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    Man critical after horse collapses on him
    12:57 AEDT Sun Jan 8 2012

    taken from nine news

    A man is fighting for his life after the horse he was riding threw him to the ground before dropping dead on top of him, on a remote beach on Victoria's southwest coast.

    The 63-year-old man was riding the horse at a beach near Killarney on Saturday when it collapsed on him and died, crushing the man's pelvis and causing him to bleed internally, said paramedic Matt Davidson.

    "We were told the horse reared and then fell backwards, throwing the man to the ground," said Mr Davidson.

    "The horse collapsed and landed across him, causing a severe fracture to his pelvis.

    "He was extremely pale and his lips, fingers and toes were blue, which is a sign of a lack of oxygen, due to the severe blood loss.

    "The paramedics were also concerned about the potential for a spinal injury as the man didn't have any feeling or movement in one leg."

    The man was loaded onto a helicopter where he was given a blood transfusion and flown to The Alfred hospital in Melbourne in a critical condition.

    Hope he recovers well and fast
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    Poor man ,must be in an extreme amount of pain.Hope he recovers .
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    geee poor bloke, well wishes to him

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