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    On Friday 23rd November shepp bought 43 horses, only 15 got saved.
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    Shepp got about 26 horses from the sale last week and all got homed after some arranging as someone seems to think it is alright to sell broncs at the sales.

    Andrew Wilson is having a Xmas sale (obviously not for the horses) Friday 21st December.
    Some nice standies from a riding school, lots of stockhorses (some handled and some not), a few horse and pony mares with foals, about 5/6 heavy clydie x colts, part arab, appy, paints and thoroughbreds.
    One 17 year old standie mare Gussie Black won at Melbourne Summar Royal and SPPHAV state champion show. Also represented SPPHAV at Equitana 2011. She is being sold under the Agistment Act.

    All unreserved horses will be at risk of a Belgium Xmas.
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    Andrew Wilson & Co had a sale on Friday 1st February. He has watermarked all saleyard pics and does not release sale results until the following Monday (today).

    Unfortunately Shepp got 18 horses and only found out that one of them is a registered Quarterhorse broodmare (never broken to saddle).
    Her name is Chocolate Delight (Q 72339) 14.3hh and 17 years old. She has 2 x Millbrook Trade Winds, Commanders Boy and a whole lot of other old bloodlines.
    There are photos of both pen numbers 106 and 90, but she is definitely 90. Sorry but all the horses at Shepp only had the until today to be finalised so not sure if she is even still there as Victoria 3 hours ahead.
    Would need to ring Ebony as she is not on facebook much.
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    There was a sale at Echuca on Friday 15th February and of course SHEPP Second Chance Horses (facebook page) bought over 30 horses for the Belgium plates.
    A few have already gone on the truck and some got saved. The truck is leaving again Monday 25th February again.
    I did not notice but there was 2 appy mares in pen 29 that still seem to be there. One is a bay with a yellow tinge to its coat and the other is a dark grey with mottling, she also has the sparse appy mane and tail.
    They buy some nice horses and because people just keep breeding more they end up on a 17 hour non stop truck from Victoria to Queensland with not even a drop of water on the way.
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    The appy mares and other horses left for Meramist yesterday sadly.
    There is another sale on Friday 1st March with about 10 what vendor is calling quarter ponies.
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    There will be about 300 horses going through Echuca tomorrow Friday 1st March. The photos and descriptions are going up on the Andrew Wilson and Co fb page now. Even though they have watermarks on photos you can share, and they definitely need shared far and wide, but cannot be screen shot. Bloodlines are being lost like the two appies from last sale gone to Belgium. For some reason the demand in Europe has gone up and 2 trucks are leaving Shepparton VIC every week now, that is 72 horses instead of 36.
    My computer is playing up so I only have a few details of horses at the sale, besides the large quantity of standies and thoroughbreds.
    There is an arab gelding in 115, appy gelding in 116, Percheron black mare 83, pure non papered Clydie aged broodmare 156, Riding Pony mare branded KC ns 4 over 2 on os 114, paint mare Shez Stylish Too 142.
    There are also lots of welsh/xs, stockhorses (including papered in pre ads but not on yard pics), qhs (again pic of papers in pre ads but not on yards), little ponies.
    There are also a few mare and foal (in) going through the sale tomorrow.
    Three people available to assess horses and also someone taking absentee bids. Check it out or share.
    WA is 3 hours behind VIC.
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    First the sad news, shepp got 40 horses at the sale on Friday 1/3/2019 and they have all gone on the truck to Qld, including a very nice appy gelding, a riding pony mare (KC and 4 over 2), two thoroughbred mares 1 possibly in foal to Trust in a Gust.

    There is another sale on this Friday, 15th March. There will be 3 or 4 horses from the upcoming Russell Crowe Ned Kelly movie. This includes Molly the horse Russell rode.
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    The keyboard warriors have won and shepp will no longer give the horses that they buy at the sales a second chance. All future horses bought will go directly onto the truck to Queensland.
    In particular there is a facebook page wanting the human consumption slaughter houses closed like in USA to save the horses from suffering. Yes they stopped the slaughter of horses in the USA but they are now trucked all the way to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered.
    These people have not saved 1 horse and yet they have attacked people for raising funds and saving horses from the shepp page.
    Maybe they will be happy when the horses, ponies and donkeys are shipped to the Asian market (I would hope not to Europe).

    There are 7 horses from the last sale available and 3 welsh x large ponies that were sent direct but vendor said they could try and find them homes.

    The next Echuca sale will be on Friday 29th March, please share this as they last 2 sales shepp got 3 appies, 2 mares that no one saved and 1 gelding that went with the 40 that went straight to Queensland.
    I wonder how many horses the trolls will save at this sale.

    A lot of horses are going to the sales because of the drought. Apparently horses are being still bred because there could of been a break in the drought at any time. In some areas the drought has been going for 10 years. Its the poor horses that pay the price.
    Also feed going to the big studs could being going to farmers.

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