horse race accident

Discussion in 'News Items' started by snoopydoo, May 5, 2011.

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    Something like that happened at another meeting years ago and the loose horse ran straight into a lady with a pram. :( I guess its something you'd have to be aware of possibly happening when at the races, thankfully its not a common thing.
    When still living in the UK I caught a loose horse at the Leicester races that had ditched its rider on the way onto the track, jumped the running rail and was trying to make its way back to the yards. I had rope burns on my hands for a week to prove it too!!!!
  3. myyky

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    That would have been scary! Horse jumped pretty high though! Did well to clear it without injuring itself. Dad saw the video on the news, was telling me about it earlier.
    Least no one was too injured.
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    Sorry guys....I didnt see this here and posted in OD...

    What gets me is the utter shambles of horse management from the SAME race, that some were unable to contained to the grounds!

    They also lost jockeys, and some ran out of the grounds, and needed to be caught in nearby streets by does not bode well at all...Ive had enough or this sport personally :(
  6. Horseagilitywa

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    This is Sh@# Eoroe! It happens so regularly :(
  7. Freestyle

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    Its just terrible, perhaps now that people have been injured they may reassess jumps racing in Aus. Serious changes need to be made to either improve safety or have it banned for good. I dont know how they still manage to find jockeys willing to risk their necks when you have a race like this, with only 2 horses finishing. Thankfully horses appear to have at least all survived this race #(
  8. Pinkie_Pie

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    I find it amusing (that probably isn't the right word) that they say it could of just as likely happened in a flat race. My sister rides a TB that flat raced and he has no idea how to jump. He's getting better but it's taken a bloody long time. Plus, what flat race have you only seen 2 horses complete?

    But anyway, glad all horses and people involved are ok(ish for some people!), I don't think this is what it'll take for them to consider banning jump racing
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    i agree #(

    hte TB is breeding so light framed and light these days, they are not designed to be jumping and landing heavily, no wonder why so many snap their legs.

    they try to get people INTO the racing game but everytime you turn on the TV or radio, you get footage of these horses falling over and snapping their legs or necks, how very upsetting :(

    get rid of jump racing.....
  10. ILoveClydesdales

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    Whoa 2 mtr fence! I've only vaguely kept up with the tragedy that is jumps racing but perhaps they need to rethink the way its all run?
  11. Teddie1980

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    Poor horse thought he was doing good to - jumping the fence - think he was just as surprised as the spectators!
  12. Eoroe

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    Thankyou moddies **)
  13. Roodog

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    Jumps racing accident

    It was a horrible accident and I feel for the spectators involved..:(
    I was not impressed by the comment made by Nick McCallum on Sunrise this morning... according to Nick, horses that are too slow and too large for flat racing go into Jumps and that is the better option as they would otherwise end up dead...';' I take it his statistics doesn't include all the ex-racehorses that have gone on to other disclpines and new homes..
  14. Arnie

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    Saw it on the news yet again. They said they couldn't close this particular race because the government is a supporter of jump racing and support the fact it generates $23m for the economy...

  15. Eliva Park

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    But who was the fool that built that external partitioning fence out of Brush??? Just like every other fence on the track.... only a fair bit bigger ;) Not very clever ... the horse on the other hand is a superstar!!!

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