a lovely mare deserves!!
  5. Taryn

    Taryn Well-known Member

    Hi Wendy, what a way to join stockies hey. I wish it had of been under normal circumstances.
    I'm very sorry for the loss of your beloved mare. Please don't take offence when I stated about not putting your horse out of it's misery with the original firearm I was not having a go at your decision. You were there and I was not and you did what you thought was best. But a point blank shot would have done the job. Never the less as you said you had to have a vet come and make their observations.

    I really feel badly for you and especially your horse. I hope justice is on your side here and it all is sorted smartly, you have been through enough.

    By the way others in this thread are on about a seperate subject about a mini in the USA being shot, it's not the original post so don't get confused nor upset.
  6. Wendy Woo

    Wendy Woo New Member

    Hey there!!
    Like I said, I wasn't having a go at anyone, just wanted to make things clear!
    I need to make it clear.... Rat shot would not have put her out of her misery at point blank range..... Rat shot is generally used for shooting at rats and pigeons in sheds etc so that it DOESNT put holes in the wall/roof when you miss. I am sorry but it definitely wouldn't penetrate a horses skull. It comes out like pepper, almost. Hense why I opted to have put down in a more humane manner. Plus the vet only lived up the road.

    Like I said, I am not having a crack, just merely making sure this doesn't get out of hand. I haveno problems speaking about, just trying to stick to the facts of exactly what happened and why. But you are right.... I wasn't going to let him near her even if he had a gun that would have done the job.

    Not grumpy!!!! Please don't take offence, I haven't.
    Cheers xx;)
  7. ellechim69

    ellechim69 Guest

    Having been in the polox sport for over 25 years I can assure that the whole polox community would be with me in saying I hope justice is done for you and your mare
  8. whitepantheress

    whitepantheress Well-known Member

    Wendy, this whole situation is b******t! I am so very sorry fr what this idiot has done. There is no excuse for firing on an animal on your property that is not causing a threat that can not be managed any other way and no other avenues explored.

    If you can not get this handled in criminal court, please explore civil action. You need to be given closure and he needs to be punished as an example to others even if it doesnt teach him anything.

    I can not imagine your sense of loss and hurt and my thoughts are with you.
  9. Wendy Woo

    Wendy Woo New Member

    Thank you for your kind words! I will not give up on this.... This terrible situation needs to be dealt with so none of you EVER have to go through it. It is getting tougher, each day, fighting this but I am trying. Am definitely taking civil action, not for the money but to make him suffer somehow. If I get awarded any costs, I will gladly donate them, just so that I know that everytime he has to pay something, it will be a reminder to him of his pathetic careless and stupid actions. Just going to be a long hard process.

    I hope I haven't scared people off this. Like I have said before, I am happy to talk and answer questions I just wanted the truth being spoken. We all know it is easy for stories to get out of hand and mixed up.

  10. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    Wendy, it is terrible what has happened to your mare....I hope that he gets what he deserves!!

    All of us in Gero were shocked to hear of what had hppened, and Im glad to hear you will try and get some justice!
  11. LoveLouie

    LoveLouie Well-known Member

    skittled that post was about the mare not the stallion, thought id let you know so theres no missunderstanding
  12. whitepantheress

    whitepantheress Well-known Member

    You don't need to donate the money for it not to be about money. Maybe you could get another horse with any money you get and give it the love and care you were giving your lovely mare, as a rememberence of her, or whatever helps you start to heal.

    *cuddles* whatever happens, even if the justice system stuffs it all up, myself and many others on here have your back chicky :)
  13. jgs

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    what is wrong with people who would inflict pain on an animal who wanders on a piece of dirt animals have no idea of boundaries or personal property this human acted with total disregard of common sense where is cooperation with your neighbours. #(
  14. Marlee

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    I personally have had 10 different dog attacks (over 13 different dogs) on my animals killing 11 of my animals and would never think to shoot the dog. Admittedly, these dogs so far haven't been vicious, just running around my pens is enough to freak my animals out and hit fences etc. Anyway, I would blame the owner not the animal, some owners are just irresponsible but there are also accidents, it happens to us all. I also have a neighbour whos dogs constantly got on to my property so I did my best to catch them or chase them back to their own property and contact the owner, yes I called the ranger to get my point across. It really saddens me that people would run to get a gun without trying everything else first and to shoot a horse, I don't get it, it's not like a dog that can rip an animal apart.

    I'm so sorry for your loss Wendy and hope you get some justice for this. I did watch a RSPCA program a while ago where a neighbour had shot a dog that had come on to his property and they were ready to prosecute the shooter if it hadn't been a humane shot, never mind using an appropriate gun for the job. Can't believe the RSPCA isn't doing anything. I suppose if you have a gun and just say you didn't mean to shoot the animal, just warn it off then you can get away with murder really. What a sad world we live in.
  15. Pinkie_Pie

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    How are things going Wendy? Any news?

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