Horse loves/hates jumping?

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by suga1624, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. jlnew

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    my mother had a horse that would go out of its way to jum logs in the paddock, that impies a love of jumping to me. (stockhorse)
    i have one that will stop dead when out on a lead if you walk him past a jump instead of over it . again, he WANTS to jump (mini)

    some horse DO love to jump. every horse is different, just like every person.
  2. Skito

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    Firstly, I never said NO horse loves jumping, i said out of all of the Sjers ive had I've ever had one that LOVES it. No this does not mean I think that every horse is like the ones i have! ;) like i said, every horse is different.

    Lena - my comment was that I do have horses that enjoy work. In my eyes, work is something for them to keep their minds busy. Like tadpole for instance... He wouldn't care if it was flatwork, trail riding, jumping .. As long as his mind is active he's happy! Although, 90%
    of the time my horses would be much happier grazing in their paddocks! Don't blame them!

    Janet - indeed I did hate tadpole in the beginning!! But after a LOT of hard work and determination he is a real "Donna" horse now! We get ok great and i love him to bits ... I listened to
    Graeme and took a gamble on something i really wasn't sure about.. But i trusted graemes word as he is 1. One of the best horsemen I've seen and met. 2. A much more experience horse person then I am!

    The gamble i took certainly paid off and that is thanks up
    You guys up there! BUT - I still stand firm on my opinion that out of all the horses I've worked with not one has LOVED
    Jumping - they jump because they are well educated, honest and willing.. However i DO think some horses enjoy work :)

    Hope this clarifies it for you all!!

  3. Nemesis

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    I always remember Roger telling me that show jumpers that go to the top are either dumb or crazy to jump the jumps they jump ..... arabs are generally to smart ;)
  4. Skito

    Skito Well-known Member

    Ive heard him say this so many times! LOL :)
  5. takagari14

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    i would probably go witht the poles in the padfdock/stable idea :)

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