Horse loves/hates jumping?

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by suga1624, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    Yeah Midas
    When you have the perfect horse it is easy to look good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. DNDKatherine

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    I know that rushing can be a problem. I used to have one of those horses. But my pony isn't like that. She's far from it. She just speeds up a bit, and like another person said, when jumping bigger stuff (she stands at 14HH) they need a fair bit of momentum to get through it. And as a rider you can feel the difference too, yes? It's a bit harder to spot on the ground. Whilst she might try to speed up a little, I keep the pace that I want, in a non-forceful manner from hands and seat. As I said in one of my original posts, I control her speed, she doesn't control it for me.
  3. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    Thanks :) will try get down there! haven't been in ages! Miss the beach
  4. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    But he's an Arab:D?? I did contribute his love for jumping to great advice from friends though :p
  5. Thought I might weigh in to this debate.

    My horse gets very forward into fences and sometimes goes flat and all out bolts at the jumps. There is NO reason for him to be unsure or nervous at all, he isn't sore, feet are up to date.

    He just loves it SO much, plain and simple. He has evented to B grade/prelim and has been used as a confidence builder out eventing. And I've been naughty and just been letting him go into the jumps, making the problem worse. He's always been pretty good at trot but when you get into canter he gets very forward and starts taking off early. It's been a few months of work with an instructor to get him to take off closer and FINALLY we have a horse that, if I make a mistake, will chip in and take off too close rather than a stride out.

    It's just a matter of correct, well-timed half halts and he's the perfect respectful and rhythmic jumper. Very honest, will jump anything from any distance and has been known to lock onto a jump ten strides out to the point where I can drop the reins to the buckle and be a passenger, and he'll still jump every time.
  6. Skito

    Skito Well-known Member

    Honestly, have never met a horse that LOVES jumping. I have had a lot of SJers and I bet if I put a jump in a paddock the horse wouldn't go and jump it, unless it was frightened and the fence was
    In the way of the horse fleeing from whatevers scared it..
    I 100% agree that a horse who picks up pace without you asking or rushes is a nervous horse...
    Get your pony thoroughly checked over, this means a good farrier to check his feet, maybe someone like equestricare to look over him muscle wise, his back, shoulders, hind end etc.. If he comes back fine then you know it's behavioural and you can seek a good instructor to help with the problems you're having.

    Goodluck :)
  7. TopstockWA

    TopstockWA New Member

    horses and jumps

    Wow! People are really offering lots of advice to you.

    I have found that my horse can be lazy going over jumps even though he's a tall thoroughbread because I encouraged him to be lazy. I learned an excellent technique from Kellie Stewart at Saltriver in a private lesson how to fix that and also how to offer the jump to my horse so that he would go over it several times without stopping. You may want to have a look at their website which is Saltriver Performance Horses - industry leaders in Advanced reproduction and breeders of quality Australian Stock Horses - Welcome to Saltriver Performance Horses

  8. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    I reckon there are probably plenty of people who have got emails from Salt River from the Topstock email account, so when you read the above post it just reads as you recommending yourself.

    That's fine to do that, lots of people recommend themselves as trainers, but I reckon most are a little more open about who they are.

    If you learnt a great technique why not share it like others do. :)
  9. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    While I agree with most of this it is very difficult to talk in absolutes about anything "Horse" !
    I have two horses that cannot be kept in the jump paddock because they keep jumping the showjumps !!!!! When talking about the love or hate of jumping I think it applies to all riding - I reckon most horses would be happy to sleep in the paddock given the chance !!!!!!!!!
  10. GoWelshCobs

    GoWelshCobs Well-known Member

    i also have had a horse that her favourite part of being let out was to canter around the property jumping all the internal fences before settling down to graze, she would also jump in and out of yards to see the other horses.

    wheras my pony if you let him int a yard with jumps he walks up to them all and knocks them all over.
  11. Skito

    Skito Well-known Member

    Agree with you on that one Brew, every horse is different!
    Was a comment made to the horses I have and have worked with, more than anything :)

  12. GeeJay

    GeeJay Guest

    Pluto loved jumping';'
  13. Skito

    Skito Well-known Member

    I wouldnt say Pluto loved to jump at all..
    There's a difference between loving to jump and being well educated and jumping because that's what youve been asked to do. Pluto was well educated :) (thanks to you guys)
  14. GeeJay

    GeeJay Guest

    He did I think thats why Rodger liked him so much Tonka loves it Jackson loves it,Taddy as well and Smoky, so I guess humans stuff them up.

  15. PF

    PF Active Member

    I too have a horse that loves to jump. He is old and arthritic these days so I do not jump him but if a tree falls in his paddock it is fair game!! Also had to fence off the loading ramp in his paddock as he would walk up it just so he could jump off the other side, he could be seen doing this over and over. Had to fence it off as it was too much for his old joints!
  16. Skito

    Skito Well-known Member

    What are you implying Janet?
    Roger actually liked Pluto not because he loved to jump but because he was incredibly talented.. And how can you comment on tadpole, you barely even know the horse and from memory, you never rode him, you've never jumped him.. So how can you say what he enjoys and doesnt?

    If you're trying to say that I stuff horses up then I think smokey and Tonka and the rest of my "stuffed up" horses are pretty damn good ;)

    I am just happy that they are safe, healthy and happy!!

    A lot of horses enjoy WORK whatever their job is, they're happy to do it.. Wether it be jumping, dressage, campdrafting etc.
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  17. Please correct me if I am wrong Skito, I think that to enjoy jumping means to love jumping? I am confused with your posts. I think they contradict each other.:))) How can you enjoy things you don't mean to like or love?';'
  18. GeeJay

    GeeJay Guest

    Donna I wasn't implying anything apart from some horses love jumping I remember when I did team eventing my Irish Draught x tb would jump on the spot saying let me, let me LOL as for taddy I do remember Graeme saying when YOU wouldn't ride him, don't push him aside as he is a talented horse, you were the one that hated him and yes I didn't ride him but I sure as hell educated him on the ground.
  19. Brucey

    Brucey New Member

    Sadly they often do.#(

    Well said Brew**)
  20. goog

    goog Well-known Member

    wouldn't you be assuming horses experience the emotion of love then?? lol that's a whole topic in itself though.

    Maybe the difference is some horses are comfortable and confident with jumping and other are not.

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