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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by wattle6180, May 23, 2012.

  1. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Firstly I hope Mods can leave this here in Opens for a cpl of days, please :eek:

    I wish to BEG every Horse Rider to take the next few days to find yourself a Hi-Vis Vest to wear when you're out on the roads, public-shared areas. After a serious accident in Baldivis yesterday evening in which two horses have now died, can we all not see the importance of such a simple, effective, CHEAP tool like the High Vis Vest ';' I've seen these vests at discount stores for as little as $2, very, very affordable compared to things like, funky horse-riding socks or (what I have), diamontes on my stirrups :eek: If anyone can't access them, let me know and I can post :D

    Please...each person, nag your friends, and set the standard yourself, and put this on your MUST DO list **)
  2. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    Oh Wattle that is so sad.
    There are roads I wont ride on because they are too dangerous with lack of places to get off the road and drivers who dont understand how quickly things can go wrong.

    Thoughts are with the riders. And the driver/s involved.
  3. Sniggles

    Sniggles Active Member

    Oh no.. what happened? :(

    I dont really ever go on the roads, but will be more often now that i will be riding a quiet been there done that horse, where can i purchase these vests from?
  4. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    The Reject Shop, $2 Shops often have them, Work Klobber, Uniform Shops, Bunnings....
  5. Debonair

    Debonair Well-known Member

    we ride out in reflective vest ( you can get awsome sleevesless jackets that are nice n warm) reflective 1/4 sheet, tail bag, fetlock wraps and stirrup reflectors. also i just got some reflective chaps in.
    it can be so dangerous without these, cars just cant see you till they are on top of you.
    please be safe people!
  6. Debonair

    Debonair Well-known Member

    so not to overtake this serious thread with advertising... head to the promos section, timely reminder to get some reflective gear out there
  7. abi

    abi Well-known Member

    my high vis vest has flashing lights on as well!

    A close friend of mine saw the horses shortly before the accident and mentioned that they were hardly visable...

    hope bothe the riders are going to be ok , RIP horses
  8. Pinkie_Pie

    Pinkie_Pie Well-known Member

    Something not to be taken lightly... Might have a look for some stuff.

    Not that long ago I came very close to running into some horses and riders. They were out at about 9pm, no moon, no street lights, dark horses, dark clothes. The only reason I saw them was because Amber was carrying on like a right pork chop, hooning around the paddock so I knew there must of been horses nearby so was looking out for them in case they were loose.

    Hope the riders are ok, and the driver of the car too (if that's what happened), and RIP poor ponies...
  9. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    Yes please ALL riders on the road or crossing roads or riding on the edge of roads please please wear some high vis gear...
    it may give you that 5secs needed to save you from a serious accident
    Even during the day you dont know if it will get overcast etc...
    a reflective strip will be seen quicker (even thru light bush areas) then normal riding gear...
    take care everyone
  10. Marz

    Marz Well-known Member

    When I was riding in NZ hi-vis was a given. Even when we were riding in a pine plantation that wasn't being used. Or on the beach. Everyone wears it, but I hardly see it here...

    Maybe it's because we have longer sunlight hours (therefore more hours to ride in) and sunnier weather, we don't ride in the dark as much so it's not been such a big issue?

    Either way, it doesn't take much time to put a vest on...

    I used to ride where those girls came from (many, many years ago), and I know it's not the first time someone has been hit in that area...

    RIP to the horses that passed, and a quick and speedy recovery to the others involved..
  11. jgs

    jgs New Member

    women hurt in an accident in the West it states horse ran off after collision wishes to family and speedy recover for rider involved
  12. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    I have a fluro orange saddle cloth bandages and a high vis vest :) so important. I never ride after dusk, and on back roads only ( dead end roads ) still you can never be too careful. I hope all involved are ok

    I will also be getting a tail wrap and helmet cover from PmP in the future :))
  13. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    Thanks Wattle for putting up such an important thread, and a timely reminder for us all to take safety seriously.

