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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Insurance' started by kelly, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. kelly

    kelly Well-known Member

    I have been looking into this and wondering if anyone else have insured there horses and who they go through? Feel free to pm me:))

    Thanks in advance
  2. primrosecourt

    primrosecourt Well-known Member

    Could have told you this a min ago!!;)

    Logans seem to be coming up with very competitive rates with my guys.I have just insured Digger before he is off eventing and have also insured Grisham on his journey from Melbourne.have also had a good quote for my dressage mare too!Give them a buzz.......I spoke with Fiona
    Phone: 61-2-99091499
  3. kelly

    kelly Well-known Member

    oh yep thats who i got a quote of wasnt sure what the competative rate was though must be ok then:}
  4. Que Sera Sera

    Que Sera Sera Well-known Member

    There is a section dedicated to Insurance in the General Discussion section. Lots of info in there
  5. petplan :) got 2 horses insured through there for death and loss of use..
    good people to deal with :)
  6. hutchi

    hutchi Well-known Member

    I think I'm going with Petplan..
    Make sure you read the fine print though - or you might have problems..
    eg. if your horse has had colic before, no matter how mild, you aren't covered for any expenses if he gets colic again.

    Good luck :)
  7. Starbe

    Starbe Well-known Member

    im really annoyed at pet plan because i got my horse drenched when i got her in case there was sand - and now they wont cover me for colic for a year.. i only just realised - so have till september until shes covered
  8. Starbe

    Starbe Well-known Member

    ok.. writing that made me ring and complain (a 2nd time) about it! this time i got a relly nice girl who went to the supervisor and talked to her and she said there was no need for the exclusion to be on there and lifted it!!! so now im very happy!!! hehe..
  9. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    EFA Insurance

    Well I just found this out last week when i spoke to a lady at AON insurance in SA which is who we are covered by with our EFA insurance.

    That our EFA membership covers us for $20 million public liablity . So for an example if one of our horses got out , got hit by a car etc and they sued you this will be covered from your own EFA member insurance. Could not quite work this out my self though....

    When i called the EFA they said that a horse is not coverd but we are however after calling AON they adivsed me this and will be putting it in writing for me. They said that a lot of people are not aware of this.
  10. MPKG

    MPKG Active Member

    I work in insurance so allow me to clarify. If the horse escaped from its paddock/stable and is hit by a car and you are found to be negligent for the horses escape this is when you are covered up to $20m. You are not covered for any of your horses vet bills, loss of use or any other personal costs, this $20m would cover for the damage the horse inflicted on the vehicle it was hit by.

    Public Liability is for just that - the public.

    It is your cover for when your horse damages someone elses property/possession when you are negligent.

    I hope this makes sense :)
  11. Que Sera Sera

    Que Sera Sera Well-known Member

    Wouldnt it be that the EFA insurance only covers you for negligence if you are at an EFA event, not actually at home?
  12. MPKG

    MPKG Active Member

    No, the EFA insurance covers you anywhere you ride or have horses, or hande horses(I think it's limited to Australia though). That's why we pay so much for EFA membership - because it gives you so much coverage.
  13. Que Sera Sera

    Que Sera Sera Well-known Member

    Well thats good to know.
  14. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    Hey L - Hows things , so happy all is working out great since you have moved home...

    Yep thats it you worded it to perfection!!!
  15. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    I just received my receipt from EFA and would you belive only just under $40 odd goes to AON for the insurance cover.......
  16. MPKG

    MPKG Active Member

    Hey, yeh everything has worked out really really good, I am having one of the best year's of my life!

    OMG, I would of though much MUCH more would of went towards the insurance.

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