Horse Joint food V's Human Joint Food

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Sallie, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    Well I've been doing a little research and have found that there are a few products in the health food stores which contain the same ingredients and levels as the horse products and are also alot cheaper.

    Currently I have been feeding Advanced feeds "joint guard" which is $300 for a 4kg tub. I have found a product "Nazmy Naturals Glucosamine chondroitin Joint Formula with MSN" in the health food shop which is pretty much on par with joint guard however also contains "Chondroitin" which "joint guard" does not. Currently its on special for $70.95 (half price) for a 2kg tub. I'm thinking about buying some and giving it a go.

    Just wondering if anyone has used this before or has any information on it?
  2. Jumping Bean

    Jumping Bean Well-known Member

    How could it have the same levels of Glucosamine as the Joint Guard though? I use it too, great stuff **) But human stuff must have less, as surely it would be bad for people at that level? Also the joint guard has vitamin E and selenium in it at pretty good levels.
  3. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Can you list the ingredients per gram or whatever it states on the label?? A good horse joint formula will give you at least 10g glucosamine per day for a horse...most human ones are a lot less. But it would be very interesting to know if this product was different!
  4. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Can you give us the break down of whats in the health food one?

    JB- sometimes they are the same strength, but a human needs less! (eg a capsule size amount, compared to a tablespoon sized amount)

    Am interested in any way of doing it cheaper! :))

    snap RR!
  5. princeton

    princeton Well-known Member

    I used to use a human one...cant remember what though, was sooooo much cheaper, was pretty strong stuff and as PSO said, you just had to feed more.

    (hmmmmm, I knew you would be in here powder feeding looney you!)*#) :p
  6. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    Advanced Feed Joint guard - what I'm feeding - dose 25g contains
    Glucosamine hydrochloride 1200mg
    MSM 5000mg
    Copper 30mg
    Zinc 200mg
    Manganese 100mg
    Selenium 1mg
    vitiam E 1000mg
    vitiam C 2000mg

    Human Product - 30g scoop
    Glucosmaine sulphate potassium chloride 2000mg (which = 1200mg)
    chondroitin sulphate 500mg
    MSM 2000mg
    Zinc 12mg
    Manganese 9.2mg
    Copper 7.2mg
    Citrus bioflavonoids 250mg
    boron 750mcg ( a little worried about this but it seems to be in all human joint formula's?)
    Ascorbic acid 300mg

    Some other horse joint feeds - they are all very different...Cosequin - Each level scoop (3.3g) contains: - many people say this one is the best
    Glucosamine hydrochloride: 1800mg
    Purified chondriotin sulphate (95%) & mixed glycosaminoglycans (5%): 600mg
    Manganese (ascorbate): 16mg
    Ascorbate (Manganese ascorbate): 104mg

    Another Joint Guard -Contains: (per 20g dose)
    Glucosamine HCL 2.6g
    MSM: 2.66g
    Calcium ascorbate: 0.70g
    Copper proteinate: 0.012g
    Chondroitin sulfate: 0.63g
    Manganese gluconate: 0.39g
    Zinc proteinate: 1.25g
    Vitamin E: 0.25g

    G-A- Flex per 30g
    Methionine 1500 mg
    Vitamin E 500 mg
    Vitamin C 500 mg
    Niacin 200 mg
    Pyridoxine 50 mg
    Manganese* 200 mg
    Zinc* 200 mg
    Copper* 75 mg
    Selenium* 1 mg
    Calcium 4 g
    *includes organic minerals
  7. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Hi Sallie, this is great but to really compare value for money you have to really look at cost of the product and the quantity it is supplied in. I normally break down the product as cost per 1g of glucosamine salt and then I look at the other ingredients. So if you like list the pack size of each of the product eg 500g, 2kg etc and the retail gives a better idea. cheers, RR

    PS. also boron content is fine as it is in trace amounts which are safe.
  8. JessiTrist

    JessiTrist Well-known Member

    chondroitin is a great joint supplement, use it in a lot of dog food (super premium feeds) for healthy joints
  9. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    Thats good about the boron contect , i was a little worried after what i read about it. Why is it added to these kind of products?

    Well this joint food (human )works out a fair bit cheaper while its on special. I will be feeding 5g more but still saving a fare bit of $'s. For the Advance joint food its $300 for 4kg (dose 25g per day), the human one $213 for 6kg or $70.95 for 1kg and feeding dose 30g per day plus it has the chondriotin added.
  10. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    Mmm might start feeding it to my older dog. Will have to do some research first. Does anyone have any names of these types of supplements for dogs so I can compare???
  11. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Yes, you are saving $$, but the only thing on the list that you are getting the same amount of, is glucosamine...all the others are much lower... (cept chondroitin- none in the advanced one...)
    And would you be saving anything, if you add the cost of an E-Se supp? (more helping the muscles than the joints, but you dont get one without the other!)
    Dunno, think some more maths may be in order!:))

    (oh, and OI princeton- I've cut them down!*#) )
  12. Jumping Bean

    Jumping Bean Well-known Member

    :)* Lol Princeton, my feed room looks like a pharmacy too!! :)* Electrolytes, vit/min supp, joint food, hoof supplement .... ! Pso and I are ... erring on the side of caution lol! :D

    Yes, I have to say, the Joint Helper works out to be the cheapest and best for me, as I don't have to feed any additional e/se, which isn't cheap in itself. So I am pretty happy with it, and it works well. **)

    JessiTrist, the Eukanuba foods have Glucosamine in them, they are great , I fed Euky to my dog when she was a puppy. As an adult she is too big and goes through it sooooo fast, so she gets Supercoat, which is also pretty good, not sure if it has joint goodies in there or not? Anyone know?
  13. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    Sallie, the Advanced Feeds site states that the product contains 12000mg of glucosamine and 5000mg of MSM per daily 25gm dose which is what the average horse requires.

    The company have actually changed the name of the product to Glucosamine Supplement due to AVPMA requirements as the product contained more glucosamine than they liked for a nutraceutical product.

    This product contains more glucosamine than any other horse product.
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  14. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Cant beat those numbers for the price!:)*
    I had wondered why the name had changed, thought it might be a new product!:p
  15. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Boron is a ultratrace mineral that is important for bone composition/strength & structure...hence its inclusion!
    Dont work out the price on the weight of the whole specifically have to break it down to the glucosamine content (which is the main active ingredient) to get a good comparision eg. $1.53 per 1g of glucosamine salt etc!
    cheers, RR :)
  16. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    PSO,currently it is being packed as a no name brand due to the reg requirments of the high Glucsomine content.

    I am already feeing another supplement for E-Se s that is taken care of. Is such high levels of glucsomine & MSN required? Why do other products not compare?
  17. Jumping Bean

    Jumping Bean Well-known Member

    A minimum of 10 000mg of glucosamine is required for horses to act in a therapeutic manner. Alot of the other supplements on the market just don't have enough. I have done my homework on joint supps, lol! Ran it past a vet and a nutritionist, they recommended either the Advanced or Hygain Flexion (which is great but soooooooo expensive - too expensive!)

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