    I shall look around for a high vis vest for myself, and I will wear it in the hopes that it will prevent such an horrific accident happening to my horse and myself. I can only imagine what that sort of accident would do to my kids hearts.:(
  14. abi

    abi Well-known Member

    its a shame its taken a tragic accident for people to realise how important Hi-viz gear is....being from the UK , its second nature for me to put on Hi-viz gear
  15. NaeNae87

    NaeNae87 Well-known Member

    I got all mine (exercise sheet, boots, breastplate, nose band cover, tail wrap and a vest for me) for under $100 AUD. All of it is hi viz and reflective. The tail wrap even has flashing lights on it. Now the days are shorter and I am at a different Agistment centre I am finding myself using it more and more.
    I love being more visible to motorists, especially in light of what happened. Any way I can decrease the likelihood of one of my horses being hit by a car, I am gonna do it.
    My thoughts are with the riders and families that were affected by the tragic accident on the othe day. I cannot imagine how they must be feeling. It's sad that something like this has to happen to make people aware of the importance of being visible while riding on the roads.
  16. izzy2512

    izzy2512 Gold Member

  17. baldivis royal

    baldivis royal New Member

    great job Maree4 no chance of missing you out there. the accident happened on a dead end road, they were hit near the dead end
  18. Wendy

    Wendy Well-known Member

    These were my horses and riders and I have been on here many times complaining of drivers in the Dog Hill and Haines Road area.

    Two ladies rode their lease horses out to the back paddock to get ponies I needed for the next days lessons. They were returning down Haines Rd leading the ponies about 5.45 when they saw a small truck speeding up behind them and at the last minute realised he wasn't going to slow down but could not get the ponies off the road because it is very narrow.
    They were stationary and on the left when he hit them going about 80kms per hour. One pony was killed outright and one rider and her horse were knocked over the fence into the paddock. She was badly injured, spinal fractures, collarbone, ribs, coccyx, and her horse has a possible broken pelvis.

    The other rider was thrown to the ground and received shoulder and arm injuries. Her horse died the following morning from internal injuries.

    The vehicle was written off and the driver was shaken, he is a Baldivis local resident and was formerly employed by the injured woman in a local business.

    The ambulance was there by 6 and stabilised the badly injured woman and took her to RPH, but the police didn't arrive until nearly an hour later, due to lack of officers in the area.
    The driver was taken to the police station. He did not brake at all and although the sun had gone down, it was not yet dark. The road is not a dead end, but is used by many people as a shortcut from Dog Hill to Mundijong Roads.
    In fact young James was killed almost in the same place, by a truck a couple of years ago. Also a local person and a vehicle driven by a local.

    Just sorting out a few facts as people everywhere are making rash statements.

    And although vests etc are great, they are not compusory as far as I know. Drivers around here are idiots, these are just country lanes with a bit of bitumen thrown on them. They were never designed for high speeds being used on them.
  19. Diesel91

    Diesel91 Well-known Member

    I drove down this road yesterday and saw the huge pools of blood :( i am so sorry for the riders and horses involved. I was studying the road and even if it was dark i just cannot work out how he would not have seen them next to the road... My lights were lighting up every part of the road and i certainly would have noticed horses or any other person/bike etc for that matter whether in hi vis or not. Nobody will ever know what the driver was doing... could have been looking down at his phone, not watching the road, falling asleep etc so there is no point in speculating over that. Im really sorry for your loss Wendy and the girls involved. Hopefully something can be done in regards to teaching driver awareness about livestock as people just have no idea :(:(
  20. Ren

    Ren Well-known Member

    i must admit i had never really thought about wearing hi vis when riding out (my bad!!) but naughty i ride on the side where the traffic is coming at me so horse can see them coming without them speeding up my butt!!! but do believe ALOT of it is from lack of education about livestock with the drivers not necessarily horse or rider faults

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